The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 3 Chapter 2

The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 3 Chapter 1 The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 3 Chapter 3

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Triumphal Return

I urged the man to get up, with my sword held tight against his neck.

And the man slowly gets up, trembling as he does.

「Do you have any idea who I am!? I am Bernard von Galzine, Marquis of Generate Kingdom! 」

I can’t help but smile at Bernard’s toughness.

…… He’s an excellent hostage. 

To be honest, this sort of hostage is all I could ever want. Char and the others have taught me about the ranks of nobility, and I know that the position of Marquis is of some high rank.

「—Then, if you are a big shot as you say you are, order the troops to pull back. If you can’t— then you’ll just end up like the rest of your men here 」

His face scrunched up at my demanding words.

「Alright, alright. I’ll get the troops out of here right away! Will you just spare my life!? 」

I took out a rope and handed it to Al, who in turn tied Bernard up with his hands behind his back.

「Touya-san, we’re good to go! 」

I gave her a nod. Looking at the soldiers that were attacking the city, I realized some of the troops in the rear had noticed our attack on their commander, and about a hundred of them were coming towards us.

I fired a spell at them as a warning.

「Stop right there! We have your commander! If you do anything stupid he’ll lose his head in a heartbeat 」

I shouted to the soldiers, while holding my sword to the commander’s neck.

The soldiers kept their swords pointed at us, but stopped and watched from a distance.

「Eeee! Idiots! Pull back immediately! Can’t you see my life is at stake here!? 」

At Bernard’s words, one of the soldiers took out a whistle-like object and blew into it.

In response to what is perhaps the signal to retreat, the soldiers that were ahead and close to the city fort stopped their march and turned around.

Al guarded us while we got on the coachman stand with Bernard, with my sword pressed against his neck.

Just to be safe, I had Char and Natalie go inside the carriage.

And we slowly made our way towards the soldiers and went through them.

As expected, the soldiers were helpless with their commander taken hostage.

「Hey, tell them to pull back 」

As I increased the pressure on his neck with my sword, he nodded and shouted for the soldiers to stand back.

「All of you pull back at once! As a marquis, I command you! 」

「He’s right, if you do anything even slightly strange— 」

Bernard’s face turned pale as I made a pose of cutting his throat.

As the carriage slowly but surely breaks out of their wave, the soldiers keep their distance.

And we approached the fort surrounding the city of Lian.

When we had passed the leading soldiers, I gave Bernard further instructions.

「For now, let’s have the soldiers leave this place. We can’t have them hanging around here, can we? Isn’t there anyone who can be our messenger to the Kingdom? 」

「Well, my aides…… who you’ve killed 」

「You’re right, we did. But you must have someone under you who leads these soldiers, right? Call him 」

「…… Okay…… Hey you there! Call the battalion commander!! 」

At Bernard’s order, the soldier moved hurriedly, and then another soldier wearing a more distinguished armour, who is much bigger compared to the other soldiers emerged from the cluster of soldiers.

 「—Your Excellency…… I, the Battalion Chief, Gard, am at your service 」

Bernard gave Gard, who was kneeling a little further away, seemingly afraid to come any closer, instructions as I had given to him.

「Men retreat! We will return to the garrison and await His Highness’ orders 」

「Understood! 」

At Gard’s call, the soldiers began to withdraw from the area. As I watched them leave, I heard a loud cheer from the top of the fort.

When the soldiers were out of sight, Bernard sighed.

「That should do it. Now you can let me go as you said…… 」

「No, I won’t…… Think about it, man 」

「What the hell? But that’s not what you said before!! 」

「No, I never said anything about releasing you. If we were to let you go, we’ll get attacked again, you know that. That’s why you’ll serve as a hostage for the time being 」

I tell Al to drive the carriage up to the gate, leaving Bernard in disbelief.

When we got to the gate, a man shouted from above, with soldiers around him holding bows pointed down at us.

「Who the hell are you people!? 」

I looked at Al, who stood up and said to the soldier on top of the gate.

「It’s  me! Altria von Milda, daughter of Garret von Milda! Her Royal Highness princess Charlotte is also here! 」

Al’s declaration was met with an outpouring of cheers from the soldiers of Lian.

The soldier who had called out before looked taken aback, even the hostage Bernard had a look of astonishment on his face.

「Her Imperial Highness? The gate will be opened immediately. Please wait a moment 」

After a few minutes of waiting, the closed gate was slowly opened.

As soon as the gate opened, she signaled Kokuyou to drive the carriage into the city.

Inside we were met with a group of soldiers who were ready for battle.

In that moment, the door of the carriage opened and Char, wearing a pure white robe decorated with gold threads, stepped out.

When the soldiers saw Char, they all let go of their weapons and dropped to one knee, with their heads bowed.

The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 3 Chapter 1 The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 3 Chapter 3


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