The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 3 Chapter 11 Part 2

Translator: Cryus

Editor: ryunakama

Volume 3 Chapter 11 Part 2

Just as we nodded to each other, Ferris appeared next to us.

「I found some people entering the dungeon. There are only three people inside…… There are a lot more outside……」

As we had expected, the security there was going to be tight.

「Got it. Could you show us a way there so we won’t run into anyone?」

「It’s impossible……to avoid any encounters……」

Alice responded after thinking for a while.

So combat would be unavoidable……

Well, I was already prepared for that fact.

It was a request that I’d received, and it was also part of my revenge plan…

「Heheheh. Leave that to me.」

Alice took out a few needles from her clothes, each of about 20cm in length, and smiled.

「I’ve dipped these in very potent paralyzing agents, so they should work quickly……」

I confirmed that I could use the Sleep spell, and nodded to Alice.

「Alright, let’s go then. Lead the way, Ferris.」

Ferris nodded slowly to my request.

「……Does this mean I wasn’t needed as a guide after all……?」

Ah, I would’ve needed her if Ferris hadn’t come out, but honestly she’s a House Spirit who is able to analyze the whole building in a second. To be honest, Alice is now……

「No, and if we’re going to fight, it’ll help if you are around. I can only do so much alone. Come on, we’re short on time. Let’s go.」

Alice looked a little relieved and nodded. She opened the door quietly and checked the situation in the hallway.

「……No one in our way for a while. Follow me……」

Ferris went straight through the door, and walked down the hallway boldly.

We followed Ferris while staying alert.

Ferris led us on the right path. We ran into soldiers twice, but Alice’s needles paralyzed them, and I put them to sleep from behind. Just like that, we were able to proceed underground.

Alice quietly said that we would arrive at the underground dungeon soon. But before it, there was a room with a lot of soldiers, which Ferris had told us about beforehand.

Just a few minutes after we went underground, Ferris stopped before a corner.

「That door leads to the underground dungeon……」

I took a peek past the corner, and saw a door at the very end. There, two soldiers sat at each side of the door.

Both of them were holding spears upright on alert against improbable intruders. But they seemed relaxed, and engaged in idle chatter.

「Thank you, Ferris. We’re probably about to enter a fight, so please return.」

Ferris nodded and disappeared into the spirit stone on my necklace.

「I can’t believe you even have such a precious spirit stone. You’re too much of a hack…… Now that it’s come to this –」

Alice mumbled to herself, but I couldn’t hear the last part of what she was saying.

「More importantly, what should we do about those two……?」

「Yes indeed…… My weapon is at a disadvantage against their armor.」

Both soldiers sitting next to the door were fully clad in metal armor. As for the soldiers on patrol, Alice’s paralysis needles worked on them. But against soldiers with metal armor, she could only aim for their faces.

And if we were too loud, all of the soldiers behind that door would come rushing out.

「Maybe I’ll try using magic……」

「If you use spells here, wouldn’t that make the soldiers come out?」

「It’s alright. Just watch.」

My spells have a range of about 10 meters. I quietly placed my hand past the corner, pointed to the soldiers, and cast the Sleep spell.

「……Huh, I feel sleepy……」

「Me too. That’s strange……」

Both soldiers nodded off slowly, still sitting on their chairs.

「…………Hey, they’re actually sleeping, right? What did you just do……?」

「Huh? What do you mean? I just cast a Sleep spell……」

Previously, I had tried to use the spells written in Natalie’s spellbook. It worked, so I used it a lot to help Char and the others level up.

「What?! Sleep spell……? You say that so easily, but that kind of magic — doesn’t exist in this world!」

Huh? There’s no such thing as a Sleep spell? That’s just impossible. It was in Natalie’s spellbook……

Wait, it wasn’t Natalie who wrote the spellbook. It was the Hero’s diary.

Well, that doesn’t matter anyway.

「Don’t worry about it. Now’s not the time for that. Beyond that door is the underground dungeon, right?」

「Mm…… I feel like you’re just trying to dodge the issue. Yes, behind it is the soldiers’ waiting room and the underground dungeon. There’s just a problem there.」

Alice pondered while tying up the sleeping soldiers.

「Problem……? I just need to put the soldiers to sleep like I did with these, right?」

「That’s the problem. The walls are covered with anti-magic stones to prevent escape, so you can’t use magic. We’ll have to fight the soldiers, and we don’t know how many there are.」

Honestly, I doubt I could lose to them in magic or hand-to-hand combat.

After all, I don’t think they’re a match for me in terms of level.

「Well, we’re short on time. Let’s just go.」

I cast a sideways glance at a worried Alice and put my hand on the doorknob. I opened the door.

In the room were soldiers on standby, drinking and playing card games.

Even though they were supposed to be keeping watch over the Imperial Family, they probably weren’t expecting anyone to actually infiltrate their way into the underground dungeon, since the security around the castle was tight.

They were so out of it that when they saw us enter, they froze with their mouths wide open.

Alice and I were clothed in black from head to toe. Obviously we seemed suspicious.

「Th-th-the enemy!」

Just as one of the men shouted, I threw a punch at a nearby soldier. Alice launched paralyzing needles at them one after another, and I put them to sleep.

There were about ten of them, but it took less than a minute.

「……That was kind of underwhelming……」

Although they were supposed to be on high alert, I couldn’t really blame them, since nothing had happened for more than a month.

But that worked to our advantage.

「Never mind that, we need to save the Imperial Family.」

Alice reminded me, and I focused my attention towards the underground dungeon. There was a large dungeon cell in the very back. The Emperor, the Empress, and the Crown Prince were chained to the wall, and lay unconscious.


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