The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 4 Chapter 6 Part 2

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Volume 4 Chapter 6 Part 2

「Let’s go. I think everyone is starting to worry about us」

「I bet…… But to be honest, I think by now they have given up on us being alive. I’m sure none of them think we made it」

We made our way towards the entrance of the forest after I had stored away the table and chairs.

It took us about an hour to get through the forest, but Gilt and the group were not waiting for us. They must have gone back to town to report to the guild.

Along the way to the city, we had a light conversation.

「How are you so strong, Touya? You are a Recovery Priest, right? I thought you had joined a party somewhere and got an A-rank like that」

Liese asked me questions as she walked beside me. She, like everyone, had the image of a Recovery Priest being a rear guard of the party and only offering support and healing to the members. They are not known to wield a weapon.

「No, I have been pretty much alone ever since I registered as an adventurer. I have teamed up on occasion with another party for an escort mission, but I’ve always been on my own when it comes to battles」

I have fought alongside Char, Al, and Natalie, but I can’t mention that. They are regarded as the Imperial Princess, the Kingguard, and even the Sage of Twilight after all.

「……. I don’t understand how that is possible……. But you are impressively strong…….」

The questioning Liese, who looked to be thinking hard on the subject, stopped when she saw the city gates.

We showed our guild cards and went straight to the guild.

When the two of us opened the guild door and entered, the bustling hall suddenly went silent.

The hall’s attention was on us.

「What’s going on ……? 」

「I don’t know, either」

At that moment when we were puzzled as to what was going on, the cheers of the adventurers sprang up.

「「「「「Yeahhhh—-! 」」」」」

「They’re back! They’re both safe! 」

「I can’t believe it. They got out of a horde of monsters unharmed! 」

「I’m glad Liese is still here……. She is still here……」

「The town’s idol princess has returned! 」

Maia, who was in the middle of her reception work, dropped the documents in her hands, jumped over the counter and suddenly hugged me.

「To- Touyaaaaa! You’re alive. I’m so happy you’re back safely. 」

I couldn’t help but chuckle as Maia buried her face in my chest and squealed. I caught Liese’s cold gaze next to me.

「Mhmmm, I see? 」

「It’s……. Not what you think. Hey Maia, can we meet the guild master? 」

She pulled her face from my chest, looked up at me and nodded.

「Yes, of course. He should be in the reception room right now with the rest of Liese’s party. Follow me」

Maia led me and Liese to the reception room.

Even though we were in the hallway, we could hear angry voices coming from the reception room.

Maia knocked, and when she opened the door, we found Gilt up in Blythe’s face.

「We can’t handle the monsters in that forest alone anymore! We only made it out because Liese and Touya sacrificed themselves for us! We need to call in the soldiers! You’re the guild master, so call the damn lord! 」

「Even if you say so…… The current lord is…… Maia? What happened……?」

Blythe’s mouth gaped and his eyes were wide open when he saw us behind Maia.

The same goes for Gilt and everyone. They were all dumbstruck.

「I am relieved you’re both safe. See, Gilt?」

「Liese! You are alive! 」

Myra hugged Liese tightly. Liese slowly and gently stroked the head of the bowling Myra.

「It’s thanks to Touya that I’m alive. Thank you Myra, for listening to me……」

「I knew you would come back. …… 」

Liese and Myra hugged passionately and then they both took their seats. I also took an empty seat.

「What’s the state of the forest, Touya-dono? 」

Blythe was obviously more concerned about this.

「It’s worse than expected. The forest is overrun with monsters. The dungeon might be close to flooding at any moment 」

「Do you think the city’s adventurers and guards can handle it? 」

It’s impossible to say for sure. I’ve heard that Liese and her party are the best adventurers in the city, but even they are not good enough. With just one Earth Dragon they will be done for.

I shook my head.

「We encountered a pack of orcs being led by Orc Generals. Not only that, but we also came face to face with Earth Dragons…… I honestly don’t think the city will be safe if they attack 」


「I did not think there were those kinds of monsters……」

Everyone’s face turned pale, and Blythe looked as if he had swallowed something bitter.

「I think we need to contact the guild headquarters in the Capital as soon as possible and request the Lord of this city have the Imperial Capital send soldiers」

I think this is the right answer. They can’t hope to protect the city without going to this extreme. There’s only so much they can do on their own.

Blythe nodded his head, after he had silently listened to me.

「I understand. I’ll send a message to the Imperial Capital right away. And I’ll request a meeting with the Lord immediately 」

It would be faster if I went to him as a noble, but I have hid my true identity up to this point— I’ll use my noble status if the Lord is too unreceptive on the matter.

「I’ve heard that the lord of this city has recently been replaced, what do you think about him? 」

「…… He’s still a young lord. I don’t know how he’ll decide to handle this. Just …… no, take it easy today and get some rest. It would be great if you could show up again tomorrow afternoon 」

That’s all Blythe said to my question.

We left the reception room and our group gathered around a table in the tavern attached to the hall.

I would have liked to make a toast to their safety, but the information I had given them had left them shaken. Any ordinary adventurer would be in despair at the mention of an Earth Dragon.

We ordered ale and it was brought to us in matching mugs.

「…… Touya, is it true …… that there is an Earth Dragon? 」

Gilt asked me a question after he had taken a gulp of the ale.

All of their eyes were on me.

「Yeah, there were eight of them. There might be even more near the dungeon. …… 」

「If one of those things comes for the city…… 」

「The city will be destroyed if nothing is done about this situation. Definitely …… 」

After talking a little about our plans following this, we split up, but I was worried about Liese, who was silent the whole time.

I went back to the inn, rolled into bed, and thought about what I should do from now on. There was nothing they could do with their current strength. I think I can manage with Char, Al, and Natalie, but it will be impossible for them to leave the Imperial Capital right now and come to this city.

The comfortable softness of the bed made me feel sleepy. I fell asleep with tomorrow’s meeting at the guild on my mind.


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