The Strongest Wizard FINAL Volume Chapter 407

Chapter 1 of 6!

I actually started translating a real manga LN recently, so I’ve been busy with all the minutiae of it all. I’m trying to get this final volume posted and complete! I’ll change the ToC as well soon when I have time.

Next chapter here!

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I've done over 250 manga volumes on Comixology, around 10 movies, and about 20 years of tech translation. I'm doing this to get better at literary translation.


  1. Am I Un-Dead Yet?

    Which one did you pick up? Or not ready to announce?

  2. When it is released I will let you know. I’ve only finished the first volume out of three, so when number three is published (maybe around summer), you’ll know. There’s a very strong wizard just like this WN.

  3. Thanks for the treat.

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