Chapter 105


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Chapter 105 – The Sisters Meet Again

I introduced the now-settled-down forest hermit Vallimie to Luka. I introduced her to both Shiggy and Femm.

Vallimie nodded in acknowledgment of all of them.

Then I asked Vallimie myself,

「Why are you out here?」

「Well, uh…first, I want you to let my honey Rai free, okay?」


And with that, she looked over at the lion. It seems the giant lion’s name was Rai.

I released the lion from my gravity magic.

「Sorry about that.」

With the gravity magic gone, the lion slowly stood again.

Then Vallimie walked over and stroked Rai’s fur.

「Rai, honey, are you okay? You’re not hurt, right?」


The giant lion nuzzled its nose into Vallimie. I guess they were very close.

Seeing this, Luka said,

「I don’t mind us talking and all, but could we do so somewhere else?」


Vallimie heard Femm’s voice and jumped. She then looked down at her groin.

I pretended not to notice.

「My great zombie corpses! They do stink up the place. Anyway, maybe we should burn the corpses completely before we move on.」

She spoke about the smell too, and seemed a little bit more relaxed than before.

But then she seemed to speak again in a rattled voice,

「Wait a second. This was the trap I was trying to use to catch the zombie-maker, honey.」


「Yeah! Great dragons a precious! You think someone who loves making zombies is just going to give up on some dead zombies?!」

Vallimie said proudly. It was a pretty good plan.

Luka and I looked at each other…it was hard to tell Vallimie this, but we had to.

「…if you kill off a zombie…you can’t re-zombie them…」

「What? …I see…」

Vallimie looked shocked.

She was a great magician, but even she didn’t know much about zombies.

Zombies and other necromancy were forbidden.

I had to know about them because I had to fight them as an adventurer. It wasn’t surprising that a magician that wasn’t an adventurer wouldn’t know though.

「Did you defeat these great dragons, Vallimie?」

「No, not just me. I had Rai’s help.」


「Right?! Rai’s really tough.」

Vallimie said proudly.

Rai was a lion that could shoot magical charges from its mouth.

Combined with Vallimie’s magic circles, they could kill even dragon zombies.

「If you wanted to catch the zombie maker, you could have just spoken to us and not have to fight.」

「You all are too strange for something like that…」

「Too strange?」

「Yeah! Some guy in a wolf mask riding a wolf…I thought you all were a new race or something.」

I had no response. She was pretty much right.

I bowed to Vallimie.

「Sorry…about all that.」

「No…I should apologize.」

「…I’m sorry for fighting you two and not talking…」


Luka and I apologized, and Vallimie apologized right back.

Femm even bowed to her beside us.


「ryaa ryaaaaaa」

I still had a lot to asked, and though I tried, Shiggy started crying out loudly.

Shiggy was clearly resisting something. I think it wanted out of here quickly because of the smell.

「Want to go?」

「Yeah, it stinks.」

『Hurry and burn the bodies.』

「ryaa ryaa」

Shiggy now flapped its wings.

I asked Vallimie,

「Vallimie, could you help me burn this?」

「Sure. Let me rearrange this magic circle.」

I had broken the magical cage, while Luka had broken through the paralysis magic.

I just wanted her help in using fire magic, but Vallimie felt like arranging a magic circle to do it.

「Can you rewrite a magic circle that quickly?」

「Usually it’s difficult. It’s something I can do though. I can easily clean up a circle a warrior’s destroyed. And it’s quite easy to change a paralysis circle over into a fire effect as well.」

She said proudly, and approached the circle.

Then she screamed,



「How did you break it like this? You broke the whole circle precisely from the center!」

「Heh heh…」

Hearing that, Luka blushed.

With Luka’s power, even though she had no magic, she could still break a circle like an expert.

「Why are you blushing!? Now it’s easier to just start over!」

「Then just let me use fire to burn it up. You help with the fire, Vallimie.」

「Hmmm…okay, I guess I will.」

Then I burned all the corpses of the dragons completely with a fire.

