The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 2 Chapter 6


Translator: vysio_seth

Editor: ryunakama

Unexpected Ending


I covered and strengthened my entire body with magical power and threw the first attack.
When I slashed at the first one, the soldier’s body made a thud as it hit the ground, and probably because of strengthening, split apart into two.

「Damn it, take it seriously! 」

The faces of the soldiers were more inflamed, now that one of their squad has been killed.

It would be easier to fight if I had…… More room……
I withdrew my sword from the ground, brought it up and down once more in a vertical slash on another soldier. Then I looked for my next victim.
I did not have to look far, and I swiftly planted my Buster Sword in the nearby soldier and braced myself again.

「……Seven to go …… 」

「Damn it, you two cut off at the same time! 」
「「Aye! 」」

Three of us swung swords at the same time, two of them swung theirs, and I retaliated with mine. One soldier ducked and another blocked my sword and grabbed onto my wrist with his left hand.
I kicked the soldier who had a hold of my wrist and I struck my sword and slashed at him before I cut down the other soldier in a sideways attack.

「That’s it! 」

I looked at the source of the voice behind me and saw Al had her sword flicked off and a sword on her neck.

「Don’t you care what happens to this woman? 」

The soldier grinned nastily and Al shouted edgily.

「Forget about me! You can leave me here! Run! 」

…… What should I do? I know I can win against them. Although—
There’s only one thing to do.

I stabbed my Buster Sword into the ground, then let go of the hilt, and raised my hands.

「That’s good enough…… Move away from the sword 」

Al and Char both looked at me with teary eyes as I did so.

「Hmph, that’s enough. You actually give a damn about what happens to a woman you hardly know? You are one hell of a sweetheart 」

The soldier then removed his sword from Al’s neck.
— Here’s my chance.

『Air Bullet! 』

The air bullet shot from my hand and smashed the face of the soldier who had come at me with the sword and ripped his head from his neck.

「What! Magic? 」

I pulled out my sword, which I had stabbed into the ground and started to thrust and slash at the surprised soldiers.

In a few minutes, the match was over with me as the victor.
The lifeless bodies of the soldiers were sprawled around me.

This was my first….. First time, my first time killing a person – people…..
Not like the game. In the game I have killed people before but did not feel anything.

This made my chest tighten.

My stomach could not hold it in – and I threw up.

「Ick…… geh geh …… 」

I was on all fours, retching, and I could feel the vomit gushing from the back of my throat.

「Thank you…… For saving us…… 」

I looked up at the owner of the words and saw a face with a gentle smile and tears streaming down on it – Char’s face.
Char stroked my back considerately until the vomiting stopped.

「Thank you. I’ve calmed down now 」

I stood up and inspected the area.
I looked down at the corpses lying around and sighed loudly.

…… There’s no turning back now.
God, tell me why I came to this world.
If it’s a light novel or something similar, where a person gets sent to a different world, usually there is a being that shows up and declares,「I am God 」 , and tells the person the reason for it.
I was about to consider the consequences, but I quickly concluded that there was no point in thinking about it now.

「First of all, how do I deal with these soldiers’ bodies…… 」

I can’t exactly make the decision in regards to them on my own. I’ll have to throw the whole matter at the guild I suppose……

I stored the soldier’s corpses in Dimensional Storage, the whole group of them.
The robe I had just changed into was stained with blood again from the battle with the soldiers.
I took another new robe and put it on.

「—So, I just have to take you to the city in Salandir Kingdom, right? We got distracted there. Follow me 」

I said with a smile, and Char gave me a wider smile.

「Yes! Thank you. Now we can look for Natalie-sama 」

…… Huh?
…… Natalie ……?
…… Don’t tell me…….

「— By Natalie-sama, you mean…… Loli Natalie……? The one who refers to herself as a『Sage of the Twilight』or something like that……? 」
「You know Natalie-sama? That’s right. I haven’t seen her in a decade, but she was small sized back then…… 」

I looked up at the heavens instinctively.
I can’t shake the feeling that this is the beginning of trouble for me. After all, that Loli Natalie girl is involved.

「Yeah. I know her. She is in the city where we’re going. She owns a magic shop there 」

Char smiled at me with the brightest smile as if my words had rekindled hope in her.

「—Truly this is a miraculous encounter. I thank Goddess Tiltaria 」

Char folded her hands and closed her eyes and said a prayer.
“Tiltaria” is that the god of this world?
Come to think of it, I have not been to the church in the city because I couldn’t afford it. When I get back to the city, I’ll have to pay it a visit at least once.
Where is Al……? She’s been quiet all this time.
When I looked at where she was standing, her eyes were sparkling and her cheeks red.

—And she opened her mouth, as if embarrassed.

「Touya-sama, do you have….. a mating partner? 」

That stunned me, I’ll admit.


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