The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 2 Chapter 7

Translator: vysio_seth

Editor: ryunakama

The Game Item was a Cheat, After All

—I was confused.
I couldn’t understand where the Al girl’s question was coming from.
Mating partner? I do know what it means.
Is that her way of popping the question to me, a stranger and saviour she just met?
I chuckled a bit. She is a beautiful girl, but she’s……

「……No, I don’t, but do you think that’s relevant right now……? 」
「Don’t be offended by Al, Al’s race only finds life partners in strong individuals. I’m sorry about this, after you have saved us 」

Char explained to me on behalf of Al.
Char’s cheeks were stained, but she was not bothered by it.
She shook Al’s arm to get her back to her senses.
Al gave me a look and bowed her head very low.

「Aww, sorry…… I’m sorry…… My beastly blood tingled so much I could not help myself…… 」
「…… I was made aware of that. I’m heading back to town now, are you guys coming?「
「Yes, of course we are— 」

Grrrrrr…… The sound of her stomach interrupted her.
The growling made Char’s cheeks turn red and she averted her gaze from me.

「…… I guess, we can first have some food. I have some soup with me, give me a minute 」

I took out a pot from Dimensional Storage and poured it into two bowls.
I also brought out a simple table and chairs and set the soup and some bread on it.

「I can only prepare this much for you in the place like this…… 」

I led them both to their seats and sat them down. Al looked at Char and looked at the soup, swallowed saliva, and scooped up her bowl and spooned the soup into her mouth.

「Mmmmmm…… It’s really good. It’s warm and delicious…… 」
「It is really pleasant…… 」

The girls bit into their bread and finished their food.

「Now I’m full…… 」
「It’s been a long time since we’ve had such a warm meal 」

I smiled at them as they looked satisfied.
「Alright, let’s get going now. The city is a long way off from here 」
「Yes …… 」
「Thank you for your help 」

I put all the items back into Dimensional Storage and prepared to leave empty-handed.

「This way. Follow me 」

I led the way and walked slowly towards the city, using Search to spot the locations of monsters.
I killed a minimum number of monsters and avoided as many of them as possible.

—Three hours later.

「We finally made it out of the forest! 」

I couldn’t help feeling excited when I saw the meadow outside of the forest.
The sky had started to turn red perhaps because I was walking slowly because of the girls.
When I looked at them behind me, they were crying.

「Char, we’re finally out…… At long last…… 」
「Yes, we will now look for Natalie-sama and find out about your father…… 」

I try not to listen to them whispering to each other and start to think.
…… By the time we reach the city the gates will already be closed. It’s probably best to camp.
We can camp out near the city, but it won’t be wise for too many people to see my tent.

—Much less Kokuyou.

But I can’t let these kids sleep outside.
…… Then I’ll just make sure they keep it quiet.

「You guys have some time to kill. We can’t go back into town now, the gates are closed. I think it’ll be better to spend the night here and enter the city tomorrow 」
「…… Okay, we understand Touya-sama. We’ll be in your care 」

I made sure they both nodded and I continued to lead the way. I told them we’d be camping some distance away from the forest.

「I’ll need you guys to promise me one thing. Don’t say a word about my Dimensional Storage or its contents okay? 」
「…… Okay, I promise 」
「Yes, I understand 」

I ensured that they nod again, and I took out the tent from Dimensional Storage.
Externally it looks like a normal tent.

「You two sleep in it. I’ll stand guard outside 」
「Oh no……I can’t let you do that for us after all your help 」

I cock my head to the side at Char’s remark.

「I can’t let you guys sleep in the swamp. You’ll see inside, you’ll have plenty of space 」

Intrigued by my words, the two of them peeked into the tent and entered.

「What is this?! 」
「Wow! 」

The tent has a couch and a bed, unlike what it looks like from outside, it’s spacious inside.
They both showed disbelief as expected.

「Touya-sama are you…… a highly respected adventurer? I’ve never seen a tent like this before. I did not think it was a magic item…… 」
「Me neither…… 」

I told the two awestruck people to rest in it and began to prepare dinner.
Even the firewood is taken out of Dimensional Storage and assembled and magically lit.
I took out the table and chairs and the pot and bowls again and arranged them on the table.

「Sorry for the simple stuff, but this is all I have 」
「No …… We can’t thank you enough, Touya-sama, for giving us a warm meal in a place like this 」

They sat down and folded their hands in a prayer before they began to eat.
I thought of asking them something, but decided not to pry into the matter, as I’m only their chaperone to Natalie, and I don’t want to involve myself.
I told them to get some sleep after they were done eating and they walked into the tent with an apologetic look on their faces.

The tent is designed to keep the monsters away and they will never go near it.
I add more firewood and lay down on the rug.

「I’ll have to get up early tomorrow…… 」

Thinking about this, I drifted off to sleep.

The brilliance of the morning sunshine burned through my eyelids waking me up.
I laughed to myself wryly, thinking how it’s been the rhythm of my mornings since I got here.
The girls were both still asleep in the tent.
I got up and washed my face and did my business before they woke up.

「Time to come out Kokuyou 」

I get Kokuyou out of Dimensional Storage along with—a carriage.
I had seen its icon but never took it out. Because of my two companions, this is the right first time to do it.
The carriage had a coachman seat and it seats six passengers.
As expected of a game item, it has shock absorbers attached and tyre wheels.

Is it too showy……

I chuckle nervously at the deluxe carriage which could be suited for a noble.
As I laugh, I stroke Kokuyou’s neck who had already started to bite my head sweetly as usual.

「What is this! 」

I turned around to see Char and Al with shocked looks on their faces.

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