Vallimie seemed unused to battle magic like mine. She was more of a research magic type…like Vi-Vi.

As the bodies burned, Vallimie said to herself,

「And I thought I was good…」

She had worked really hard on that trap, I bet. So she was very disappointed.

I kind of felt sorry for her.

Luka kindly explained everything to Vallimie,

「Um, you know you have to burn these dead bodies up right away, right?」

「Are you sure?」

「Yes, they cause disease. If you leave them, the magic mice eat them and they reproduce like crazy.」

「Ah…I’m sorry…」


Vallimie seemed sorry for leaving them out here. Rai seemed a bit down about it too.

After I completed burning the bodies up, I asked Vi-Vi,

「Can Rai make itself smaller?」

「Of course it can!」

「Well, then we can go to the Capital, and back to Mulg.」

「Yeah, good idea. Vi-Vi’s probably worried.」

Vallimie heard Luka’s words and it was almost as if a shock went through her.


「Yeah, we do. She lives in Mulg.」

「Does she…」

「She was worried about you being the source for the zombies, so we need to make sure she knows it isn’t true.」

「Wow, that’s really bad of me…」

Vallimie seemed quite sorry for all this trouble.

We took Vallimie and Rai with us, and hurried back to Mulg.

Rai had become smaller, and now was just the size of the smaller Femm.

Rai, as a small lion, seemed much scarier than Femm, who just looked like a dog. I was hoping the citizens wouldn’t scare easily.

I looked worried, I’m sure, so Luka asked me,

「You think it’s okay to take Rai into the capital?」


「Why do you say that?!」

「Well, because Rai might scare people.」

「Rai’s registered with the guild so there shouldn’t be a problem right?!」

It was necessary to register any owned magic animal with the guild. And you couldn’t do so if your rank was lower than the beast’s suppression level.

I think that Rai was around a B-rank. Of course, when it was bigger, it would be closer to an A-rank.

「My adventurer rank is F-rank. But people treat me as an A-rank as the forest hermit.」

「I see…so if they recognize your strength as that much, they let you register it.」


Vallimie seemed quite proud about it. Rai also looked to be boasting.

And we got back to the capital safely.

When we entered, everyone was watching us. A wolf with a lion. A guy with a wolf mask.

But no one said a thing to us.

Maybe because everyone knew that Luka was in the top ranks of the guild.

As I thought this over, I said,

「All this because of Luka.」

「No, more because of Cruz.」

Luka said with a smile. Yeah, she’ probably right.

We entered Cruz’ mansion and then went back to Mulg.

Cruz was waiting for us outside the storage shock.

「That was fast! Welcome home!」

「We’re back. Where’s Vi-Vi?」

「In your house.」

Then Cruz noticed Vallimie.

「You look just like Vi-Vi…you’re her older sister? I’m glad you’re not a zombie!」

「Thanks for caring for Vi-Vi so much…」

Vallimie said politely.

「It’s no problem, Al takes care of me as well! What’s the name of this kitty? It’s so cute!」

Cruz stroke Rai’s fur.

「G… gr…」

Cruz was a little too quick to pet Rai, so Rai looked a bit lost.

Usually Rai would scare everyone.

We finished all introductions, including Rai, and went to the kitchen of my house.

It was the biggest place in the house, so it was the best to take people.

「Moo MOO!」


Vi-Vi came in, with Moofy pulling her in my the sleeve.

She looked a bit tired as she gazed up at Vallimie.

「Vi-Vi…it’s been a long time…have you been well?」


「Vi-Vi…what’s wrong?」


「Yeah, it’s me? Your sister.」

Vi-Vi froze. She then ran and clenched on to Vallimie.



「Stupid sister! I was worried!」

「Yeah, I’m very sorry, honey.」

Vallimie tenderly held on to Vi-Vi.

While Vi-Vi cried loudly, like a small child.



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