The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 4 Chapter 3

Translator: vysio_seth

Volume 4 Chapter 3

…… I am beginning to get a sense that coming to this city was a mistake……

When I stepped out into the hall, the second receptionist I had met was the first to launch herself at me.

「Thank you very much for earlier. We can’t thank you enough」

「Oh, it is no problem. Besides I even got paid for it」

I smiled back at her and her cheeks turned a little pink.

The receptionist thanked me once more and ran back to her work, and I went and sat down in an empty chair.

「…… I do hope that the place they refer me to is a good lodging……」

As I quietly watched the adventurers in the hall for what seemed like several minutes, I was interrupted by a voice.

「I’ll be the one to show you to the inn」

I looked over to see that it was Maia, the receptionist that had led me to the guild master’s office.

「Oh, I’m counting on you」

「Let’s head there then」

Maia is a bit older than I am, and with her brunette hair tied back, I can tell she is definitely a mature beauty. As the two of us walked together, I drew jealous glances from the other adventurers.

The gazes continued to follow us till we were out of the guild.

「…… The way those guys are staring at us…… You must be a very popular receptionist. No wonder, you’re certainly beautiful after all」

Maia gave me a smile.

「I am constantly proposed to by many of them, but I don’t really have the time to date people like that. Maybe Touya-sama, you’re the man I’ve been waiting for」

Her teasing made me feel a bit uneasy as she looked at me with her mature eyes. I have no intention of creating further romantic complications here. The engagement to Charlotte and her close knight Altria combined with the constant visits from nobles offering me their daughters’ hands in marriage was stressful enough to drive me out of the Capital.

I walked beside Maia to the inn, exchanging small talk, and in about ten minutes we had arrived.

The inn we arrived at is a three-story building, not as big as those in the Capital, but it had a nice appearance. The signboard on it read,『Deep Green Resting Pavilion』. I walked in behind Maia, and the hall inside could be described as calm. I liked it immediately.

Maia went to the reception desk and talked for a bit with the receptionist there, and was given a key in return.

「Touya-san, here is your key. The guild will cover the cost for the lodging, breakfast and supper, but please pay for your own lunch and drinks. This is the landlady here…….」

「I’m Touya. Please take care of me during my stay here」

「So you’re Touya-sama. My name is Livin; I’m the owner of this inn. Maia has already explained to me about the expenses, so you can stay here for as long as you want」

Livin-san is in her thirties, has the same kind of brown hair as Maia, which she has tied in a bun, and she has a pleasing face. She smiles at me as she introduces herself.

Her smile resembled Maia’s a little, but I kept it to myself.

After receiving the key to my room from Maia, I decided to kick-back for the day and visit the guild tomorrow.

After Maia left for the guild with a smile, I headed to my room. The tag on the key is 301, which is the room on the third floor and the far end corner. When I unlocked the room and stepped inside, to my surprise, the room was much bigger than I imagined.  It has two beds, even though I am alone, and a sofa. There is no bathtub, instead there is a shower and toilet.

「I guess the guild got a bit excited, this is a very nice room」

This better not be a way to buy my favours…… My plan is to have some time to myself and do as best as I can to operate as an adventurer, incognito.

The Guildmaster Blythe knows who I am, but Maia does not, it must mean that he does intend to keep a tight lid on it as discussed. That means I’ll be able to take some simple requests and participate in the subjugation of the flooding, playing as small a role as possible.

After changing out of my usual adventurer’s robe and into plain clothes, I decided to take a walk around the city, and left my room immediate;y. I left the key with the receptionist, asked what time the dinner was, and left the inn.

As expected of a trading town, despite its medium-sized population, the streets are packed with people. The ceasefire may have led to even more prosperity for the stagnant trade.

As I was walking around the marketplace, I bumped shoulders with a person walking in the opposite direction.

「Oh, I’m sorry」

I quickly apologized, but the other person, who was an adventurer, had a sullen look on his face.

「You’re in my way!」

He was glaring at me with intensity aimed at intimidating me but he was not scary at all. He looks a bit older than me……

「Galt! Stop it! It does not matter how bad of a mood you’re in. You shouldn’t harass other people」

「Damn it. Liese and your love for random nobodies. What a pain in the ass……」

It is a party of four, two men and two women. All of them are around twenty years old. One of the two women walked up from behind Galt, the man who had bumped into me. and rebuked him and after a round of arguing, a swordswoman named Liese looked at me.

「I’m sorry. He is just a little upset about something」

「Oh, that’s okay. I wasn’t looking ahead either」

Liese’s straight red hair, which reaches to her waist, is well groomed for an adventurer and her armour is also made of excellent materials.

I think she looks more like a noblewoman than an adventurer.

