The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 3 Chapter 3

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Some of the soldiers were on one knee in front of Char’s royal figure, while others were in tears.

But all in all, everyone had joy written on their faces. It must be the sign of a royal family that is adored by many in the country.

Char told the soldiers to stand up.

「Thank you everyone for protecting this city. I had been away in Salandir Kingdom to find The Sage of Twilight, Natalie-sama. And—I found her and she has come here with us for the sake of saving Lunette Empire」

「It is I, Natalie. With me here, you don’t have to worry about any enemies attacking this place. Besides—we have a powerful ally 」

Natalie softly glances at me.

At the same time, a loud cheer rang out.

「Natalie-sama is a legend! 」

「Natalie-sama is known to have won every battle she’s fought! 」

「We can win this one with her here! 」

The soldiers shouted with joy.

…… I didn’t know she was that renowned. No matter how I look at her, in my eyes she is a penchant loli glutton.

I let out a small chuckle as I watched her strut around with her flat chest out.

She must have heard me laugh, because she turned her gaze to me.

In the midst of all this, the wolf beast soldier who was in command at the gate approached us.

He is in his thirties and has a well-trained body and an air of dominance that exceeds that of the other soldiers. I’m sure he’s their captain.

He stood in front of Char, knelt down, and bowed his head.

「Your Highness, Princess Charlotte, your safety is a blessing to us— I am Laird von Linax, commander of the city’s forces…… 」

「Linax-kyo, you’ve often protected the city of Lian in times of need, thank you again. I have heard that the Imperial Capital has already fallen into the hands of the Generate Kingdom. I wish to use Lian as our base to reclaim it…… 」

Char clenched her fists tightly as she spoke. One could only guess that she had thoughts about the safety of her parents and people running through her head.

「First of all, you must be tired from your long journey, have a rest……. So, who is he? 」

Laird looked at me as I was still holding onto my hostage, Bernard, with my sword on his neck.

「This person is Touya-sama, he is the one who saved our lives. And— 」

Char’s cheeks turned red.

…… Is she about to say something ridiculous? If she says it at a time like this it’ll only cause confusion.

「———he’s my betrothed 」

She said it.

Char said exactly what she was not at all supposed to say.

Laird’s eyes widened at her words and he placed his hand on his forehead and looked up at the sky.

「…… Oh, I see…… Then I will have you escorted right away. Hey, someone take the hostage away! 」

Although seeming a little upset, Laird instructed his soldiers, and a few of them stepped forward to face me and I handed Bernard over to them.

「You guys saved Lian. We’re truly grateful 」

The soldiers bowed their heads to me before taking Bernard away.

「My house is this way, let’s go 」

We headed to Al’s mansion, which will be our base of operations in this city.

Al and the soldiers boarded the coachman, and Char and Natalie boarded the carriage.

When I tried to get on the coachman as well, I was told,「We are your royal escorts, you can’t be the one sitting here 」.

So I got into the carriage.

…… Royal escorts ? I sat down facing the two girls in the carriage,my head tilted, while I pondered on what that meant.

I had never ridden in a carriage before, but the vibrations were absorbed and the seats were comfortable.

Al led the carriage through the city, and we arrived at the mansion in about twenty minutes.

When the door was opened and we got out of the carriage, we saw a magnificent mansion in front of us that was so massive in height that we had to bend our necks backward to look up at it.

It was several times larger than the mansion I had lived in in Fendi, and my mouth dropped open in awe.

「…… What? This is Al’s house? 」

「Yes, yes it is! My grandfather and brother live here 」

「Grandfather…… ? 」

Al’s mansion is the biggest amongst the rest around here.

「Yes, her grandfather is the lord of this city. He rules over it with her brother 」

Since she’s a kingsguard, I thought her family were all knights, but this is something unexpected.

Our arrival had already reached the house and at the front door stood an old man with enormous sheep horns, beside him was a young man,  and around them were maids.

The old man was dressed as a Warrior, and his muscles were obvious through his clothes.

Al stood in front of the old man and bowed her head.

「Grandfather, it’s been a long time since I have seen you. I have returned with Her Highness Princess Charlotte 」

「Well, I’m glad you’re both back and safe. I’m very glad to hear that Her Highness Princess Charlotte is safe. Please come inside, everyone, make yourselves at home in the villa 」

The old man looked at us from the corner of his eye as he replied in a kind voice.

Kokuyou was led by a soldier to the stables, and we were led by the maid to a large reception room.

Thirty minutes later I was holding a sword in the middle of a training ground, with several knights pointing their swords at me.

……How did this happen?

The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 3 Chapter 2 The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 3 Chapter 4


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