The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 2 Chapter 22

Translator: vysio_seth

Editor: ryunakama


Quivering before us, the guildmaster yelled,「What are you waiting for? Capture them! Dead or alive!」.
The soldiers who had been frozen in place, drew their swords at his command and prepared for a fight.
I will not kill them since they are this city’s soldiers. However, I brace myself and wait to see their reaction.
Three of them come at me, slashing at once, I retaliate, throwing a blow to one’s gut while I give the second a boot to the face and he rolls onto the third soldier.
「All of you attack!」
The guildmaster ordered once more, but no one moved. I guess now they see the difference in our strength.
Kokuyou kicked two soldiers away, and I floated a fireball again menacingly in my palm.
「I won’t play nice anymore. You guys aren’t against dying, are you?」
The soldiers take a step back on account of my question.
「Damn it. We will retreat for now!」
Galan’s statement relieves me, but I don’t let it show outwardly.
「Don’t forget those bastards, lying there. Kokuyou might trample on them if you do」
The last of the soldiers drag the unconscious soldiers and join the others that have already fled.
「……This will turn into a bigger mess if we don’t get out of here soon……」
I patted Kokuyou on the neck and told him 「Thank you」. He snorted and wagged his tail as he walked back to the stables.
I open the door and go back into the mansion to find the three girls standing with their weapons drawn at me.
「What’s going on? Why are you looking at me like that……?」
「They ordered you to hand them over didn’t they? We’ll fight you too, if we must」
I shake my head at Natalie.
「I got them to retreat for now. Well not in a pleasant way, so we’ll better get ready to leave soon」
I told them to bring their luggage so I can put it away in my Dimensional Storage, and they went and brought it from their rooms.
I put it away. Now what’s left is Natalie’s shop luggage.
「Ferris, we’re leaving the house now. Can you stay in the stone?」
Ferris walked up to me, touched the crystal, and got sucked into it.
「Okay. Now let’s go」
They nodded and we went out of the mansion together and Kokuyou also came out of the stables.
……But still, what a waste of a mansion. All its rooms remain clean thanks to Ferris, and it also has a bathroom.
Touching the front door one last time before I left, I thought 「I wish I could take it with me……」, and the house disappeared.
…… Did I just store it?
The three girls are shocked as they look at the earthen foundation that used to be the mansion.
I searched for it in my Dimensional Storage and found it…… labeled as 「mansion」.
「Touya how much space do you have……!? You’ll have to tell me later」
I can’t believe either; I suppose if I recognize anything as a 「thing」, I can store it in. In fact there was already a house in my Dimensional Storage.
I take the carriage out and connect it to Kokuyou.
Natalie muttered to herself as she looked at the carriage.
「……A carriage too……」
As Natalie was holding a debate by herself, we were ready to leave.
「Okay, let’s get out of here. We’re going to Natalie’s shop first」
The trio climbed into the carriage and I climbed on the coachman seat and Kokuyou began to pull the carriage.
I used Search to keep an eye on the city as we travel to Natalie’s shop.
「Young priest, if you still have room left in your Dimensional Storage store as much as you can inside」
I asked Char and Al to stay behind in the carriage and keep an eye out on the surroundings and then, along with Natalie, we put every single thing in our Dimensional Storages.
「That’s it. I have lived here for more than ten years, and it feels so much bigger when it’s empty」
「We don’t have time for such sentimentality. Let’s go before the gates are closed」
「Right. Let’s go」
We got back on the carriage and on my signal Kokuyou started to move.
It was nearly evening and the sun was already setting. The city gates would be closed in the evening and will not open until the next morning.
「Are you leaving the city at this time?」
「Yes, we’re in a bit of a rush」
「Well…… there are monsters out at night, so be careful!」
「Thanks, we will」
I waved at the gate guards and proceeded out of the city.
Our first destination is the western city of Dumbler. I wanted to buy more foodstuffs before the deputy arrived. We will go to Dumbler and secure some foodstuffs and necessary items and go through the forest into the Lunette Empire. We can’t go straight into the Lunette Empire since there’s probably a barrier of soldiers at the checkpoint.
We used magic to secure light and made our way as far as we could before making camp at a distance from the city.
We went into the forest where trees were sparse and we decided to spend the night there.
I took the house that I used during Char and Al’s training out.
「We’ll be sleeping in here tonight」
They nodded, but Natalie—
「What is this doing here!?」
Natalie’s voice rang out in the dark forest.

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