The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 2 Chapter 23

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City of Dumbler

「I’m getting tired of being surprised…… 」
Natalie says as she drinks tea in our temporary home. If I was in her shoes, I think I’d feel the same way.
「Seems my Dimensional Storage is special……」
「The word special does not begin to describe it……」
I left the dumbfounded Natalie to go and start dinner in the Japanese style kitchen. The three other people relax in the living room.
Everything seems to work the same as in Japan, the water, the electricity, even though I still don’t know how. I convinced myself that this was a different world specification and continued my cooking.
When the meal was prepared, we sat around the dinner table and discussed what we’d do when we leave here.
「I think we should head to Dumbler tomorrow for shopping and then go through the forest to the Empire」
The three of them nodded.
「I want to level up too! I won’t be beat by the little girls」
I had explained the effects of the ring to Natalie and she just couldn’t wait to start using it.
I laughed at her enthusiasm, however, it is important that she levels up quickly to ensure she can stand a chance against the Generate Kingdom.
After our dinner, the four of us took turns taking baths and prepared to sleep.
I showed Natalie her room, which hadn’t been used yet, and she was very pleased with the soft bed and the light, warm duvet.
She was pleased to the extent that she claimed, 「I want to live in this house forever」.
The toilet and shower were a cherry on top for her experience.
There’s certainly no denying that Japanese houses are well thought out, and the environment is comfortable. Nothing is needlessly luxurious but in fact functionally efficient.
I went into my own room and changed clothes for bed, and then I grabbed the necklace crystal and called out Ferris.
「Ferris, do you think you can come out in this house?」
The crystal began to glow and Ferris appeared in front of me.
「Hm. It’s fine. It feels like a mass of magical power and it’s comfortable. But being in the crystal is best」
She has become fluent in her speech, perhaps because she has grown accustomed to talking.
「I’m glad to hear that. I’ll have to ask you to stay in the crystal until tomorrow」
Ferris nodded and disappeared into the Spirit Crystal.
I turned off my bedroom lights and fell asleep, wrapped in the comfort of my quilt.

The next day after a light breakfast early in the morning, I hooked up the carriage to Kokuyou and prepared to leave.
When everyone was outside, I stored the house back into Dimensional Storage.
「No matter how many times I see it, I can’t but feel like that’s outrageous」
The other two nodded at Natalie’s statement, but I chose to ignore them
After they were settled in the carriage, I got on the coachman seat and signaled Kokuyou to leave.
The carriage moved slowly and gradually picked up speed. Travelling down the road at a speed twice that of a normal carriage, we arrived at the city of Dumbler early in the evening.
A little before, I stowed the carriage in Dimensional Storage and we entered the city on foot.
Thanks to the fact that Natalie had also registered with the Adventurer’s Guild when she was in the Empire, the reception process went smoothly.
However, there’s no telling when they’ll be pursued to this city.
After taking lodgings, we gathered in a room and discussed what we will be doing tomorrow.
「We’ll be doing shopping tomorrow, since Natalie and I are the only ones with Dimensional Storage, we will split ourselves into pairs」
Char was the first to raise her hand vigorously.
「Oh, I’ll go with Touya-sama」
「That’s not fair」
Looking at her level now, she can take care of herself from bandits and some soldiers without any problem. But I doubt that will happen in this city.
But with Al in amour, there is less chance that anybody would pick a fight with them.
「Okay, Char you’ll be with me. Al, go with Natalie, and make sure you have everything you need」
「Oooh— I understand……」
「All right. Let’s go」
Natalie and Al walk out with slumped shoulders, contrary to them, Char left the room looking in a good mood.
I left the inn after dinner, after I told them they have spare time.
My destination – the orphanage.
It’s been a long time since I’ve walked the streets of Dumbler since my last escort.
The sun had already set when I arrived in the slums. I was almost worried I had missed the building in the dim light when I recognized it……
The door was closed and I knocked on it.
After knocking on the door twice, a voice came from the inside.
「…… Who is it?」
「It’s Touya. I haven’t been in town for a while, so I figured I’d drop by and say hello」
「? Touya-san! Wait a minute. Open now」
The door rattled as it was getting unlocked and opened.
Saya smiled at me, with that familiar smile and told me to come in. Inside I found a group of expectant-eyed children looking up at me.
…… I’ll have to buy plenty of food for them tomorrow.
「Hey, guys. Would you like me to make you something?」
「「「「「 Yeah! 」」」」」
「Okay, give me a minute」
「Touya-san!? …… Such……」
I smile at Saya, who gives me an apologetic look, and tell her, “Don’t worry about it,” as I walk into the kitchen.
The pot I left her seems clean and well used. That makes me happy.
I take another pot of food from Dimensional Storage and put a heap of bread from the market in a basket. I also take out the carved ork meat, cut it into bite-sized pieces, and grill it with salt and herbs.
As the meat cooks, the kids peek into the kitchen, perhaps tempted by the smell of the herbs.
「It’s almost ready. Hang on」
「「「「「 Yes! 」」」」
The children began to prepare their spoons and other items.
I dished out the grilled meat on a number of plates and carried them into the dining room, and placed them in the cleared space.
「Here, it’s ready. Take turns when you scoop up the soup. Saya, here, you can help out」
「Ah, yes!」
The kids take their seats, say a prayer, and then start gobbling it down.
「So messy…… Take it slow……」
Saya sighed, but her pace also went up as she took a sip of the soup.
I drank tea taken out of Dimensional Storage while enjoying the children’s dining scene.
「That was good!」
It pleases me when the children look satisfied. But I won’t be able to come here for a while……
I’m sure they’ll be able to find a way to make it work.
“Touya-san, what’s going on ……?
「The thing is…… I have an urgent request to go to the Lunette Empire, so I’m here today because I won’t be able to see you guys for a while. I’ll be leaving town tomorrow」
「What….. Isn’t the Lunette Empire…… at war……?」
I nodded at her.
「What if…… You might die!……」
「Yeah but…… it’ll be fine. Just so you know, I am strong」
…… I am confident that my status is second to none. – — So long as the Hero does not come out.
My vision at that moment as I was thinking that, went completely dark and something soft caught my face.
「No! I can’t let you go to such a place! I hate it!」
I open my mouth in a hug
「Wouldn’t you want to help someone you care about if they’re suffering……? Don’t worry, I’ll be back」
I unwrap Saya’s arms from around my head and looked her in the eyes. Her eyes are red and tears are flowing down her cheeks.
I gently wipe away the tears with my hand and smile.
「Don’t worry, I’ll be back. It might take a while, though. But I will come back」
「I’m sure you will. The kids will be waiting for you and I will be waiting for you……」
「Yeah, okay. I’ll show up as soon as I get back」
She smiled and got up from her seat.
「Well, kids, stay well until I come back. And Saya…… I left some soup and bread in the kitchen」
I left out that there is money too. I’m sure she’ll refuse to take it.
「I’ll be back」
「「「Thanks, big brother!」」」
Waving to the children, I left the orphanage.
The moment I turned around, I felt a soft touch on my lips.
It was only for a moment.
「—Please, come back soon」
Saya, red-faced, ran straight back into the building. I was a little stunned, and let out a breath I didn’t realize I was holding in and smiled and went back to the inn.

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