The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 4 Chapter 6 Part 1

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Volume 4 Chapter 6 Part 1

She wore an incredulous expression.

I don’t blame her. Monsters’ carcasses were scattered everywhere at my feet, with me standing in the middle of them, covered in their blood, but unscathed. Anyone would be in her state after witnessing such devastation.

I had sensed she had returned during my battle.  I guess her strong sense of responsibility could not let her abandon me.

「……. Incredible. You have this much power……?」

I lodged the Buster Sword into the ground, as she muttered to herself, and stuffed the dead monsters into Dimensional Storage.

After a few minutes, the bodies of the monsters that were close to a hundred were gone except for their blood that had soaked into the ground.

「I can’t….. believe it….. 」

Her shock doubled as she watched the bodies of the monsters all disappear into my Dimensional Storage.


I finally paid attention to Liese after I had stored all the monsters away.

「Who, who the hell —– are you? 」

She was wary of me as she looked at me distraughtly.

「Hmm, what do you mean? This is what any A-rank adventurer can do……? 」

「I, I’ve seen A-ranked adventurers before, but they are not this strong……. 」

I guess that lie won’t fly now…… Job changing did make me far stronger than the other A-rankers in terms of skills and level.

At this point it might be that I can only be defeated by —- the Hero. But who knows.

His status must have some amazing skills of a Hero after all. After he got summoned, I think he said he was in the middle of a battle with a monster when he was transferred to this world. The Knight Commander, Al’s father, said to be the greatest knight in the Lunette Empire, was even bested by him.

I’m sure he’s been treated well and his level has risen even further.

I should reach a higher level, just in case I am ever to face him one day.

As I was thinking about this, I felt a light tap on my shoulder.

「Don’t worry about it…… I’ll be back, okay? 」

The trees and bushes rustled and swayed in the direction I was facing, and a monster peeked out from the shadows.

「Uh…… That…… 」

Liese’s eyes were filled with horror. She tried to back away, but tripped and landed on her bottom. She then started to shuffle back on the ground.

A seven-meter long Earth Dragon with a crocodile-like body and a dragon face showed itself in its entirety.

It must have been attracted by the thick scent of the orc’s blood.

It looked around for the carcasses of the orcs, however since I have stored them in Dimensional Storage, its gaze fell on me.

An Earth Dragon is classified as an A-rank monster, higher than the Orc General.

B-rank adventurers are no match for it.

Seven of these monstrosities arrived on queue as if summoned.

They could easily overrun the entire city with this number.

Luckily for me, this is an opportunity to haul in a ton of experience.

「We have to get out of here…… 」

She tried to stand up, but Liese, petrified, could not.

「You can wait there. I’ll be done in a minute 」

I assured her and turned to meet the Earth Dragons head on. I unstuck the Buster Sword from the ground and lifted it to my shoulder.

「With this much experience. I might even get a new Job 」

I reapplied Body-Enhancement Boost, zipped to the side of an Earth Dragon, and brought down my sword on its neck with great force. With a clean cut, its head fell off.

Now, I just have to repeat this process another seven times.

In no more than a few minutes, I had eight headless bodies of Earth Dragons.

I immediately put them into Dimensional Storage and let out a breath.

「Okay, that’s enough for today. The smell of blood might attract more monsters, so let’s move away from this place 」

I also placed the Buster Sword in Dimensional Storage, and helped Liese to get up.

But her legs gave out beneath her and she fell into my arms.

「…… I’m sorry, I feel too weak to walk……. 」

I smiled at the apologetic Liese.  After a witnessing a fight like this, I suppose it’s natural to get like this. I remember how Char and Al looked at me in disbelief the first time they saw me fight.

「Okay, I’ll carry you 」

My left hand curled behind her knee and my right hand supported her back as I carried her —– in a princess hug fashion.

I went back the way we came in, while checking the monsters around me with Search.

Liese placed her arms around my neck, but her face was looking down the whole time. I can’t even tell what her expression is, but her ears look flushed.

We still have a long way to go before we reach the entrance of the forest, so I suggest to Liese that we take a break. The reason I suggested we take a break was because Liese’s stomach was growling.

I put her down, and she nodded shyly and blushed. I took out a table and chairs from Dimensional Storage and set them in the open area.

I also took out a loaf of bread and a skillet of soup from the market, scooped them into a bowl, and laid them out on the table.

「Let’s eat 」

I sat down to eat with Liese.

She stared blankly at the assortment of food on the table, but she couldn’t overcome her hunger and ate it with gusto.

When we finished eating and I had offered her a cup of tea, she seemed more relaxed than before.

「I’ve never thought I’d be able to enjoy a meal like this while on this mission…… The tea is so delicious. It’s even better than the one at home……. 」

The tea I just served is high quality after all, from the Capital. As we were relaxing, I asked her a question.

「Can I ask you something? Do you get monsters like this a lot here? 」

It’s incredible that Arkland hasn’t been decimated yet, with A-rank Earth Dragons and B-rank Orc Generals running around.

「No, not at all…….. The strongest monsters I’ve heard of so far are the orcs, and they are all D-rank or lower. I have never seen monsters like those before 」

It is said that the monsters in a dungeon are proportional to the rank of the boss that protects its core. No demon is stronger than the dungeon boss.

This means that this dungeon’s core is protected by a monster of at least A-rank.

There is even a possibility that an S-ranked monster is guarding the core. A lone city can’t defend itself from a disaster-rank monster.

There’s also something curious about the location of the dungeon on the map.

「We need to go back to the guild and report this. We may need to call Imperial Capital for support 」

「Yes……. I agree. I think that is the only way we can protect the city 」

I drank the remaining tea and stood up from the table.


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