Well, I can just let this issue settle easily since I am in plain clothes, despite being a Marquis.

「Just when we thought we were going to make some money off of the flooding, they tell us we can’t go into the forest until the survey is done」

「Of course, we have to wait. What if by going into the forest we cause another flood? There were so many injured people in stopping the last one. How many people do you think would have died if I wasn’t for the high-level Recovery Priest rumoured to be at the guild?」

So it has turned into a rumour…… It’s probably because I used Area High Heal in succession.

「Yeah, I heard he’s an incredible Recovery Priest. Why don’t we ask him to join our party?」

「Huh. A Recovery Priest? He’s just a guy who hides at the back of the party. We don’t need someone who can’t even attack」

The one called Galt is a Warrior, Liese is a swordswoman, the flirtatious-looking guy looks like a Thief. The other woman looks like a Mage, with a robe and a wand.

「You don’t understand, Jill. If we have a healer, that means we last longer in a fight. It also reduces the chances of dying」

「Shut up, Myra. If you’re a man, you’re supposed to fight, that is all」

Jill is the one who looks like the Thief and the Mage’s name is Myra. I quietly take note to stay as far as possible from them – they look like a pain.

「Just leave there」

The girl, Liese, broke off the conversation, and I was finally released. Galt still glared at me, but I paid him no mind.

After the four left, I continued with my leisurely stroll through the city and decided to head back to the inn when I felt like it was time.

「Welcome back. It’s almost time for supper」

When I returned to the inn and went to pick up the key, Livin welcomed me back.

「I’ll be right back, I just have check on my room」

Once I was in my room, I cleaned myself up with magic and went downstairs. I wanted to take a shower but that will wait until after dinner.

In the dining room on the first floor, several people were eating, and I sat down at the bar and ordered an ale.

As I am waiting for my drink to arrive, I look around at the other guests and note that most of them are merchants who are staying at the inn. Perhaps this inn is a bit expensive for adventurers.

「Thank you for waiting」

Livin brought me some snacks and the ale, which I took and sipped for taste.

The alcohol is lukewarm as suspected. I used my magic to cool it down inconspicuously, and then took a sip again.

「Yes, that’s more like it」

As I was enjoying the ale and snacks, my meal was brought to me.

「Here you go, It’s stew today, and some bread」

The stew, two loaves of bread and a salad were served.

The stew was served in a very hollow bowl and had a lot of meat in it, and its smell was appetising. I scooped up the stew with a spoon and sipped it. It has a nice broth in it too. As I was engrossed by the stew, I heard a familiar voice coming from the entrance.

「Hi, can I have something to eat too」

「Welcome home. Help me serve food when you’re done」


I looked at the source of the voice and saw it was Maia, my guide to this inn.

「Oh, Touya-sama, may I join you?」

「She just welcomed you home. Is it……?」

「Yes, that’s right. This is my parents house. That’s my mother at the receptionist」

No wonder they look alike.

Maia seems to have finished her work at the guild and has come home to help out.

「Can you stop calling me ‘sama’? I think people would start question the reason」

「Hmm…… Then I’ll call you Touya-san, is that fine?」

「Yeah, I’m fine with that」

I took a sip of my ale and gave my reply, but Maia’s food seemed to take some time to arrive.

「Um…… Touya-san, I’m thirsty, can I have just one sip of your ale?」

When Maia asked me while looking at me with a pleading look, I nodded a little confused. With a big smile on her face, Maia took my mug and brought it to her mouth, holding it in both hands.

Oh, I forgot I had chilled it……

After taking a sip, Maia looked at me with wide eyes, and down at the mug.

「…… Touya-san, what is this……. It tastes better when cold…….」

She appreciated the taste of the chilled ale, 「I’ll go get more」, she said and left her seat. When she came back she had two ale mugs in her hands.

「I’ll give you one. So……」

I could only nod at Maia’s expectant gaze.

I drank  the remaining ale in my mug and chilled the other two mugs, handing one to Maia.

Maia smiled widely as she had her ale. I resumed my meal.

「My, Maia. What has gotten into you, why are drinking so much?」

「It’s nothing. Just that the ale tastes delicious today」

She replied cheerfully to Livin’s concerned question, her gaze flickering to me.

「…… Is that so? I’m sorry if she’s being a bother to you」

I chuckled a bit at Livin, who smiles, puts food in front of Maia and leaves.

Livin was still confused…… Maia’s smile is only thanks to the cold ale.

「Nothing is wrong, Mother」

I had to scratch my head as Maia tilted her head with a smile plastered on her face.

As I finished my meal and headed to my room, I heard Livin ask, 「Why don’t the two of you spend more time together?」.

I informed Maia that I would visit the guild in the morning.

I decided to take a shower and go to bed early.


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