The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 4 Chapter 10 Part 2

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Volume 4 Chapter 10 Part 2

I had planned to return to the inn while the soldiers were making preparations to set up the fort at the dungeon…….. But for some reason I ended up staying at the lord’s mansion.

And naturally, Char, Al and Natalie were with me. After learning that they had planned on staying in the tent for the next few days, they were invited to stay with Liese.

At the mansion, despite Liese’s brother, the lord, having not returned, the remaining servants were hard at work. Liese is generally popular with the people and I believe that’s why the servants were diligently doing their jobs.

— It has been decided that we will raid the dungeon in two days.

In preparation for the raid, I borrowed the kitchen and packed as much food as I could make into Dimensional Storage.

In the blink of an eye, the time came for the raid, and I was standing with Char and the others in front of an assembly of soldiers.

「We are going to the dungeon to stop the source of the flooding. The soldiers are tasked with securing the fort at the dungeon entrance and taking care of the monsters that might escape. Please follow the commands of Lieselotte-jo, the acting lord 」

They responded in a loud cheer to my speech.

We boarded the carriage to be drawn by Kokuyou, which was surrounded by the soldiers on either side, to guard it, and set off for the dungeon.

Even though the monsters were previously thinned out a few days ago, their population was increasing with every passing day, and we encountered a few monsters on the way to the dungeon.

The skilled soldiers worked together to kill them without much of an issue though.

I was impressed as I watched them confront the monsters as groups.

「They are well-trained……. 」

「Yes, the lingering pain of having lost the Imperial Capital motivated them to come up with a new training regiment. It was more efficient for them to level up by battling monsters 」

The soldiers are trained to protect the country from attacks from humans, but the monster extermination is outsourced to the Adventurer’s Guild. It seems they found a way to increase their levels by battling monsters without taking the job from the adventurers.

Even in the Lunette Empire, there are a few adventurers in the outlying areas making it hard to exterminate monsters in time. Information was gathered on such places and soldiers were sent to deal with the monsters there. The soldiers were divided into small groups as an effective way to train them in teamwork. The direct gratitude from the residents served as a boost to their morale as well.

My Search was active as the carriage moved steadily towards the dungeon.

If any monsters appear and are too overwhelming for the soldiers to handle, I’ll jump in. If they are injured, I can heal them easily, but death is impossible to reverse even for me.

In the game, there was resurrection magic. However, despite being a Sage now, I can’t use it. Perhaps there is a condition I must meet for me to be able to use it, but I can’t be holding out on such hopes.

When we were a little further from the dungeon, the soldiers suddenly stopped.

「The dungeon should be a little further than this. What’s going on……..? 」

As I posed this question, a knock came to the carriage door.

「Sir, at the dungeon entrance, there are……. Generate Kingdom soldiers……… 」

「What!? 」

Everyone in the carriage got tense. There might be a truce in place currently, but that does not change the fact that they are still a hostile nation.

The dungeon does not fall under either of the country’s territory, nonetheless, it is unexpected to find them here…….

「And……. Their commander wants to meet those in authority from our side……… 」

Char and I exchanged glances and nodded at each other.

It would be right for Char, the Princess, and I the Marquis to go.

「Ahh, okay. I’ll go with Her Highness Charlotte. Al, you’ll be our escort 」

The soldier saluted and ran off after saying, 「I’ll deliver this news to the other side 」

「To think we’d find them here……. 」

Liese looked miserable, and it was obvious, as much as she tried to hide it, that her body was trembling.

This reaction is more than warranted, after all, the fact that their country was invaded and moreover that her parents were executed by the Generate Kingdom soldiers cannot be forgotten.

The compensation that Liese and her family had received from Generate Kingdom, no matter how hefty it was, was not enough to make her forget. Besides, the majority of it was spent on reconstruction of the city. There were also payments made to the families of Lunette Empire soldiers that fell during the war, which did not make any of the pain subside.

「Don’t worry. We’re here for you 」

「That’s right, we’re here 」

Char wrapped her hands gently around Liese’s and smiled.

「Yes…….. Thank you very much, I am fine now 」

The carriage, which had been barely moving, came to a complete standstill as if it had reached its destination.

