The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 4 Chapter 16 Part 2

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Volume 4 Chapter 16 Part 2

「And are you positive you want to have him as your combatant? Don’t go back on your word when I win」

Larx chuckled and scratched his cheek as I spoke up to the knight.

「I guess you’ll be the one I’m facing. Before we start I’ll have you know that I’m—- level 75. Knowing this, are you still going to challenge me? You might die」

—- Level 75.

I’m impressed he managed to get to such a high level in such a short time.

Without any cheat items to assist him, unlike me, he definitely has worked hard.

That’s why I can respect him.

—- But not enough for me to lose.

「Incredible……. 」

Liese’s face was pale, but Char, Al and Natalie seemed nonchalant in the face of the Hero’s level.

That’s because the three of them have higher levels than him.

Although there may be a status advantage depending on his job, I do believe the three of them can defeat him if they play their cards right.

And as a high-level adventurer who’s already capped his level twice, despite my job being inferior to that of a Hero, I seriously doubt I can lose in terms of skills.

I also have my Berserker avatar’s fighting style burned into my head. My use of the Buster Sword is proof of that.


[Name] Kisaragi Touya

[Race] Human

[Gender] Male

[Age] 16 years old

[Job] Sage

[Title] Summoned One

[Level] 52

[Special Skills] The Divine Eye, the ability to use all attribute magic, and the ability to acquire all skills

[Skills] Swordsmanship, Martial Arts, Search, Concealment

[Magic] Life magic, Elementary Recovery Magic, Intermediate Recovery Magic, Advanced Recovery Magic, Super Recovery magic, Elementary Attribute Magic, Intermediate Attribute Magic, Advanced Attribute Magic, Super Attribute Magic, Special Attribute Magic

[Familiar] Obsidian Battlehorse


I checked my status before we began.

One of the knights acted as the officiator, and was standing in the middle of the arena, waiting for us to get ready.

I pulled out my favourite Buster Sword from Dimensional Storage, and those from the Generate Kingdom’s party looked somewhat surprised. Bet they didn’t expect a Recovery Priest to wield a Buster Sword.

「This’s unexpected, didn’t think you used a weapon like that 」

「Oh, yes, this is one of my favourites from long ago. I have mine out, when are you planning on taking yours out? 」

I asked him jokingly.

The sword he has been carrying is a fine piece of work for a common adventurer, but it is no means a weapon of a Hero. I can expect nothing less than a Hero wielding a Holy Sword, a national treasure.

Since he’s concealing his identity, I guess he can’t use that, but if he does lose, they still have to pay.

「Yes, this is enough for me. A regular weapon will be enough 」

「Oh, I see. Don’t make excuses after you lose 」

「Thank you for your concern, although it is unnecessary. I never lose…… 」

While Larx and I were conversing, the knight who was refereeing coughed and urged us to begin.

「It’s time to start. —– Begin! 」

Instantly, Larx leapt towards me with his sword ready to strike from above. And I couldn’t help being impressed by his speed, befitting a Hero status.

In terms of speed, he could be faster than Al.

I swiftly evaded the attack by retreating. I retaliated with a swing of my Buster Sword aimed for his neck, catching him off-guard and only missing him by a few inches.

「You are stronger than you look……. It looks like I might have to get serious 」

As Larx spoke, I created some space between us and applied Physical Enhancement Boost on myself. I can’t be careless. Larx also whispered some incantation-like words, probably applying Physical Enhancement Boost on himself as well.

He is a Hero, magic should not be a problem for him to use. I gripped my sword tightly again and prepared to defend.

Larx slashed with his sword from a short distance away.

……. Eh? And a Vacuum Blade came flying toward me.

He has started using skills huh. I deflected the attack while I thought about this.

「You’re even using skills, you’re relentless……. 」

「Yes, the prestige of the Kingdom is at stake in this battle 」

「I’m sorry to hear that……. 」

「Then again, you don’t seem surprised to hear of my level, and are able to cancel my skills, what kind of training do you do? By the way, may I ask of your own level? 」

「……. 52 」

As a Sage.

「How is that possible? The Knight Commander can’t fight on equal terms with me at that level」

Ah, that’s true. The Knight Commander of the Lunette Empire, Al’s father, was no match for him. But what is he doing? Has he forgotten he’s masquerading as an adventurer?

「I’m honored you think that. But I won’t be losing this battle……..! 」

It was my turn to attack. I held my Buster Sword in my right hand and shot a fireball with my left.

I’m guessing being a Recovery Priest who can use attribute magic is not what he was expecting. But Larx was quick on his feet and avoided the approaching fireball and just as quickly parried my sword.

As if in a stalemate, my sword and Larx’s clashed.

「You can also use magic……. Are you really a Recovery Priest? 」

Our strength was evenly matched. Larx is truly a Hero, as expected, he’s strong.

Swords clattered against each other.

「Ah, want to look at my adventurer’s plate? It’s got Recovery Priest written all over it 」

We finally broke apart and put some distance between us.

「I was not aware of Recovery Priests who are this strong. Why were you missing during the war? 」

Because I was in Salandir Kingdom at the time.

Again, Larx, you’re forgetting yourself.

「How is he equally matched with Larx-sama……..? 」

The knight was astonished. However, I shouldn’t let my guard down yet, Larx possibly has a trick up his sleeve.

「Hang in there, Touya-sama! 」

I could hear the cheers from Char and the other girls behind me.

「Let’s try this! 」

I closed in on him, about five meters, and brought my Buster Sword down on him. Larx, however, caught it firmly with his sword.

…… Crack.

Larx’s sword cracked at the point of impact.

「Touya-sama has already won! 」

His sword will shatter into pieces from one more attack from me. The match will be over.

「With the state of your sword, you won’t make it. Why don’t you just admit defeat? 」

I urged him to surrender, but Larx gritted his teeth and looked at the knight as if seeking something.

「We can’t afford to lose…… Take it out 」

The knight gave his permission. Promptly, Larx tossed the cracked sword aside and took out another sword from his Dimensional Storage.

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