The Strongest Wizard Volume 5 Chapter 264

Chapter 3 of 3:

I will say that being a teacher during this time is wonderful. I venture into my school once a week, toss some assignments to my kids online, and then spend the rest of the week translating Japanese folk tales, learning how to podcast, and doing other things. This series is getting really funny where I’m at (several dozens of chapters ahead), so you can contribute if you want me to hyperpost more. I really appreciate you readers out there, as this doesn’t have the sex and violence of some of the other stories, but it rolls along consistently and you come to really like the characters. I think they all kind of have a voice in my head now…weird.

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@ranzantranslat1 on twitter. I've done over 250 manga volumes on Comixology, around 10 movies, and about 20 years of tech translation. I'm doing this to get better at literary translation.


  1. I appreciate you translating this as it is a great story so far.

  2. Error?
    Then she handed a cup of water too. -> Then she handed me a cup of water too.

    Thanks and stay safe.

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