The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 2 Chapter 26

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Into the Woods We Go

The first to flee at my threatening query were the adventurers.
「It doesn’t matter how many of us die, it won’t be enough to defeat these monsters! 」
When that one adventurer ran away shouting, they all followed him one after another. Adventurers value mostly their lives, and won’t just sacrifice themselves simply because they are asked to.
Lumina had served as a sort of representative for all of them.
The remainder of our enemy were barely a dozen soldiers, the guildmaster, and the man from Generate Kingdom.
「Damn it! I’ll remember this!! 」
As the man from Generate Kingdom said this, he turned his horse around in hopes of escaping, but I ran over to him in an instant and grabbed hold of him.
「Let me go, fiend! 」
I struck a blow to the neck of the shouting man, knocking him unconscious, several of the Generate Kingdom soldiers who still remained came at me with their swords in the attempt to rescue him.
「You’ll have to forgive me but I have no mercy to spare for you guys 」
I slashed away at each of the soldiers who were raising their swords at me with a single strike.
It did not take long for all the soldiers to be laying lifeless on the ground. The guildmaster and the Fendi soldiers who were serving as only his guards, after seeing this, turned pale and took off running in the opposite direction on their horses.
I grabbed the unconscious man by the collar and dragged him to Natalie and the other two girls.
「Touya-san, your strength still astonishes me…… 」
「—I did not have much of a role in this fight…… 」
Char looked impressed and Al was a little disappointed.
Natalie spoke up.
「Your seriousness is more dangerous than mine——. What do you plan on doing with him? 」
「I only captured him because he seems to have information regarding the Empire. Hey, wake up 」
I slapped the man on the cheek who I’d been dragging, and he regained consciousness.
I think the fact that I was the first face he met from his awakening terrified him. He looked around in a panic and started to bellow.
「What is going on!? Where are the soldiers!? 」
「They’re all dead. Your friends though, fled, leaving you here 」
I inform him but he has not given up.
「If anything happens to me, the Emperor will not live as well! 」
I plunged my sword into the frantic man’s thigh and his face reddened with pain.
「Gyaaaaaaaah!! 」
I pulled the sword out of the now crying man, cast a healing spell on him, and then asked questions about what was going on in the Empire.
「…… Tell us what you know」
「I don’t have to tell you anything! Get off me! 」
At the same time, I thrust my sword in his thigh again, after he screamed to the point where his tears were ready to spill, I pulled it out and healed his wound.
「I’m going to do this the many times you refuse to answer…… We have time 」
I smirked at the petrified man’s face. He quickly spat out all that he knew.
The Lunette Empire’s Emperor and other people have been captured and are being held in a dungeon in the Empire’s castle. The Generate Kingdom learned from the portraits hung in the castle that Char was missing from the rest of those captured and had fled to Salandir as an envoy. Al’s father fought in a battle against the Hero and was killed. The man also told us that the Generate Kingdom is planning to invade the beastman and the forest elves territories after taking control of the castle.
「That’s all I know! Now just let me go! 」
I looked up at three girls and they all nodded as they understood what needed to be done.
「I guess…… That is all you know」
I grabbed the man by the collar again as he tried to make an escape.
「One last thing, tell me about the Hero? 」
「…… Hero. He was summoned using the treasures of our country and he’s a dignified man, with a powerful aura about him. In battle he has the strength to fight in the frontlines wielding only his sword to defeat armies. You are nothing compared to——— 」
…… That’s all……?
「Wait, you…… you were that other one…….? 」
「That’s right, I am! I am that “other one “ as you say…… 」
The man’s eyes widened as if they were closed before.
「No, that’s ridiculous! You’re supposed to have been sent back to your own world 」
「Yeah, I was supposed to. But I was instead dropped in a meadow…… 」
As soon as I finished talking, I stood up, turned my back to the man, and with a single flash of my sword the man’s head parted from his neck and rolled on the ground.
「You sure? You could have gotten more information. There might even be information about you……. 」
I shook my head at Natalie.
「It’s okay. I don’t want to go back to my world anyways」
「…… I see. If you say so, we’re not going to say anything. On the contrary we want you to stay oh “husband”」
I chuckled at her words.
「Well, shall we go? 」
「Not yet, give me a minute 」
I walked to where Lumina had landed during our fight. The guildmaster and the other adventurers had fled leaving her behind.
I bend down beside her body and cast a healing spell on her.
「…… Hmm? …… Ah, Touya…… I guess I lost…… 」
Lumina immediately regained consciousness. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not though.
「Am I the only one left……? 」
「The guildmaster and the rest of the adventurers all fled 」
「Well…… Touya, I’m sorry 」
「Don’t worry about it. What will you do now Lumina? 」
She thought for a moment before she gave me an answer.
「I’m going to disappear from Fendi for a while. Maybe I’ll take it easy in Dumbler before I make any other decisions」
「……Well…… then – — 」
She nodded and said 「Take care」, as she stood up.
「I’ll be heading to Dumbler now, there are still some horses left 」
A few of the riderless horses were relaxing in the meadow, eating grass.
「Oh, okay…… Also take this 」
I took out a one handed sword from Dimensional Storage and handed it to Lumina.
「What?…… This is another very expensive sword……. 」
「Take it. I am not using as it is, and it’s…… 」
「All right. I happily accept it. I’ll take it as payment for my…… request 」
I smiled and shook hands with Lumina, who held out her right hand. Lumina then proceeded to hug me.
「…… Touya, I hope to see you again 」
She whispered in my ear, unwrapped her arms around me, and then got on her horse and Lumina took off.
I let out a sigh of relief and went over to Char and the other girls, all three of them had a stern look on their faces.
「Touya-sama…… Do you think that bigger is better? 」
「You want big ones, don’t you Touya-san? 」
「I’ll that big in a few years 」
I laughed at the trio’s words.
「Forget that, let’s go. The area does not seem that badly damaged 」
They were not swayed by my attempt of distracting them, but they reluctantly followed me, as we walked towards the forest.

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