Chapter 107


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Chapter 107 – Conversations about the Demon Castle

Vi-Vi was the most excited about the new information.

Moofy and Rai also seemed interested.

「Great job, older sister!」「Moo Mooo」

「No need to compliment, at all!」「Gaww graaww」

「No, you really are awesome, sister! Even the guild and church couldn’t find out where the demon lives!」「Moo Moo!」

「You all are too much, I’m getting embarrassed…」「Graww Gaww」

Her sister complimented her so much that Vallimie began to blush.

Moofy then nuzzled up to Vallimie. Rai did the same to Vi-Vi.

While all this was happening, I thought the matter over seriously.

「Maybe after this demon attacked us here at Mulg for a while, it then got caught up with attacking Vallimie…」

「It’s possible.」

Luka said definitively. She seemed a bit sad about it.

Perhaps she was disappointed that the guild couldn’t find the information that Vallimie had found out so easily.

Then Yureena complimented her.

「Hey, there’s no way anyone in the guild could know…」

「Maybe, but still…」

The demon had sent all the dragons he had captured back to his abode. That was a painful mistake.

Dragons are strong and have a lot of magic, so it must have been hard for the demon to think that they’d be fitted with magic rings.

Even so, demons aren’t known for missing details like that.

Cruz must have thought so too…she looked confused as she asked,

「But a demon is an excellent magician, right? It would feel those rings easily…」

「Well, the demon was busy scraping together all those dragons. Because the demon needed so many, he failed to check each one closely and missed the rings. Maybe.」

「I see.」

Cruz seemed to understand.

But after hearing that, Yureena asked,

「Maybe this is all a trap?」

「Ah, you’re right…It might be one.」

Vallimie said with a worried look, and,


Vi-Vi, Moofy, and Rai all seemed to lose hope and agree.

Seeing this, I said,

「No, I think that’s a very low possibility.」

「You think?」

「If this was all fake info, then he would have no reason to attack Vallimie.」

「You’re right!」

「Good job, sis!」「Moo Moo!」「Gaww Grawl…」

「ryaa ryaa」

Everyone seemed to spring to life again.

Even Shiggy flapped its wings in glee.

All these beasts seemed to enjoy being with one another.

「We need to hurry and crush this guy where he lives.」


I agreed with Luka’s plan.

Yureena also nodded in assent.

「We need to do it quickly. Maybe even starting tomorrow.」


Cruz said with a nod.

However, I didn’t agree with them.

「No, let’s do it now.」

「But my sister’s tired…let’s rest.」

Vi-Vi said, but I told her the reason I said so,

「We don’t know how much information this demon has.」

「You think the demon will run if it finds out that Vallimie’s linked up with us?」


Luka understood exactly what I was thinking.


Vi-Vi said with a worried look, gazing at Vallimie. She probably was anxious about what would happen.

Vallimie spent last night in the tavern, then ran. Then she spent the whole night watching over the pile of dead dragons.

She spent a whole night in that noxiously disgusting area. On top of that, she fought with us…she must be tired.

「Vallimie, are you tired? We can do it tomorrow.」

「I’m fine! How about you, Rai?」


Vallimie looked ready to go…as did Rai.

「You can absolutely rest if you need it. We can also just hear where the place is, and leave you here, Vallimie…」

「Don’t worry about it!」


Vallimie pulled her worrying sister close and rubbed her hair.

「Thanks for worrying about me…but I’ll be okay.」


After thinking a bit, Vi-Vi said strongly,

「I’m going too!」


「…let’s go!」

Vallimie looked a bit upset about Vi-Vi going, but Vi-Vi was adamant.

Vi-Vi had worried about her sister. I think she had a reason to see the result of all this demon business.

「Okay, then let’s go, Vi-Vi.」


Vi-Vi nodded, satisfied.

Then Cruz said,

「I’m going too!」

「No, wait…」

It was a tough call. There was a low chance Mulg would be attacked.

However, I still felt that Cruz should protect the place.

「W…what? Can’t I go?」

「We need to protect Mulg though…」

「Stay here for us, Cruz.」

Luka said, and Cruz seemed to push back…her eyes tearing up.

「But I want to gooooooooooo!」

「ryaa ryaaa ryaaaaa!」

Just like a temper tantrum. Shiggy seemed to act the exact same.

I wish she’d stop…it makes her look like a spoiled brat.

Vi-Vi smiled at the whole scene.

「Heh heh, I knew she’d act like this.」

「Are you ready to go, Vi-Vi?」

「What? Did you think I was just lying around depressed today?」

「Yeah, pretty much.」

「Moofy and I went around the town and installed more to the defense circles around Mulg.」

「Huh? What more did you do?」

「We made the scale even larger…now we know if an enemy is at least 10 minutes away.」

「What beasts would it detect?」

「Things like wyverns…」

And a wyvern is a pretty fast beast. If it could detect a wyvern from 10 minutes away, that was quite a big deal.

「Still, even with 10 minutes I’m still worried…it’s too short a time to run all the way back here.」

「Well, then I’ll stay.」

「Luka, are you sure?」

「Yeah, I don’t think there needs to be a connection with the guild this time.」

This information hadn’t come from the guild after all.

That’s why it could be resolved without Luka having to go.

「Okay, Luka…then please.」

「Leave the village to me.」

「Luka, thanks!」

Cruz thanked her with a now-happy face.

Leaving Luka behind, we now all went to the capital.



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