The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 3 Chapter 12 Part 2

Translator: Cryus

Editor: ryunakama

Volume 3 Chapter 12 Part 2

「My request is……to retake the capital. I would like your help in restoring the country to a peaceful one, in which humans and demi-humans will live together in harmony.」

「Alright. And what of my reward……?」

In the end, I’m an adventurer. I can’t accept a request that has no due compensation. Otherwise, it would only cause future problems for other adventurers.

This too was a valuable lesson that Efland taught me.

He had really helped me a lot……

「Your reward……will be the position of a count, and a whole town. Or perhaps two. Also, I will allow you to marry Charlotte. You know her, after all.」

「Ah, I don’t want any of that.」

Even though that was all the Emperor could offer, I declined his reward immediately.

That’s because my wishes are completely different. I don’t want to become a noble, and I don’t want to govern any territories either. Yet he wants to give me two towns? What a joke. And if Char becomes my wife, Al and Natalie will definitely follow along.

I could never imagine living a quiet life like that.

Everyone in the room was dumbfounded by my response.


The Emperor was taken aback, but he had certainly not given up.

「Is that not enough……? Then, what is your desire? I will do anything in my power to grant it.」

Honestly, there’s nothing I really want. I already have a mansion in Lian, and I don’t want to rule over a town. Hmm, maybe I’d like a place to stay when I visit the Imperial Capital. I doubt I can return to the Salandir Kingdom after this, and I plan on living here in the Lunette Empire anyway.

「I’d like a mansion in the Imperial Capital, and perhaps a stable to go with it. Also…… I think there may be times when I’m not around, so if you could find a caretaker…」

「……Is that truly all you wish for……?」

The Emperor’s mouth was wide open, probably because my request was so unexpected.

Alice also looked stunned.

「I just want to live a life that suits myself. I have a house spirit to maintain my residence, so I think I’m alright there.」

「I see…… I understand. As Emperor, I shall grant you your reward, Master Touya.」

The Emperor stood up with a smile, and offered his hand. I stood up as well and shook hands with him.

Alice and the men waiting behind us were the most shocked.

Why is everyone so surprised……?

Never mind that, we need to let the Imperial Family escape from the capital quickly to complete the request.

「What’s the plan after this? We need to help the Imperial Family escape from the capital, right?」

The men went straight to prepare, as if my words unfroze time.

「Arrangements have already been made. We’ll cause a disturbance on one side of town, and another group of people will assault and open the gates. Soldiers from Lian are already a few days away from here, so please meet up there.」

If we’ve come this far, the soldiers in the Imperial Capital may have seen us. It’s only a matter of time until they uncover our plan, including the Imperial Family’s escape.

「More importantly, the unconscious soldiers will awaken soon. We need to leave quickly.」

「There is an underground passage that leads to the vicinity of the gates of the Imperial Capital nearby. Allow us to take you there first.」

The men left the house and quickly scanned the surroundings while Alice and I helped the members of the Imperial Family to the house.

There weren’t as many soldiers patrolling the area since it was some distance away from the central part of the Imperial Capital.

Alice knocked on the door with a specific rhythm.

The man showed himself and told us all to enter. The interior was no different from an ordinary house.

It was a bungalow with a living room as we entered, and a room at the back.

The only thing that distinguished it from a normal house was that there were about five men standing by in the living room.

As the Imperial Family sat on the empty sofa, everyone knelt down and bowed their heads.

Alice and I were beckoned to sit on the sofa that was in front of the Emperor.

One of the men stood up and spread out a map on a table.

「From here, we’ll go through the underground passage and move towards the gates. After that, we’ll coordinate with the ambush and have the Imperial Family escape the capital via carriage.」

「– Very well. I leave the plan to you.」

「Now then, let’s get going –」

「Before that, please wait a moment.」

I stopped them.

The reason for that was the spirit stone on my necklace, where Ferris resided.

「Please let me use the restroom for a while……」

「That’ll be right in the back.」

I locked myself in the restroom and took out the necklace. Ferris appeared.

「……This house smells heavily of blood…… And, there are many people who aren’t breathing……」

In the restroom, I felt like there were many eyes staring at me through the walls.

It smells of blood, and there are many people who aren’t breathing…… Could they be corpses?

— Then that means……

My brain was running at full speed. I considered all the patterns, and thought about the worst case–

And I imagined every scenario I could.


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