The Strongest Wizard Vol 1 Chapter 5

Chapter Count 5 out of 5.

Ranzan here. I’d like to finish this week off with a long joke.
In Mulg, there’s actually a flower store owned by a girl named Laura. She’s cared for it for a while, and the only problem is that she always has a lecherous friar that comes by constantly and stares at her. All day, he’s trying to hit her up – this short, ugly, perverted friar. She decided to recruit some security to deal with him. She goes through man after man, and finally finds this buff fellow by the name of Hugh that scares the living daylights out the friar, and the friar is never seen again.

Well, Laura is quite taken by this handsome man, and asks him what his secret is, since so many other men were not able to scare the friar away.

He grabs her by the waist, looks her in the eyes, and says, “Only Hugh Can Stop Florist Friars.”

Kind of an American-centric joke, so if you don’t get it, I’ll tell you what it means next week.

Alfred finally makes it to Mulg!


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  1. Ouch… Smokey the Bear has approved joke…

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