The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 4 Chapter 10 Part 1

Translator: vysio_seth

Volume 4 Chapter 10 Part 1

「Hey, Blythe, do you by any chance know what kind of monster guards the dungeon core? 」

Blythe shook his head, announcing his ignorance on the matter.

「No one has ever managed to get to the bottom level. So I don’t know. Though, I have heard that in another country, they managed to conquer one, but I haven’t been able to get any detailed information………. 」

Well……. I might be able to find out the rank of the monster if I mention it by name.

「Okay but…… What would be the monster rank of say, a —— Dragon Hydra? 」

Everyone in the room froze up at my question.

The reason I inquire about this is because I’m certain that it’s a Dragon Hydra at the bottom of that dungeon. It is a monster that normally requires a raid by a high level party. Even at my level I am not entirely convinced I can take it on by myself.

However, I might be comparing the situation to the game; it could be different in the real world.

That said, if I was to face it off and unleashing my magic to its max against it did not bring it down, I wouldn’t hesitate to flee for my life.

「Touya-sama……, do you by any chance know about the monster at the bottom floor ……? 」

As I was folding my arms and meditating on the thought, Liese called out to me.

Even though the whole ordeal was similar to the game world for me, for the people of this world, this is— the only reality they know.

So I can’t just talk about my gaming days here……..

「I can’t say for sure, but since even Earth Dragons are overflowing from the dungeon, it wouldn’t be surprising that the guardian is a higher rank. So I have a feeling it might be a monster of that high rank. This is just my speculation though…… 」

I tried to explain, slurring over my words a bit.

「If it is a Dragon Hydra as you say, it will be classified as a SS-ranked monster. You can think of it as a natural disaster class……. No, but it couldn’t be……. 」

Blythe sullenly answered my previous question.

The rank of such a monster is far beyond the abilities of the adventurers in this city.

To defeat even an S rank monster, they will need support from the country’s military. I’ve heard that this is how they normally treat such a threat of the likes of a dragon.

「I’ve brought my soldiers with me, but it may be difficult for them to conquer the dungeon. The best they can do is to keep an eye on the surrounding area and deal with the monsters that come out of the forest……. 」

Soldiers are soldiers, and adventurers are adventurers. Soldiers do sometimes dive into dungeons for training, but only for gaining experience and leveling up. They are not expected to understand the intricate details of conquering them.

「In that case, I’ll raid the dungeon with a small group. All I need is for the dungeon entrance to be guarded so no monsters escape」

After they all had nodded, I proceeded.

I’ll dive in with Char, Al, and Natalie, making us a group of four. The three of them can keep up with my fighting just fine. Adding more people will only slow us down.

I looked over to the three of them, seemingly understanding my plan, and they nodded.

「All right, Char, Al, and Natalie, will dive with me. Everyone one else will hold the fort around the dungeon to keep the monsters from overflowing 」

「It can’t be! You are going with Her Highness and only the two of them to go into the dungeon? 」

Liese is aware of the strength of Al and Natalie, but she is oblivious to the fact that Char is as strong as they are.

「Ah……., Liese don’t worry. The three of you, please tell her your levels」

「I’m 87」

「I’m 89」

「Hmph, I’m 90. Been slaying monsters whenever I can in my spare time 」

Natalie declared smugly.

「……!? Really………?  I can’t believe it…….」

These are levels considered to be of legends. The cheat rings that I gave them boosted their experience gain; otherwise it would have been impossible to reach these levels.

Liese was stunned.

But as if she remembered something, she turned her gaze towards me.

「If all three of you are at such levels…….. Touya, what level are you……..? 」

Having been in the forest recently, my current job – Sage level has risen to 52.

Having reached level 100 on my previous jobs – Recovery Priest and Mage, this is my level now.

I don’t need to compare myself to the three of them. But Liese might assume that my level is inferior to theirs, if I don’t give her an answer……

「Lieselotte-jo-yo, you can’t judge Touya’a strength by his level. He is off the scale 」

Liese did not seem satisfied, but she nodded nonetheless to Natalie’s explanation.

「Um……… can I come with you? I’m B-rank. I won’t slow you down」

Liese raised her hand and spoke up, albeit in a rather shy manner.

She will slow me down; there is no other way to say it. I can protect them to some extent in the dungeon, but it will be difficult if she was in our company during the boss battle or when we are in contact with a fierce monster.

Unlike in the game, once you die here, you can’t come back to life.

This is different from grinding levels as well, which is done at a slower pace.

「Frankly, I’d like you to be in charge of the fort, Liese. I’ll have soldiers guarding the entrance of the dungeon. Char, Al and Natalie, will be diving with me, so I want to leave that role to you as a noble」

Liese was disappointed to hear this, but she did not complain to me since I am a high-ranking noble, she reluctantly nodded.


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