The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 2 Chapter 2

Translator: vysio_seth

Editor: ryunakama


「We’re almost out of the woods! Char! Hang in there 」

A couple of young girls, both in their early adulthood, were running through the dark forest.
One girl wore a thin muddy silver-white amour, held a sword in one hand and with the other, she was pulling the other girl’s hand.
She was dressed as a knight and her face was also muddy but she did not seem at all bothered by it.
They both were beyond exhausted; their chests were pumping air as fast as they were running. The forest in their eyes seemed to stretch out with no end.

「Al…… Let me take a break…… I can’t take another step…… 」

The other girl, Char, was wearing a ragged dress that was torn below the knee as its original length made it difficult to run in.
Her rapid breathing was testament to the urgency of their destination. Al was her guide, holding her hand cautiously through the forest.

「Alright….. 」

They sat down and leaned beside one of the trees.
Al, the silver-white knight, kept her eyes wide on their surroundings and was ready with her sword.

(If only we could get to the city…… If only we could find Natalie-sama……)

Al catches her breath as she dwells on the thought.

They have been through a battle in which they have lost their entire luggage and only Al’s Magic Bag remained.
She took out a water bag from it and handed it to Char. Char quenched her thirst, and returned the water bag to Al, who also drank some water before putting it away in the Magic Bag.

(I didn’t expect my father – to lose…)

Al looked hopeless as her frustration grew.

— — A month ago

The invasion by the Generate Kingdom arrived without any warning.
The Generate Kingdom, was once more waging war on the Lunette Empire.
The past few years, there have been skirmishes, but not an all-out war.

The differences between the two countries made it impossible for them to make peace.
Generate Kingdom is a human supremacy country where all non-human races are enslaved.
The Lunette Empire, on the contrary, is a country formed by the human race, the beast race, the forest elves race, and the dwarves. All these races are united for the betterment of the country and all with abilities are recognized despite race.
The forest elves are skilled in magic and are recognized as court mages, the beastmen are knights, the dwarves are craftsmen, and those of average abilities are civil servants.
Each race makes good use of their specialties to help the country prosper.

Upon receiving word of the imminent invasion, soldiers, including knights and mages, were immediately called in to defend the country.
However, after a few days – the soldiers were defeated to the point of being completely wiped out, and the cities they were defending were breached by Generate Kingdom.
Lunette Empire’s imperial capital is only about twenty days away from the border between it and Generate Kingdom.
With every passing day, the Emperor received reports of defeat and ultimately made a decision.

「—Garrett……. I’d like……. 」
「Your Majesty, I’ll ride for you 」

The one responding to the Emperor’s incomplete order is a knight standing by his side in the most luxurious silver-white armour.
The silver-white knight, Garret von Myrdal, is the head of the Kingsguard which is responsible for protecting the Emperor.
Garret is known as the strongest knight in the Lunette Empire and has the trust of the people.

The knights and the other top strength poured out of the castle off to war and they were led by Garret.
The imperial capital streets were lined up with people who were wishing to see their heroic appearance and watch them go into battle.
They knew that sending out the strongest knight Garret into battle was an assured victory for he had never lost.
And so the Empire’s citizens sent off the knights and awaited report of their victory.

—A few days later though, it was announced that Garrett had been defeated by the one called the “Hero”.
The Emperor received the news in secret and decided to send Princess Charlotte and Garrett’s daughter Altria to take refuge in Salandir Kingdom escorted by some knights.
It was at the same time, he approved the letter requesting support from Salandir Kingdom which left the country with his diplomat.

「I’ll fight with you, Father , in defending this country! 」

He sighed loudly to an exasperated Charlotte and gave instructions to the knight.

「Altria, I’m leaving you in charge of Charlotte and it’s imperative you get her to Natalie-dono 」
「I will deliver her as you say 」
「I didn’t expect this to happen, I’m truly sorry for you…… 」

Altria impatiently tells the Emperor, who has bowed his head to her, to raise his face.

「Your Majesty, my father has only done his duty….. But it is frustrating…… 」

Altria, who has a sorrowful expression so as to not spill tears, bows, and then follows the two knights who grabbed the appalled Charlotte and carried her away.

「—Please take care of Charlotte…….. 」

The carriage carrying Charlotte and Al was heading to Salandir Kingdom, but the Generate Kingdom’s soldiers were hard on their heels.
The escorting knights took on the role of shields to fend off their pursuers and give a chance for the princess to escape.
By the time they abandoned the carriage and reached the forest, Altria was the only remaining escorting knight.

「I can’t do this, Al…… 」
「Your Highness! No, Char! You can’t say that 」
「But we don’t even know where Natalie-sama is in Salandir…… 」
「You can’t give up. Remember the soldiers who fought for this country, the knights who served as shields to help you escape…… For everyone’s sake, Char, you have to survive and meet Natalie-sama 」
「—You’re right, for the sake of all of us. Al, we must make it to Natalie-sama…… 」
「Yes! I’ll make sure to get you to her 」

They smiled at each other and nodded and then stepped into the thick forest.

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