Chapter 102


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Chapter 102 – Vi-Vi’s Vexation

We were able to get safely back to the gate with the injured adventurers in tow.

As we were on the way back, we asked the adventurers what had happened.

Even though I had a wolf mask on, they didn’t seemed scared. Or maybe they were so injured they didn’t care.

Or…they had already seen Vi-Vi’s cow mask and were used to it.

「Are you okay?」

「Yeah…thanks to you…I think…」

The adventurer’s wounds were covered with salve and wrapped.

Vi-Vi probably tended to them while Luka was fighting. She probably had given them potions too.

We couldn’t go back slowly, but I think none of them would die.

「How did you come to encounter those two dragons?」

「Our quest took too long to finish, and we were out camping…when…」

「I see. That’s some dangerous enemy.」

While we conversed, we approached the capital gates. The soldiers came out when they saw us.

Then they called out to Luka in a shout.

「Viscount Langow! Stop there!」

「We have injured! Help us inside!」

「…I see…you over there!」

The guard took one look at the injured and directed lower ranked soldiers to help.

He must have seen how badly they were hurt.

As the soldiers picked up the injured, they groaned,

「Thank you so much…we’re in your debt…」

「Don’t worry about it. Adventurers help each other.」

「Thank you…again…」

They thanked us over and over.

The soldiers grabbed the heavy injured adventurers and took them inside of the gates.

They probably would take them to a church where a healer would attend to them.

「And what shall you do Viscount Langow? You may enter if you wish.」

「I don’t need to now. We haven’t taken care of an issue out here.」

「Understood. Well, please take care.」


And so Luka and the rest of us returned to the high road.

Luka followed, saying,.

「We need to get back after the forest hermit.」

「I think she’s already gotten away.」

「Even so…we need to.」

Luka said as she ran with us.

We arrived at the dead unicorns and smaller beasts, and passed them by.

As we ran, Vi-Vi said,

「I want to pick up the battle spoils…」

『Are we going back for them, Luka?』

「No, we need to keep chasing the forest hermit.」


It was disappointing that we still couldn’t get the spoils leftover from the battle. WE had to hurry.

We quickly arrived back at where the great dragons were located.

「Femm, Moofy, can you pick up a scent?」


Femm and Moofy went back to sniffing out a trail.

Shiggy stuck its head out and looked around.

『Too many scents and there’s a river here too…I can’t follow it.』


「I see. Oh well.」

The smells of all the adventurers, the zombie dragons, and all of our party were mixed together.

In addition, the river cleaned away the scent.

The forest hermit probably crossed the river too. If so, there was no way to pick up the scent again.

「I guess we have to look around once it gets light outside again.」


Luka looked sad.

I, on the other hand, got off of Femm and started taking the spoils from the two dragons.

As I did, I said to Luka,

「Right along this path behind the forest hermit, dragons just happen to emerge…a bit strange.」



Luka began to cut the dragon up.

On the other hand, Vi-Vi silently sat there, looking up at the sky.

「Vi-Vi, are you okay?」

「…sure I am!」

It was quite obvious something was not okay.

She was probably wondering why her sister was involved with all these zombie monsters.

I understood what she must be thinking though.


Shiggy flew from my pocket and right next to Vi-Vi.

「What is it?」

「ryaa ryaaa」

Shiggy rubbed its head up on Vi-Vi’s cheek, maybe to encourage her.

Seeing this, Vi-Vi smiled a bit.

「Heh heh, thanks.」


After we finished with the spoils, we returned to the capital.

We also burned the bodies up.

There was nothing good about leaving dead bodies behind.

Other monsters would gather to consume the dead and the rotten flesh would spread disease.

That’s why it was important manners to burn up anything you had killed.

We arrived at the capital and the soldier came out again.

Luka showed her card once more.

「Sorry about showing up again and again tonight.」

「No need to be, it’s my job.」

The soldier then gave us permission to go into the city. Femm got smaller and entered with us.

Straight ahead was Cruz’ mansion, and we entered the magic circle back to Mulg.

After getting back to Mulg, we saw Cruz waiting for us outside of my house.

She jumped on me in an embrace.


「Thanks for watching the village. Were you okay?」

「Sure I was!」

I looked around…I couldn’t just ignore a slew of dead monsters like she had left last time.

But there were none left behind.

「So…no attack.」


Well, that was a relief.

「Al! Did you see the forest hermit?!」

「She got away from us.」

「Oh…I see…」

「We’ll talk about what happened later.」


We all headed to the kitchen.

I wanted to talk about what happened to Yureena and Cruz.

However, Vi-Vi began speaking as she was thinking something over.

「I’m…a little tired. Let me take a nap.」

「Vi-Vi, we’re not totally sure it’s your sister yet. Stop being so anxious.」

「I know already.」

But she still had the same expression on her face.

She quietly meandered into the bedroom.

「Mooo mooo」

Moofy was worried and followed behind her.

I knew she was kind of feeling down. She must be worried.

Yureena watched Vi-Vi walk into my room and asked,

「Something wrong with her?」


Luka and I explained everything that happened.

「Yeah, well now I understand why Vi-Vi’s feeling that way.」

「I’m sure she’s really worrying over it.」


As we were chasing the forest hermit, great dragons just seemed to emerge at the right time to block our pursuit.

It was natural to think that she had zombified the dragons so she could command them against us.

For Vi-Vi, her sister was her teacher and…well, her sister. She obviously respected her sister quite a bit.

Since she now knows that her sister’s mixed up in evil magic, she must be shocked.

「Well, look for her again tomorrow.」

「Yeah, I’ll help.」

I said, and Luka agreed to go with me.

Yureena then said with a sad face,

「I want to go, but I have a church business to do tomorrow.」

「No choice in that. You have people to heal.」

Then Cruz stuck out her small chest proudly and said,

「I’ve got tomorrow off, so I’ll watch the town with Vi-Vi!」

「Thanks…sorry for asking you to do so on your day off.」

「Don’t worry about it!」

So Luka and I would head out tomorrow to look around.



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