The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 2 Chapter 9

Translator: vysio_seth

Editor: ryunakama

The House is Ready

「There’s the city! 」

At my announcement, the small window behind the coachman seat opened and Al, or should I say her face appeared.

「The city of Fendi, that’s where we will find Natalie-sama…… 」

But will you be able to enter the city as you are? I thought to myself. I don’t think they even have anything on them to prove their identities.
That said, I can’t vouch for them by saying something like,『 They come from the Lunette Empire, please let them in』.
At least they sound as if they have brought some modest clothes with them, and are getting changed.

While I was thinking of a plan, we arrived at the city gates.
The guard was at first wary of the carriage being dragged by Kokuyou, but soon relaxed when he saw my face.

「What the hell, Touya, since when do you drive a carriage? 」
「Don’t kid around. I was on a request when I came across it and man, it looks like they were attacked by bandits. Their horses were killed, so I offered to pull it for them since they have an acquaintance in town. Can I go through? 」
「I was just asking. Anyway as standard procedure, I will need to inspect inside”

I climbed down from the coachman seat and opened the carriage door.
Inside, the two were cuddling and sobbing.

I had instructed them beforehand to play damsels in distress, but I did not expect them to play it so well……
I muffled a laugh. The guard looked to have fallen for it too.

「Since there is no identification for the both of them; it’ll be two silver coins 」

I handed the two silver coins from the sachet I pulled out of my pocket to the gate guard.

「Here you go. I’ll drive them to their friend’s place now. Thank you 」
「Oh! Take care of them 」

I got on the coachman seat, thanked the gate guard once more, and went through the gate into the city.
After a short drive in the city, I opened the small window behind me and spoke to the occupants inside.
「It’s all right now. We’re going straight to Natalie’s 」
「Thank you. But still, I can’t believe we had to do that performance 」

Char remembers the theatrics they pulled off with a hint of embarrassment.
I drove the carriage through the city and pulled up in front of Natalie’s shop.

「Here we are! This is Natalie’s shop 」

I got off from the carriage and opened the door for them and they came out.
I told Kokuyou to wait for me and we went into the shop.

At the sound of the door being opened, Natalie came out from the back room.

「Welcome…… It’s you Touya. What’s up? 」
「You’ve got guests…… 」

Char and Al both walked out from behind me.

「—Natalie-sama…… 」

Natalie wore a look of shock as she laid her eyes on them.

「Char……? Al is also here …… Why are you guys here …….? 」

There is a long pause as they both look at each other and then at me.
Char had tears in her eyes and looked ready to bawl.
Perhaps sensing the mood, Natalie spoke up.

「I can feel this is a long story…… Whatever it is. Let’s go to Touya’s house 」

Why my house……?
This is where I am supposed to leave them.

「I want some of “that”. You know..…. 」

As she said this, she placed a book on the counter.

「This is a new spell book for you. What do you think? Is this enough persuasion? 」

…… Spell book, sure I want it.
I have already exhausted the attribute magic up to the advanced level book. I’ve also gone through the book discussing magic written by Natalie, this is a chance to learn more new magic, and I can’t let it pass me by.

「…… All right. Can we go right now? Since the carriage is here, I’ll give you a lift 」
「Let me close the shop first. Wait for me outside 」

The three of us walked out of the shop and I told the pair to get in the carriage.
Natalie came out as well, and closed up the shop.

「We’re all set. This is a very fine carriage. So this is how much the Empire has grown”

Char, from inside the carriage, shook her head at Natalie.

「This is Touya-sama’s carriage. He’s been very courteous…… 」

Natalie again looked confused.

「—You’ll have to tell me everything, okay? 」

Natalie smiled reassuringly and climbed into the carriage.
I got onto the coachman seat and Kokuyou pulled the carriage to the mansion.

Soon, we reached the mansion.
I parked the carriage in front of the mansion and opened the carriage door and the three women walked out.

Char and Al stared at the mansion, a mere adventurer’s mansion, open-mouthed.

「Touya-sama, could it be that you are the son of a nobleman……? 」

I shook my head at the question and looked at Natalie.

「This house, you see, was mine which I had to give to Touya because I lost in a game of chance 」

Natalie, with her flat chest, laughs out loud, knowing well I am the one who has to pay the higher taxes than any rent because of it.
I opened the door and entered the mansion. Ferris immediately appeared from sensing my presence.

「I’m home 」

Perhaps because there were new guests, Ferris smiled and nodded a little without saying a word.

「Forgive my rudeness…… Is that a house spirit Touya-sama!? You have a house spirit in this house!? 」
「Yes, as you can see」

With a glint in her eye, Char slowly approached Ferris.
Ferris looked at Char as she approached and— nodded.

「As expected……. 」
「Natalie, what’s going on? 」
「Well, I’ll tell you about it later. In the meantime, I want “that” thing 」

Natalie strode into the dining room cockily as if it were her house.

After showing Char and Al to the dining room, I excused myself and said I was going to take Kokuyou into the stables.
This was my way of giving the three of them a little time to themselves.

I went out, stowed the carriage in Dimensional Storage and took Kokuyou to the stables.
I then put another manger down and gave him a quick pat before returning inside the mansion.

「Sorry to keep you waiting 」

When I walked into the room, I saw an angry Natalie and the other two in tears.
It’s hard to say anything when you have no clue what caused these sorts of emotions in people. I thought about what I could do, and settled on making tea for everyone and gently placed a cup in front of each of them.
And sat down in a nearby empty seat.

「—Touya, my young lord, please hide them in your house for a little while 」
「…… Huh? 」

I had no immediate reply at this new twist of fate she was suggesting.

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