Chapter 109


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Chapter 109 – Driving out a Demon

The demon was all ready to fight.

He looked very much like a human…well except he was two times bigger.

「I don’t know what means you used, but to see that a HUMAN had destroyed my castle made from magic…」

「What means? Just a little magic.」

「You lie. As if you could destroy it. No matter…your actions are quite a grievous sin, and the rewards will be death.」

He said in a low, rolling voice, and walked towards us.

Many people mistake demons for humans. However, when they’re fighting…there’s no doubt as to what they are.

「Al, the demon…let’s get him.」

「No, wait.」


Cruz was ready to slice this guy up. She had her holy sword out, unsheathed.

Vi-Vi then whispered to me, calmly.

「He’s bigger than the last one.」

「The bigger the demon, the stronger.」

「I see.」

The previous demon at my house in Mulg was a little larger than human size.

This fellow was two times the size of a human, probably the strongest I’ve seen for a demon.

「So, are you the demon that took the egg from the arch-duke of the ancient dragons?」


The demon then looked down at Shiggy, who was in a pocket on my chest.

「So there’s the dragon child that was hidden from me. If you don’t give it over, you won’t live.」

「Hah, you don’t know who you’re dealing with.」

It seems this was the guy.

He didn’t have the strength to tell me what to do. Would just be better to kick his ass now.

I said to Cruz,

「Cruz, we have to question him, so don’t kill him, okay?」


It was all in an instant. Cruz leapt at him like a bolt of lightning.

She slashed out with her holy blade and the demon’s right arm flew.

If I had told her to kill him, his head would have flown instead.


His right arm gone, and with something like blood spurting out, the demon screamed.

So I asked him with a laugh,

「Still want to fight?」

「You bastards…I’ll kill you!」

「And if you don’t…what then?」


A huge crowd of zombie great dragons emerged from under the castle.

They numbered about 50.

「A lot!」

「What’ll we do now?」

Vi-Vi and Vallimie both sounded scared.

Hearing this, the demon laughed at us.

「I was going to destroy the capital with these, but now I’ll destroy YOU!」

Then stone nagas, basilisks, hydras…they all emerged. Another 50 in all.

Around 100 of the top ranked monsters surrounded us.

「Moo moo!」「Garrrrl!」


Moofy and Rai both said loudly. They probably thought this was our last stand.

At the same time Moofy and Rai grew to their hill-sized masses.

Shiggy shouted from my pocket out at the monsters, bravely.

「Are these all the zombies he has?」

『Yes…seems like all by the smell.』

「I see…what a nuisance.」

Zombies had high resistance, never got scared, and never felt pain.

They were the perfect fighting beasts.

Just then, Yureena jumped from Moofy and shouted at me.

「What? You say they’re a nuisance as if you actually believe it.」

「No…I do.」

「Well, I’ll heal you if you get hurt. Just do this however you’d like.」


So I said to all of them,

「Cruz, take the demon, Vallimie, Vi-Vi, Moofy, and Rai, take the other weaklings.」

「Roger!」「Leave it to me.」「Got it!」


For some reason, the loudest of them all was Shiggy.

Then Moofy and the rest ran towards the monsters.

Moofy stomped and gored the zombies left and right. Rai shot down the flying enemies with his magic charges.

Chuz cut through everything else to get at the demon.

『Cover your ears!』

Femm said in spirit speech. Vi-Vi and Vallimie quickly covered their ears.

Seeing this, Femm let out a deafening roar.



The heavenly wolf howled with a voice full of magic fear. Shiggy then howled along.

The dragons flying nearby all fell to the earth.

I saw the basilisks and hydra near me spew blood from their mouths.

「…wow, what an effect.」



「ryaa ryaa」

I was surprised…Femm was shocked a bit as well. Femm made the sound of a surprised dog in spirit speech.

Cruz stabbed through the zombies while complimenting Femm.

Shiggy cried happily as well.

「Hey! Vi-Vi, wake up!」


Yureena was trying to wake up Vi-Vi, who had fallen from Moofy.

Vallimie had fallen from Rai as well. However, Rai had grabbed her by the mouth before she hit the ground.

Good lion. Excellent reaction time.

The demon was stepping back in surprise, as half of his zombie army was vanquished.

「No way…what is happening?!」

「Nowhere to run! You can beg if you want!」

「Absurd! You will all die!」

Even with a demon’s arm cut off of his body, it’s almost impossible to break his fury.

I could feel his hostility again rage against us.

