The Strongest Wizard Vol 3 Chapter 82

Chapter 2 of 5!

Right now, I’m selling fireworks.

Different states have different rules about them. If you have even a sparkler in New Jersey, you could get arrested.

Where I live though…oh, baby.

We have fireworks that we can sell to anyone that have 1kg of explosives in them and last minutes. It’s quite amazing when I sell a crapload to people and they come back the next year and want the same thing and for me to sell it to them.

My favorite firework? It’s a small, $1.40 one called Doggie Doo Doo. It’s a little paper dog with a snake unit you put on the ground, light, and it shoots a flame from its butt and then poops for 30 seconds.

It reminds me of Femm sometimes. REMEMBER OUR SALES CARNIVAL IS GOING ON! Support us because we don’t make you pay like “other sites.”

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  1. I believe that they made sparklers legal in NJ in the past 5 years. I even saw them at Costco the other day. A lot of people are still afraid to use them though.

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