The Strongest Wizard Vol 3 Chapter 81

Chapter 1 out of 5

Hey everyone, I’ve been selling fireworks all week and will this week too.

July 4th, Independence Day is approaching. As a former resident of Japan, it’s kind of strange that Americans only shoot fireworks one day, because Japanese do it all summer long.

On the other hand, on Independence Day in America, people shoot their guns off too…and that’s something you CAN’T do in Japan.

Well, we’re in the Third Volume, so forgive the second Volume cover for a bit.

The next chapter is HERE!

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  1. Am I UnDead Yet?

    Canada day today too.

  2. As the Pakistani Apu clone in an old episode of the Simpsons once said, “Celebrate the birth of your country, by blowing off a small piece of it”

  3. in the state I live it’s actually illegal to fire off your gun like that….not that that stops anyone…..

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