Chapter 11


Translator: Ranzan

Chapter 11 – A Normal Devil Who Thinks She’s a Sub-Boss of the Demon Lord

The next day, I returned to my usual job as guard.

I just sat on a chair at the door of the gate. The warm wind was pleasant.



「Aren’t you going back home?」

『All of my pack are grown enough. Without that massive boar they can do what they want.』

「Is that so?」


Then I suddenly realized something and asked,

「When did that huge boar settle around here?」

『Sometime around spring. My father died in winter, so right after that. I heard that the magic boar king was a normal size until then.』

「So you’re the newbie magical wolf king?」


As I said that, I thought of something else.

That this massive magical boar had gorged itself secretly in this countryside without anyone knowing.

But that seems incorrect.

It is now summer. If that giant magical boar was like this in spring but wasn’t in the winter…that meant it didn’t grow naturally.

If it had just arrived here from somewhere else, it was still an unbelievably massive boar. There’s no way there wouldn’t be rumors about it.

「Maybe there was a magical growth spell or curse that made it huge?」


Femm cocked its head at me talking to myself.

That night. I was trying to sleep and Femm jumped in and started licking my face all over.

「Femm! Cut it out!」

『No time to sleep! Something is approaching!!』


I jumped up.

I couldn’t sense anyone approaching. No…I noticed that my perception was slowly sensing it now.

Femm’s perception must be far superior to mine.

「Who or what could it be?」

I couldn’t feel hostility. But in that deep night, there was a strange perception of something approaching nearby.

I left my bungalow and checked outside from the gate.

Then, soon, I began to see a short girl with horns walking with a dignified gait in the shadows.

Femm was frightened and whined with a 「Woo woooo!」

「It is you, you old bastard!? Alfred!」

「W…who are you?!」

The girl seemed to know me, but I had no idea who she was.

「I shall never forgive a man who forgets me! A Sub-Boss of the Demon Lord! Vi-Vi!」

Yeah…sounds tough, but I still have no idea who she is.

「The Four Sub-Bosses…I thought I already killed all four…」

「Well…There were actually FIVE of us! HAH! Hah-Haaaah!」


It’s true that she was a devil girl of some sort..

…and probably just a regular devil that wants me to think she’s one of the Sub-Bosses of the Demon Lord.

No point in blowing off an annoying type like her. If I did, she’d get all pissed off that I didn’t believe her.

「So why is one of the Sub-Bosses here in a small village like Mulg?」

「Whyyy!? You bastard, are you trying to act innocent after all the mess you made?!」

Wow, sounds like she IS angry. I guess now I should find out why she’s so angry first.

「What, did I do something?」

「Do something! It’s not SOMETHING! You killed the boar that I had fed with my own hand! …you, you dirty swine!」

「So YOU’RE the culprit that GREW IT!」

I shouted without thinking. The mystery about the giant boar had suddenly been solved.

「Hey! I’m the one that should be angry here!」

「Shut up, you stupid…devil! Because of that massive boar of yours, these villagers have had a lot of problems! Time to reap what you sow!」

「Who gives a flip about human trouble! Alfred! I’m going to kill you now!」

Vi-Vi said, and began chanting a curse. Just like any devil would. I could feel a massive magical force being created.

However, she was stupid to begin a curse that took so long to chant.

「I’m going to feed you your teeth!」


I reared forward on my unhurt knee, and before she could finish the chant, shoved Vi-Vi in the face.

「W…why, you bastard! I thought you were a magician…」

Vi-Vi groaned, hands covering her face.

「Shut up! Of course I’m going to stop you from chanting! You don’t even care about all these people around here, so now I’m going to punch some sense into you!」

I reared back to punch her, and…


Vi-Vi suddenly looked frightened. I stopped as I kind of felt sorry for her. And in that instant I hesitated too long.


Out of fear, Vi-Vi let loose a fire attack without a chant.

As it was chant-less, it was small. It also had no aim so it just flew off randomly.


The small fireball flew into my bungalow as if it was sucked in.

The house began to burn.


I hastily struggled with water magic to put out the fire.


Femm bit into Vi-Vi’s leg..

「Owww, OWWWW!!!」

Femm didn’t let go even with Vi-Vi crying out. Femm pulled Vi-Vi down to the ground. Just like any magic beast would.

「You…Oww, owww, lemme goooo! Let me GOOOO!」

「Do you apologize?」

「I do, I DOOOO!」

「Femm, let her go.」


Femm quickly released her.

Since she was sorry, I bound Vi-Vi from using magic and we all entered my bungalow.

All of the villagers were awoken and rushed out, but I told them that I would explain everything tomorrow.



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