The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 2 Chapter 24

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The Dawn of Battle

After finishing our breakfast, we left the inn and headed out to the market. Natalie and Al were tasked with buying the household items, while Char and I went to buy food.
Char, walking beside me, looked to be in a good mood despite having to be in constant worry of our pursuers.
We walked through the market and bought a large amount of food items that even the stall owner was impressed by the quantity and questioned, 「Are you sure you want all of these? 」. When I explained to him that I was a Dimensional Storage holder, he understood and sold the large purchase to us. Dimensional Storage is a rare skill, but not unheard of as Natalie had explained to me before, so it was a relief when the stall owner understood me.
I went into an uncrowded area, and put away the purchases into Dimensional Storage.
「You have a lot of storage space huh? 」
「Not really, it’s already full 」
I fooled the stall owner with my words and we went ahead to other stalls to buy more ingredients.
「This is my first time walking in the streets like this 」
「Oh, yeah? 」
It’s imaginable that being in the position of an imperial princess, she would be unable to walk the streets so casually.
「…… But I’m sure that the citizens of the Empire were— 」
Char’s expression darkened.
「We’ll save them…… 」
Char nodded and smiled at me.
「I’ll do my best together with Al. But…… it might not be enough, so please …… Touya-san lend me your strength 」
I gently pat her on the head as she bows before me.
「It’s going to be okay, let’s get the shopping down and get out of this place. We have people waiting for us, don’t we? 」
「Yes! 」
「Come on, let’s go 」
I extended my hand out to Char who gladly clasped it in her’s.
…… This is the best I can do for now……
We continued on with our shopping, and when we had stocked up on enough food, we went to the rendezvous place.

「You’re late! 」
That was our welcome greeting when we arrived at the meeting place.
「That’s right. Natalie-sama’s Dimensional Storage got full and I had to carry such a heavy load by myself「
Natalie started and Al followed suit on the complaining.
Next to them was a small pile of items that they had shopped for. Char and I both chuckled at the sheer volume. Although it might be a small load from my perspective, this is still a lot for an ordinary person to carry, Al’s improved status because of her high level must be the reason she could carry it all.
If we had met up in a public place, this large purchase would have attracted attention as they carried it, I thought, as I put the load in my Dimensional Storage.
It took me five minutes to completely clear the small pile.
「I think we’re good to go now. Let’s finish lunch and leave town 」
「「Yes! 」」
「Understood 」
The four of us ate at a nearby diner and left the city on foot.
About two hours north of the Dumbler is a forest which is a hunting ground for adventurers. If we go through it we will be in the Lunette Empire in no time.
The depths of the forest are roamed by powerful monsters, all of which are of high rank and will attack any who intrude in their territory and since they aren’t any adventurers here who can handle such monsters and avoid them, we should be able to go through the forest unnoticed by anyone.
As we walked along the road leading to the forest, a carriage of adventurers on their way to the forest passed us by with the speed of which was about the same as running. More and more carriages passed us by with adventurers riding on the back. They were probably going to use them to carry the materials they had gathered from their hunt.
There was a lot of traffic that I refrained from taking out the carriage and Kokuyou.
「I think we can get to the forest in two hours on foot, by nightfall we should be deep enough to establish a base「
「Yes…… We can’t have that house in out in the open, that’s for sure 」
Natalie agreed with me.
Rumble rumble rumble……
Beneath my feet there was a tremor, I quickly turned around and saw soldiers on horseback galloping towards us. A little further behind them, there were more soldiers on foot.
「Not good…… They might know we’re here, be ready with your weapons 」
The three girls looked determined and nodded.
I hoped that maybe the situation I was thinking of was not the case, but I remained vigilant and we got off the road hoping they would pass by……
But no, it was us they wanted.
As soon as they got closer to us, the horses slowed down and stopped only a few dozen meters away from us.
The soldiers came running behind them.
「…… We finally caught up! 」
When I traced the source of the shout, I found it was the guildmaster who had visited the mansion the other day. And beside him there was also the deputy.
There was a man though, who was in a fine robe and a group of soldiers in unfamiliar armour, well, not exactly unfamiliar. These were Generate Kingdom’s soldiers like the ones I had cut down. There were about twenty of them.
The number of our pursuers was about a hundred just from the glance. They were not only soldiers but adventurers as well.
I couldn’t help but chuckle at how they managed to gather up so many.
The soldiers spread around, encircling us.
Then, the man in the fine robes stepped forward and was being protected by soldiers.
「—The face is exactly that of the princess of the Lunette Empire. You look exactly the same as the portrait in the castle…… You adventurer there. I’ll spare your life if you hand her over to me 」
As I was processing what I should do, I decided to taunt them a little.
「I thought I had already turned that offer down 」
I glared at the guildmaster with a bit of murderous intent, who backed away and gasped.
「I’ve prepared this many people for today. You can’t take on this many on your own 」
So he feels bullish because of this much force.
I took out my two-handed sword as tall as it is from Dimensional Storage, and placed it on my shoulder.
「I’m sure you will be pleased then to know that today I am not alone. You’re a little presumptuous aren’t you? 」
「He has me 」
「Me, too 」
「I’m here too 」
Char, Al, and Natalie stood beside me. I smiled at this.
…… Their eyes were serious and threatening.
The guildmaster had a throbbing vein on his forehead as he looked at us prepared with our weapons.
「The four of you cannot handle this many people! Open your eyes! We have soldiers from the kingdom and high-ranked adventurers from the city. You think you can manage that!? 」
「Yeah, we can handle it. There are four of us after all 」
The battle of four versus a hundred began——.

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