「I think we’ve already won, but…」

I said, and the instant I hit him with a magical pulse,

The demon made a crackling sound while changing shape.

His skin began to shimmer with gold, or almost the color of mithril.

His shape got twice as large than he already was. In other words, four times a man’s size.

He sprung wings, changing to a shape almost unhuman.

And of course, I was surprised.

「…no way.」

「You said the bigger they are, the stronger they are, right?」

Cruz asked, excitedly. Nothing you could do about the girl, she just loved to fight.

「Hey, just kill him however you want.」

「Thank you, AL!」

Cruz smiled and leapt at him.

I love to fight as well…but at this age, you have to hold back sometimes.

「Moo moo MOOOOO!」「Gawlll graawww GRAWWWWLLLL!」

Moofy and Rai set to the remaining zombies.

Vi-Vi and Vallimie had awakened and were both shooting magic too. The battlefield was filled with raining fire.

Cruz ignored the zombies and shot straight at the demon. Like a lightning bolt.


「Whoa! This guy knocked back my holy sword! That sucks!」

「You want me to take care of him?」

「I’m okay!」

Even though she said so, she still was smiling.

The demon was fast. He knocked away all her attacks at first.

I killed off all the zombies near her with fire. That way Cruz could focus completely on the demon.

「This guy is FAST!」

『And hard…I bet I’d break a fang on him!』

「Yeah, at least he knocked away the holy blade once.」

I said to Femm, as I continued killing off the demon’s underlings.

Cruz kept slashing away at the demon…lucky girl.


Cruz dodged one of his attacks. Where she had just stood was covered in a pillar of fire.

The demon wasn’t just fast. He could also cast quickly. And he was powerful.


Shiggy cried as it looked at the demon.

I bet it knew that this demon had stolen it as an egg and killed its parent.

There’s no way he was weak.

『Al, which of you is stronger?』

「One against one? I would win a battle of magic.」

『Yeah, so what about a physical battle.』

「I think I’d win that too.」

I’d win if completely health, but my damn leg hurt…and that would affect things.

But riding Femm, I would win.

「He’s as fast as Cruz, and has as much magical power as me, though.」

Cruz was getting flustered that she couldn’t cut him down. The demon started shooting magic around.

Vi-Vi and her sister were shooting magic too.

And he dodged all of it.

He flew at Cruz and exchanged blows with her.

He was stronger than I had imagined.

If I left them alone, Cruz would eventually win. However, she would get tired soon, so I didn’t want to waste time.

「Cruz, no more games. I’m going to join.」


She was a bit disappointed, but I ignored her. Vi-Vi and the others had been hurt a bit, so now it was time.

I shot several magical spears at the demon. The first one was the strongest ones I had.

The demon put up a magic field instantly, but it was easily broken, and they slashed through his torso.

However, he showed no sign of pain. I wondered how tough he was.

Cruz was ecstatic.

「My holy sword doesn’t pierce him, but you do, wow, Al!!」

「Cruz, give it your all! I’m going to kill him first if you don’t.」

「No, I will! I can’t hit him without really pushing myself, but he doesn’t give me much opportunity.」

She’s fighting while talking, but can’t cut him? No way.

However, if she says there’s little opportunity, then I guess it’s the magician’s job to make the opportunity.

I lowered the gravity under the feet of the demon as he attacked Cruz. I could see he was losing his balance.

That was enough for Cruz.

In the next instant, the demon was cut straight in half…down the middle.

Seeing that, Yureena screamed,

「AHHHH! I told you not to kill him so we can question him!!」


Cruz looked a bit embarrassed…she forgot her strength again.

I know how Cruz felt, so there’s no way I could blame her.

That’s why I said softly to her,

「Hey, no worries…happens all the time.」


And after that, we took care of the remaining zombies.

Yureena then dismounted from Moofy and came over to me.

「Cruz, you do this all the time!」

「Heh heh heh…」

「Well, maybe we can learn something from his dead body, so search…what the?!」

The corpse…well, what we thought was the corpse suddenly moved with a jerk.

Then, the split body got up, rebonded, and started running away at unreal speed.

「No escape for you!」

I used gravity to crush the body to the ground and then cast a magic net.

「No surprises and no escapes.」

「How much vitality does this demon have?!」

Yureena looked quite shaken by this demon’s life force.

Vi-Vi said to us from atop Moofy, in a cautious voice,

「Uh…it’s over, right?」

「Yeah, for now.」

This long battle with the demon was finally over.



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