Chapter 111


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Chapter 111 – Final Measures

We ran back to the capital as quickly as we could.

「gyaa gyaa」「ryaa ryaa」

Doby cried out happily to the others.

Shiggy flapped its wings happily while it sat on my shoulder. Its wings flapped against my face, but I didn’t care..

「W…wait a second.」

「Hm? What is it?」

「What is it, nothing…we can’t just bring a great dragon into the capital with us!!」

She was certainly right.

Femm, Moofy, and Rai were all small and could go into the capital.

A great dragon, on the other hand, would cause absolute chaos.


The great dragon looked confused. Cute in a way.

But no matter how cute you think something is…impossible is impossible.

Then, Vallimie said, after thinking a bit,

「Doby, you’re just going to have to wait here!」

Doby looked quite shocked (for a dragon). And a bit sad.

Vallimie spoke kindly to body, saying,

「Don’t worry. I’ll be back soon. Or we can have you fly back to Lindobal forest….」

「Yeah, that makes sense.」

Lindobal forest was far from here. It would take a human a while to walk, but flying would make it quick.

And Doby was a great dragon.

I noticed something and touched Doby.

「Doby needs magic detection done.」

「Magic detection?」

「Yeah. There’s a chance it was given parasites or forced to drink something to make the zombification process easier.」

「Oh no…」「gyaaauu」

Doby looked worried.

I searched through Doby’s body with magical detection. Vi-Vi helped me.

「Ah, it had parasites.」

「Inside of it.」

「Gya? Gyaau?」

If it had been in that demon’s place, it’s certain something was implanted inside of it. So of course it had parasites still in it.

Doby now looked terrified. I bet it was. Vallimie looked upset too.

「S…so what happens to Doby?!」

「We’ll get some poison antidote quickly. That will probably heal it.」

「Really? Then Doby, you definitely need to stay here!」

Any normal poison cure in the city would have a deworming effect included.

We left Doby and went to the city.

Vi-Vi and I replaced our masks on again. Seeing this, Vallimie asked in a worried voice,

「Should I be wearing one too?」

「A little late for that now.」


Yureena responded to Vallimie, and Vallimie actually looked a bit relieved.

She probably would be embarrassed wearing that mask.

And since we had the great Baron Cruz with us, we were allowed right through the gate.

We quickly followed Cruz into the nearest adventurer’s guild.

Since the operating hours had closed a while ago, the only person there was the night guard.

「Ah, Miss Cruz, what are you doing here in this hour?」

「We crushed the castle of some really strong demon. We need some guildmen to help clean up.」

「The castle?」

「Yeah, it was build close to the capital, and the guy was holding a few hundred monsters and was zombifying them.」


The guild night guard was lost for words.

If it was a normal adventurer talking to this guard, he’d have some random response, but this was the great Cruz.

Also, she had a magic bag with a still squirming yet split in half demon inside.

You had to believe her.

「Just wait a second, I’ll call the guild master!」

「Please do. We have to hand these two halves of a demon over to the ministry of justice.」

「Oh, sure.」

We headed over to the ministry. It was always open.

Cruz explained the situation and was quickly admitted in.

The section chief of the ministry received her himself…it was Cruz after all.

「This demon here was planning to raise a huge army of zombies and overthrow the capital.」

「…what happened?!」

「I cut him in two with my holy sword, but he’s still alive.」

I could hear the section chief gulp the spit down his throat. He was lost in amazement for an instant.

But he quickly returned to normal again. It was because he was an important man with an important job.

He quickly spewed off a list of various commands to an underling that was accompanying him.

The ministry had very good security. If you simply passed a criminal over to them, you could be sure that he would be held without escaping.

They were also good at getting information. They’d find out everything quickly.

From that, we went to call Luka from Mulg. We left defense of the town to Yureena and Moofy.

「Show me to the place.」

Luka said, with several guildsmen around her.

There were soldiers from the ministry as well, all headed to the destroyed castle.

As we arrived there, Luka’s jaw dropped.

「You blew another building away, huh?」

「Well, it looked strong, so I had to.」

Luka was used to me doing things like this and soon began searching around. However, the guildsmen and soldiers just looked around wide-eyed and in awe.

「Did magic blow this apart?」

「Nah, no way!」

「Yeah, but…」

I ignored all of them and went to give Doby the poison cure we bought in the city.

When the men saw Doby come out of the forest, they about peed themselves, but I ignored them.

「Doby, time to drink this poison antidote and you’ll probably be fine..」


Even though the cure probably tasted horrible, Doby quickly drank it down.

Shiggy was watching everything. I thought it was good to see another tough dragon like Doby.

I was hoping that Femm and Cruz, who hated medicine, would learn too.

「Now just rest a while.」


Doby then laid down. Vallimie walked over and petted Doby a bit.

From that, I explained to Luka the results of my search and handed her the samples I had stored away.

While I explained all this to the guildsmen and soldiers as well, the sun began to rise.

「Well, your explanation is pretty much done. Why don’t you and the others go back home, Cruz.」

「Got it! You won’t complain if I take tomorrow off?」

「Nope. See you!」

Luka said to Cruz’ obviously tired tone of voice. She was about to drop from lack of sleep.

It took all night, but we saved the capital from certain danger. We could all take a rest.

I searched Doby magically again before returning home.

Vi-Vi and Vallimie helped as well.

「Yeah, seems fine now.」

「I think it expelled the parasites from its body.」

「I can try another…type of magic, right?」

Vallimie made a magic circle and checked Doby again.

Doby was lucky, as he hadn’t been implanted with parasites that would turn him zombie.

Zombies were dead. Their meat would rot. It was good to get all those things out of him now before the process became too hard.

Vallimie treated Doby kindly. Rai also went up and licked the dragon.

Seeing this, Luka said,

「You’re only taking ONE dragon back with you?」

「Well, I can’t take a great dragon into the capital.」

「Yeah, but why not take it back to Mulg and feed it? It’s quite skinny.」

「Yeah, you should, Vallimie.」

「Can I?」

After hearing Luka and my suggestion, Luka seemed relieved.

She was worried about this dragon.

So we told Doby which direction to fly.

With a great dragon’s wings, it would get there in two days. Even so, Vallimie petted Doby with a worried look.

「Just be careful, okay? Take it slow. If you get tired, be sure to rest.」



Doby flew around us and then into the sky.

Vi-Vi watched with worried eyes.

「Get back to Mulg, okay?」

「It’s a great dragon. I’ve seen a lot of them lately so I don’t think much of it now, but most people think it’s the strongest type of monster. It’ll be okay.」


And so we returned to the capital and then back to Mulg.



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