Chapter 10


Translator: r4nz4n

Chapter 10 – Wild Pork…in Other Words, Boar Meat

I got help from Femm and the pack in bringing meat and tusks back to the village.

The chief almost fell over after seeing the massive boar tusks.

The villagers were enthralled by all the meat that arrived…even Millet said her usual 「Wowww」over and over.

Femm nonchalantly shrunk to its unimposing size and walked with me into the village.

「Furry doggy!!」

Femm was very popular with the village children.

After distributing meat to all the homes there, Millet asked me to visit her home.

「How is Collette?」

「She’s fine, now. But she shouldn’t be sleeping this long…」

「Well, no need to wake her now. You don’t want her to get ill again, right?」


Femm walked in and placed its snout on Collett’s bed. Collette woke up.

Femm did it almost as if to say, 「Go ahead and pet me, okay?」.

「It’s so CUTE!」

Collett was suddenly awake and rubbing Femm’s fur – Femm looked pleased.

While she petted Femm, she said,

「Sthanksth, old man.」

「No, I mean, don’t worry about it.」

She was a bit bashful in thanking me.

「Old man?」

「What is it?」

Collette got up a bit and kissed my cheek.


「Thank you.」

Femm stared at me with a bit of a jealous grudge, but I didn’t care.

「Old man, what do you sthink about my sthister?」

「You mean Millet?」I looked around to make sure Millet was somewhere else.


「Well, I don’t really know what to say…」

There was no way to respond honestly.

「My sthister can cook, and sthe’s very kind. After our father died, sthe became an apothecary and helped to cure me.」


「Sthe’s very sthkillful with her handsth and stho on. There are a lot of guysth that want to make her their wife.」

「She sounds very popular.」

「Old man, do you like her?」


I didn’t dislike her, but I wasn’t really thinking of her in that way.

However, the girl was certainly at the age.

「I know that my sthister likesth you. Thatsth why you sthould make her your wife.」


「You don’t have to do it now, but just sthink about it!」

「Yeah, sure.」

「And, you gotta keep thisth conversthation a sthecret!」

There’s no way I was going to tell Millet.

「Yeah, you got it.」

「What are you two talking about?」

Millet came back out of the kitchen with some handmade sweets.


「What? Now I’m really curious.」

The two sisters smiled at each other.

We stayed and ate at Millet’s all the way until dinner.

The boar meat was hard but still delicious.

At the dinner table, Collette asked,

「Old man, wasth sthe boar a big one?」

「Yeah, extremely big.」

「How big, like a cow…big?」

「No, waaaay bigger. Maybe half the size of this house.」

「Whaaa? Wowwwww!」

Collette had a happy and surprised face.

「With a boar that big, you’d sthink sthey’d get an army to come here.」

Millet shook her head.

「Around here there’s always been a lot of boars and wolves…」

「That reminds me, the quest form said that both would be around here.」

「Yes, but I never heard there was a boar THAT big.」

「I see. But you did say that the boars had grown so much that they were eating up all the magical herbs, right?」

「Well, compared to normal years here, there were a lot, and their bodies were much bigger than usual.」


『No worries now. Since Al killed the biggest one, the rest of the smaller ones left over will be hunted so much that they’ll be no more bother to humans!』

Femm wagged his tail with pride.

「Wowww, Femm…」

Collette scratched the top of Femm’s head.

Currently, however, there were no more magic wolves or boars threatening the village.

I planned on hitting the hot springs and start relaxing tomorrow.

But even while I thought about tomorrow, the fact that one boar could get so big was unsettling to me.



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