The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 4 Chapter 1

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Volume 4 Chapter 1

I’m currently riding alone in the street on Kokuyou.

「This is insane…… 」

Such involuntary complaints have been spilling out of me all day.

I am supposed to be a Marquis in name only, with no real authority, but it turns out that the title on its own invites problems.


「My lord, I have a daughter of fine upbringing and beauty. Wouldn’t you like to meet her? 」

「His Majesty and Gaulus have advised that I indulge in such matters after I’ve finalized my marriage to Her Highness Charlotte and Lady Altria…… 」

「…… Is that so, I see. Then, after that is settled, please do come 」

「I will keep it mind 」

「Thank you. That is all I came for…… Good day to you, my lord 」

A middle-aged man adorned in aristocratic clothing in front of me finally left the drawing room.

I let out a big sigh.

The maid who had been standing quietly behind him came forward to brew me another tea.

「How many visits do I have left for today? 」

「There are two more visits today. Tomorrow you have about three, not accounting for the yet to be scheduled visits…… 」

Hearing that number of appointments made me bury my face in my hands.

I had been worried that my sudden title of a Marquis would incur spite from the other nobles, but my fears were completely misplaced.

On the contrary, the nobles have been so eager to come to market their daughters to me.

They had been kept at bay from approaching me since I had been living in the castle up until now. But since I have moved into my mansion in the Imperial Capital, I have been flooded with requests for appointments from nobles who also have their residence in the Capital.

As one can expect, the conversations with nobles are extremely tiring. I am constantly on guard that I do not end up saying something that might entrap me in their ploys.

Gaulus told me that because Char and Al were my fiancee, the other nobles would not be as forthcoming and this would not happen. But that thought was horribly wrong.

The butler had warned me that it was to remain like this for a while and provided me with an idea on how I could escape.

「Why don’t you go to another city for an inspection? That would be a good enough reason for your absence 」

「!? That’s right! 」

Because I’m constantly holed up here, it warrants their need to visit. If I am not here, then the problem will be solved.

Why did I not realize such a simple thing……?

「Hey, could you go to the Commerce Guild and call Alice? 」

「Yes, I’ll do so right away 」

The maid bowed and went out in a haste to get a squire to go to the Commerce Guild.

Alice as a merchant should know the cities well and which possible routes to take.

After the war was over and the treaty was signed, all the Generate Kingdom soldiers were released back to their country.

The Third Prince was handed over to his country as well, and a ten-year armistice treaty was concluded with a large amount of compensation being paid by his country.

On the surface it seems that peace has been formed as even the reconstruction of the recently-seized cities has begun.

However, I will not be as naïve to believe that a greedy nation like the Generate Kingdom will easily obey the Armistice Treaty.

I am convinced that there is bound to be trouble.

This is only a「suspension of a war 」.

If the country is not aware of the actions of its citizens, then the country is not liable. This sounds like a story that Generate Kingdom is more likely to cook up.

—-We can’t be too careful. As long as they have— the Hero…..

But it is not like there is anything I can do about it now.

The only thing that I can do right now is to get to know the cities of the Lunette Empire.

I have only been to Lian and a few other cities so far.

At this point, it might be a good idea to take a leisurely trip to each city in order to avoid the constant visits.

I’m more interested in seeing the Elf District.

It was in the afternoon when the last visit ended, and I was resting when Alice arrived.

「Sorry to have kept you waiting…… Touya, you look tired…… I guess the rumours are true……? 」

「Oh, Alice, I’m glad you are here…… Anyway, what are the rumours……? 」

「There’s been a lot of talk about you getting married 」

「…… Don’t say another word about it 」

Just hearing the word marriage exhausts me further.

「So what was the call for…… 」

「The thing is— 」

I explained to her that I want to leave the mansion in order to avoid the noble’s visits and I thought travelling to another city would be a great idea.

Alice understood my predicament and she put her hand on her chin as she thought about it. She then clapped her hands together in excitement after she was done.

「Then why not go to Eerland!? 」

She pulled out a large map from her bag and pointed to a marked location.

「This is Eerland. Because it is very close to the Generate Kingdom, it was one of the first cities to be claimed. I heard the reconstruction has already started as well. It is a popular city and Touya, you might find it to your liking as an adventurer, what do you think? 」

Adventuring is far more enjoyable than being a noble, that’s damn certain.

「Sounds like a place I should go. Are you returning to Salandir Kingdom after this? 」

「Yeah, that’s right. I can’t just wander around here forever! Even if I don’t seem like it, I do belong to the Salandir Kingdom 」

Did she say that……

If she is going to Salandir Kingdom, I might as well ask her to do an errand for me.

「Alice, since you’re going to Salandir Kingdom, can I ask you to do me a favour? Do think you’ll stop at Dumbler? 」

「Yeah, I always go through that city. What do you want from that city? 」

「Oh, that’s great. Actually—-  」

I told her what happened in Dumbler, then put a few gold coins in a small sachet and handed it to Alice.

「I can certainly accept your request! If you’re so worried, why don’t you do something about it now? Marquis 」

「Well, I’m sure they have their own reasons. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to tell  me 」

「All right! Of course, I am in your care, we’re married after all 」

It’s always amusing when she’s in a good mood. But as a spy, she is capable and can take care of herself.

「I am not going to say anything to that. Thank you for agreeing to do this for me 」

「Yes, yes, yes. Leave it to me! 」

Alice walked out of the room cheerfully.

「I hope everyone is doing well…… 」

I sipped on my tea silently, remembering everyone I met in Salandir Kingdom.


I left Imperial Capital early after attending my appointments. I had refused any new ones.

I took off my nobleman’s garb and placed it in Dimensional Storage and dressed up as an adventurer.

I feel nostalgic to go back to Saladir Kingdom, but I can only hope that I am removed from the wanted list thanks to my nobility status. I cannot just force my way into the country.  If I do that it might cause an international problem.

It was still in the morning when I greeted the attendants at the mansion and left the Imperial Capital.

Of course, I told the Emperor about it. The squire is scheduled to deliver the letter today.

If I am the one who goes to the castle to inform him, then he won’t let me leave the Capital.

So, he’ll receive the after-the-fact report.

I walked carefreely through the Imperial Capital and I walked out the gate as an adventurer.

「All right! I am free now! I’ll enjoy being an adventurer to the fullest 」

I rubbed the Spirit Stone in which Ferris resided and began to walk.

When I was a little further away, I took Kokuyou out of Dimensional Storage.

I thought he had become more docile lately, but he still bites my head as always.

I wiped the Kokuyou’s drool off of my head, climbed on him and gave him the signal to leave.

「Kokuyou! Let’s go! We’re going to Eerland! 」

At my signal, Kokuyou squealed and ran off.

The wind was pleasant as he galloped toward Eerland, clueless as to who I’d meet there–.


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