The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 2 Chapter 27

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To the City of Lian

A week has passed since we entered the forest, and at Natalie’s request we have been fighting monsters to improve our levels as we go.
We were impatient to reach the Lunette Empire as soon as possible, but we also knew how important it was to improve our abilities. If there is a chance for us to get stronger, we have to make use of it. We even had mock battles as well, and luckily through these few days there had not been any sign of further pursuit from the city.
We met some adventurers at the entrance of the forest after our battle, who had apparently been spectating. They all looked pale, and seemed to want nothing to do with it, so I told them to go back to the city and also gave them a few silver coins for them to dispose of the bodies.
The adventurers took off running as if they were being chased and there was a yelling of, 「Yes! Right way! 」 when they were in the distance.
That takes care of the bodies.
「I can’t get over the comfort of this house」
Natalie was relaxing on the sofa in the living room with a cup of tea in her hand, she had just finished with her bath.
Earlier she had been the most violent in a fight with the monsters, unleashing all her magic at them.
She went on in her fight against the monsters, shouting, 「I will not lose to you two! I will not lose to you two! 」 as she released her magic all over the place. The other two just pulled a face. She really must have been humiliated from being outclassed.
In the dining room, I unfolded the map to confirm our destination.
「Touya-sama, I think we are about halfway there. It’ll be about a three-day walk through the forest to Lina, the fortified city of the Beastman District. If we are to trust that man’s word, we shouldn’t have any problems heading there 」
「I have a house there, we can use it as our base 」
The two of them explained that the Imperial Capital of the Lunette Empire is a mixed-race city, but there are self-ruling districts, some of which are only populated by beastman and elves each. Of course, there is an independent city of the human race but it is located close to the Generate Kingdom’s border, and the expectation was that it would have already fallen since Generate Kingdom was already in the Imperial Capital.
「Okay……. Let’s head to Lian. We will gather more information on the Imperial City there 」
The three nodded.
The following day, we continued through the forest, raising our levels and heading for the Lunette Empire.
Another week went by.
「Touya-sama, look, we’re almost out of the forest 」
Al, who was walking in the lead, called out.
I looked ahead and saw that we were only a few hundred meters away from exiting the forest.
However, there was a possibility that it could be a monster colony.
I used my Search to look further ahead.
…… There’s no sign of monsters……
Al, picked up the pace and in a few minutes we were out of the forest—.
A knee-high meadow spread out in front of us.
We had been surrounded for the past two weeks by a giant forest, so this new scenery felt fresh.
The forest had roots coming out from everywhere, and considering Kokuyou’s body size, I decided to keep him in Dimensional Storage a bit.
「I’m sorry, to have kept you in there all day 」
Kokuyou whined a little in a bad mood when I took him, bit my head sweetly, and started pacing the ground as if he was checking it out.
「This is the only thing that hasn’t changed……. 」
I chuckled as I wiped the drool from my head with my sleeve.
「Touya-sama, you and Kokuyou are as close as ever 」
Char also smiles and walkes further into the meadow.
I suggested that we take a break for a meal, thinking we could now travel with the carriage on this level ground to save time.
I sliced up the block of meat from a defeated monster, sprinkled it with seasoning, and roasted it over the fire I had built.
I took out a simple table and chairs, put the roasted meat on a plate, and prepared soup and bread.
「It’s ready! 」
Everyone gathered around to eat.
「I think we can reach the city of Lian in two days by carriage 」
「If we can get…… Kokuyou to pull the carriage. We will be there tomorrow 」
「Finally……. We are back at last 」
Char looked more worried. The closer we got to the Lunette Empire, the less she talked, probably pondering a lot of thoughts in her head. The Emperor will not be kept alive for long, that’s for sure.
If I can fight my way through, I might have a chance to save him by myself, but there is a limit to magic power.
I can take on a hundred people by myself, but I don’t know if my magic power will keep up when there are a thousand or ten thousand soldiers.
There’s no way I can go on as an adventurer like that.
「What’s the matter, Touya? 」
I told Natalie, 「It’s nothing, I’m fine 」, and proceeded to eat.
I took out the carriage, attached it to Kokuyou, and we were ready to go.
The carriage pulled by Kokuyou ran through the roadless grasslands. Even though the carriage was comfortable to ride, I was still cautious about driving on a road that was not a road. I stopped the carriage at a safe place to rest before the sun went down.
There’s a chance that if I took out the house we could be spotted. So I took out the tent from Dimensional Storage for the night.
And the next day.
After breakfast, we got into the carriage and drove on.
「If we go over that hill, we should be able to see the city 」
Al tells me through the small window of the carriage.
I pulled a little harder on the reins in anticipation of the new city, as we approached the top of the hill.

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