The door was slowly opened and we exited the carriage.

There were around a hundred soldiers from the Generate Kingdom waiting in formation. They were all wearing the same type of armour. I could sense a bit of hostility from them, but I dismissed it as quickly as it came.

「Liese can you secure the tent? Natalie, you go with them 」

「I understand. If I go with you, I’ll just scare them off 」

……. Natalie has been their long sworn enemy as the 「Sage of the Twilight 」 after all.

We followed the soldier who came to pick us up and entered the Generate Kingdom fort. We made our way to the largest tent in the compound, surrounded by a simple fence.

「Excuse me. I have brought representatives of the Lunette Empire with me 」

「Come in 」

Once permission was granted, the entrance to the tent was opened and a soldier led the way inside.

Inside the tent, there were several soldiers, adventurers and —- Hero.

The Hero’s face has not changed much from the time he was summoned after me in the Generate Kingdom.

「These……. are very young representatives. It seems the Lunette Empire is running short on manpower, as they leave such matters to the women and children 」

A man in a particularly extravagant armour smirked as he took a side glance at us.

The three of us in our teens, even though we’re all adults, might seem like a bit of a shortage from the perspective of other countries. But here we are – the Imperial Princess, Char, the Duchess and Kings Guard knight, Al, and I, the Marquis. I’m sure there’s no problem with our positions here.

「Well, let’s discuss the dungeon matter shall we? Please take a seat over there 」

We sat opposite to our hosts. Al as an escort sat behind Char.

「…… The two of you are in charge, is that correct? Let me introduce myself first. My name is—– 」

The soldier who introduced himself as if looking down at us was the vice-commander of the Knight Guard of the Generate Kingdom.

The adventurers seated together with him also introduced themselves, and finally the Hero stood up from his seat.

「I’m only a rookie adventurer, but I’m here because my abilities are up to the task 」

The Hero’s name is Larx…… I could tell he was indeed strong in his own way. Our eyes met once but he quickly cut the contact and sat down.

「So, why don’t you introduce yourselves? 」

Char was the first to get up from her seat. She was distinguished that even the Generate Soldiers let out a gasp.

「I’m Charlotte Von Lunette, Princess of the Lunette Empire. 」

No way, the princess! The deputy’s face was clearly saying that.

It seems that they can’t hide their surprise that an imperial princess has come all the way out to a dangerous place like the dungeon.

I stood up from my seat, bowed lightly, and began to introduce myself.

「My name is Touya Kisaragi. I am the Marquis of the Lunette Empire 」

The vice commander again looks astonished. From his standpoint, I must look like an average adventurer.

「The guard behind me, by the way, is Altria von Milda. She’s the daughter of the former commander of the Kingsguard and is the current vice commander of the Kingsguard 」

Since Al is a guard, she doesn’t introduce herself, so I do. Al bowed her head lightly as I introduced her, and returned to her original posture with a blank expression on her face.

When I introduced Al, only Larx’s expression shifted for a moment.

Larx stood on the front line as the Hero and went toe-to-toe with Al’s father. In other words, he could be said to be her family’s enemy.

Al doesn’t realize it, but it’s probably best to keep quiet about it.

Now that the introductions were done, I asked the first questions.

「So why are you from the Generate Kingdom here? Is it about the flooding…….? 」

When I inquired, the dumbfounded vice commander coughed lightly and began to reply.

「I didn’t expect the princess to be here as well……. My kingdom has also suffered damage to its territory due to the flooding. And it cannot overlook this. We will conquer the dungeon; therefore there is no need for the people of the Lunette Empire to get involved. You can all return to your country 」

It’s clearly not up to him to decide that……..

「The Lunette Empire cannot afford to overlook this as well, for that reason we will be challenging the dungeon with our most powerful force. Having said that, the people of Generate Kingdom should pull out 」

Char responded, again, in a dignified voice and smile.

「……The powerful force, eh…… 」

The vice commander whispered, glancing at Larx, and grinned.

「Then, what about each country send a group with the best strength? Each country can decide how many people it wants to send 」

I smirked and made a suggestion to the vice commander. The most powerful person in this group is probably the Hero, Larx.

But it seems that they don’t intend to let people know that there is a Hero here.


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