The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 3 Chapter 5

The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 3 Chapter 4 The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 3 Chapter 6

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Out in a training area of the size of a schoolyard, I was holding a mock sword and facing off against a dozen soldiers.

“If you are set on marrying my granddaughter, you’re going to have to show me how strong you are”

Gaulus grinned as he hefted a mock sword that is as tall as he is.

Al had heard from her father, Garret, that her grandfather is a former Knight Commander and that the Mirda family has been a militaristic family for the Lunette Empire for ages.

…… Well, what to do. Defeating them will probably be easy. To be honest, I even think that Al alone can beat them.

They do know that I was the one that caught the commander, right…..?

I swing my sword lightly to get the feel of it and then brace myself to face the soldiers.

“You seem to be ready. Let’s begin!”

The soldiers spread out around me, pointing their swords at me.

And five of them come running towards me with their swords blazing.

….. Attack or defend?

I enveloped my body with magical power and strengthened my whole body and instantly moved to cut off the soldiers at my top speed. I slashed one soldier with my mock sword and he collapsed to the ground, blocked two mock swords at once, and kicked the two soldiers to the ground. Not wasting any time, I jumped into a concise position to kick the soldier who looked astonished at my moves and plant my foot on his stomach.

If I kick him with serious intent, his internal organs may burst, so I adjust the force in my kick to the bare minimum.

The soldiers surrounding me are all in awe.

“That’s enough”

Gaulus who was behind me, called out to stop me, though I had only taken down four of them.

I lowered my mock sword and let out a sigh of relief.

“With such a difference in ability, the outcome won’t be affected no matter how many soldiers you face, and I can’t afford to have my soldiers injured in a such a critical moment”

I can use Healing on them, so as long as they don’t die, there’s no problem……

The soldiers seem to relax, as if the tension had dissipated. 

“I’ll take it from here”

Gaulus was the only one left standing before me.

He may be old, but the air about him is different from the rest of the soldiers.

The large sword he is carrying might be a mock sword, but a direct hit from it would leave at least a few bones broken.

I got serious and readied my sword.

“Here I come!”

He instantly leapt at me with incredible force, despite being stronger than the other soldiers, his speed lacked when compared to Al’s.

I easily blocked his sword, pushed him back, and then turned around to swing my sword, stopping it threateningly inches from his neck.

“You should stop this……”

Gaulus shuddered a bit from my words and started to laugh.

“Ahaha. I see it now! I see why my granddaughter has fallen for you”

With that the match was quickly settled.

It is a good thing he had a quick understanding. I don’t want him to get injured at a time like this on account of him just being stubborn.

“All right, let’s continue our conversation inside”

Gaulus said this in a good mood as he walked back to the mansion.

We followed him and the soldiers went back to their training.


“I did not expect you to be this strong…… It’s no wonder you were able to capture their commander even with that many men. And why the three of them are attracted to you…… Although I did not expect even the Sage to be”

I can’t help but smile at Gaulus, who is laughing in front of me.

We are all back seated in the drawing room, where we were before.

“More importantly, grandfather, what’s been happening in the…… Imperial Capital……?”

“The capital has fallen completely. I’ve been told that those who were able to escape on time have fled to the Elven district, and those who could not escape, the humans, are allowed to continue living as residents, while the beast kin, elves and the other subhumans have been reduced to slaves. His Majesty and the rest of the royal family are rumoured to be trapped in the dungeons. But as I said before, information has been hard to come by”

What he says makes sense since the Generate Kingdom is a human race supremacy. The slaves captured in the Lunette Empire will be transported back to Generate Kingdom after the Imperial Capital has been pacified. We have to take back the Capital as soon as possible……

“So…… What is going to be done now……?”

Gaulus frowned when I questioned him and clenched his fists.

“…… Nothing has been decided yet. We’ve had our hands full here, just defending this place. You clearing the army from here helped a lot……”

To be honest, I’d like to know more about the Imperial Capital, but the only people stationed here are beastmen and those who evacuated from there.

And only a few can sneak into the Capital.

…… There’s no way around it——.

“I’ll…… I’ll sneak into the Imperial Capital by myself”

“What are you saying!?”


My statement was met with a look of surprise from all who were in the room.

“The three of you will be able to defend this place as long as the Hero doesn’t show up. Besides…… I’m an adventurer from Salandir Kingdom and a human, so I can get in without any problems”

The commander we’ve captured said that the Hero had returned to the Generate Kingdom. The level of the three girls should already be more than any soldier out there. I can’t have them come with me, Char’s face is recognizable, Al is a beastman and Natalie is an elf. If they are with me, they will surely be caught.

However, there is no problem for me.

“But no matter how strong…… you are, you can’t do it alone……”

“I’ll be fine as long as the Hero is not there……”

I don’t know how strong Heroes are, but they sound like they aren’t not easily defeated……

We all looked at each other in silence for a moment.

“…… I understand. I understand what you’re suggesting. And please, Touya-dono, if possible, do it”

Gaulus was the one to break the silence, and he bowed to me.

“I would like you to take this with you. It might come in handy”

From his pocket, Gaulus pulled out a jewelled dagger and placed it on the table.

The hilt is decorated with a coat of arms, indicating that it is of high quality.


I looked down at the dagger and Gaulus began to explain.

“This was given to me by the royal family when I handed over the rank of Knight Commander to my son. Anyone from the Empire should know this seal, it will help you Touya-dono”

“This sounds too valuable to you…… I can’t accept it”

“It’s all right. It is also true that we have to rely on you, Touya-dono. Please take it”

Gaulus nodded while looking straight at me.

“All right, understand. I’ll borrow it then”

I took the dagger, affirming my decision to help the Empire.

The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 3 Chapter 4 The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 3 Chapter 6


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