The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 2 Chapter 25

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An Old Friend

「Go! Seize the women! You can kill the man! 」
At the guild master’s command, the soldiers and adventurers drew their weapons.
Some of the adventurers were people I had only seen at the guild.
I’m sure there are probably some I know personally too …… If possible, I didn’t want them to be part of this.
「You three….. – if possible, don’t kill the adventurers. But the soldiers of Generate Kingdom are a different story, kill them all 」
The three girls nod and readied themselves.
I keep my Buster Sword fixed on my shoulder.
Char has her wand out and ready to cast spells.
Al held her shield and sword in front of her.
Natalie has her wand up and is preparing her spells.
I raised my left hand and made about twenty fireballs of the size of my head appear from it.
The flames are pale, burning, high-temperature balls of fire.
They’re a result of a quick application of chemistry that I had tried in private.
When a soldier saw the colour he had never seen before, he squealed in surprise and backed away.
I had usually created them at the size of a fist, but as a Sage, that’s not my limit.
The adventurers also seemed a little more cautious when they saw the size of the fire.
「If you’re going to fight, I’ll have to take you seriously, don’t I? 」
I released the full extent of my power, intent on killing.
「Argh…… There’s only four of them! Go! 」
The guild master was noticeably frightened by my murderous intent, but hid his fright behind ordering the soldiers. The soldiers themselves obeyed, and came forward with swords and shields.
I was disappointed by their persistence and released the fireballs towards the soldiers.
The fireballs spun and shot in a straight line towards the shields of the soldiers, destroying them and burning all— of the soldiers.
Their shields were shattered like glass and their armours burned like paper, that it was practically meaningless that they were equipped with any.
「「Gyaaaaaaaaaah 」」
With one magic spell, more than ten soldiers had fallen. Even after the fire had extinguished, the smell of burnt human flesh filled the place.
The soldiers who were lucky enough to escape the flames, were petrified and swallowed their saliva in fear, probably thinking that they would be next.
And then came time for Char and Natalie to unleash their own magic.
『Spirit of the wind, put your power in my body and cut through the enemy before me. Vacuum Blade: Air Cutter 』
『Flames, rage at my will, and wash away what is before my eyes! Flame Tsunami: Fire Wave! 』
A number of wind blades appeared and tore through the soldiers, and a wall of flames, which is three meters high, formed, sweeping over the soldiers like a tsunami.
When the magic attacks subsided, not even half of the soldiers that were hit were left standing.
Thanks to the concentrated attack of the Generate Kingdom soldiers, most soldiers were left sprawling on the ground.
Natalie was originally the highest level Court Mage in Lunette Empire, and Char is now a high level Spirit Mage after training with me.
There was no way they’d be defeated by ordinary soldiers.
The power of their magic was beyond my imagination, and the rest of our enemies fell back. Everyone was in awe of such power.
「…… You’re that insufferable witch, aren’t you!? You’re the one….. who caused us much damage in my country’s past battles…… 」
The man from Generate Kingdom shouted as he looked at Natalie.
「Natalie, why is he calling you a witch? 」
「Hmmm, I think I heard someone call me that once. I used to shoot my magic unpredictably on the battlefield 」
I chuckle a bit and face the enemy.
「Are you still going to come after us……? If you’re going to, prepare yourselves, we’re going to get more serious 」
As I was saying this, fireballs floated around me. And this time there were more than fifty of them.
When Natalie saw the number of fireballs, she couldn’t help but exclaim, 「Oh, that’s amazing! 」.
Just then, one of the adventurers waiting in the back walked forward.
It was Lumina, the female Warrior with a sensual style, who wore armour that only covered her important body areas.
「—Lumina…… 」
I said out loud.
「What…… do you know…… Touya, do you …… like those kinds of boobs? 」
Natalie’s question made me blurt out, 「We’ve only worked together on an escort mission, that’s all 」.
Natalie walked up to me, looking up at me with a suspicious look.
「It’s been a while, Touya. I joined this manhunt as an obligation, as a high-ranking adventurer I was forced to, but I didn’t think it was you we were after…… 」
「Lumina, it has been a long time. If you’re here to capture them, I’ll have to fight you then 」
「I don’t really want to fight….. if I can help it. But …… I have all these adventurers who have their hopes in me. I can’t just stand by and do nothing. I can already tell from the fight you just had that we can’t win…… 」
「Then…… 」
「But still, someone has to fight 」
With those words, Lumina readied her sword and pointed the tip of it at me.
「All right, …… I’ll deal with her 」
I stabbed the Buster Sword in the ground and took out another two-handed sword from Dimensional Storage.
It’s a beautiful sword that shines even brighter than the Buster Sword. It is made from adamantite and I used to use it when I was at level 300 in the game, before storing it in the unneeded storage.
I swung it lightly with one hand, then pointed the tip at Lumina.
「I can’t believe you have a sword that could be mistaken for a national treasure, that I have never seen before 」
「Yeah, there are secrets I have, which I can’t tell you of course 」
Lumina smiled a bit before her expression quickly tightened.
With the tips of our swords facing each other, time passed as we stood motionless.
As the tense moment grew, the man from the Generate Kingdom shouted.
「How long do you intend to keep playing around? 」
It was at that moment that a fireball of the size of my fist came at me.
I lightly slashed it away with my sword.
—Perfect timing.
Lumina raised her sword and attacked me with all her might.
But even so, her speed and strength were only above that of an average adventurer.
Instantly I swung my sword to the side to match it with Lumina’s sword, and cut it off.
The tip of her sword flew through the air and stuck in a spot a little farther away.
「I’m sorry, I’m sorry I broke it 」
「It can’t be helped. I guess it’s inevitable. By the way—the food you cooked back then was delicious 」
I listened to Lumina’s words, nodded, and then swung my sword across her body.
If I swing the blade across her body, I’ll cut her into two of course. I chose to strike her with the side of the blade, blowing her about ten meters away where she landed unconscious.
I stuck my other two-handed sword in the ground as well and faced the soldiers and adventurers.
「Who’s next? 」
I asked but no one moved.

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