Chapter 112


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Chapter 112 – The Conclusion of the Demon Affair

When we all arrived back at Mulg, Yureena and Moofy were patrolling the town.

Yureena was the same as us…no sleep. Even so, she kept guard.

Not only just watching for enemies but actively patrolling…it made me quite happy.

「You really are cute, Moofy!」

「Moo moo!」

Yureena petted Moofy back.

Moofy bent down into Yureena happily. She chewed on Yureena’s sleeve.

Yureena and Moofy seemed quite friendly now.

When the two saw we had come back, they ran out to us.


「We’re home!」

Yureena went over to Cruz and patted her on the head. Vi-Vi did the same with Moofy.

I summed up what we did, and told everyone to sleep.

「My sister and Rai can sleep in my room, Al.」

Vi-Vi said, pulling her sister with her. I hope they have a good time together.

I guess I could take a break from guarding too. After getting the okay for that from Millet, I headed to sleep.

I ended up waking up around noon. Now that I was awake, I figured I could end the day guarding anyway.

Luka and Yureena had woken up already and went back to the capital. Cruz and ViVi were still asleep.

It was becoming evening when my ring began to vibrate.


I heard a bell ring in my house.

Femm was sleeping beside me and sudden;y jumped up. Shiggy might have been scared, because I felt it clutch me in my pocket.

「Wuff?」「ryaa ryaa」

「An intruder.」

It was Vi-Vi intruder detection magic circles that she had put in place. I got myself ready to fight.

10 minutes later, Doby flew in.

「That was fast, Doby!」

「gyaaa gyaaa」

Appropriate for the forest hermit to have a cute pet…that’s a great dragon.

It had arrived in Mulg without a day going by. Much faster than I thought.

I don’t think most great dragons could fly that fast either. Maybe this dragon’s a separate species than the real great dragons.

While I was thinking this over, Doby stuck its nose out at me…I rubbed its snout.

「Grrrrr… ruff RUFF!」「WUFF!」

The magic wolves around all barked and growled at Doby.


However, after a bark from Femm, they all fell quiet. He probably said the dragon was a friend.

Then they all went up and sniffed Doby.

Doby licked them back, I guess as some sort of greeting.

「Doby! You’re here safe!」「Gaw! Gaw!」

I thought Vallimie was asleep, but there she was, running out of my house.

It was an emotional reunion.

Vi-Vi, however, didn’t come out even though I thought she was sleeping with Vallimie.

「Where’s Vi-Vi?」

「Still sleeping.」

The ringing coming from my house was quite loud.

「I surprised…that loud ringing didn’t wake her up.」

「My little sis is one heck of a sleeper.」

Vallimie seemed proud of the fact, somehow.

Meanwhile, Rai was greeting the wolves as well.

I remembered something that I had to do while Doby, Rai, Femm, and the rest were all together.

「Vallimie, come here a second.」

「Hm? To the transportation magical circle?」

「Actually, this a storage shack.」

「I never noticed…」

The inside of the shack was expanded by an expansion circle and was huge.

There were a lot of things store inside as well, but it was still huge. It almost felt empty.

It also had a transport circle near the entrance that led to the capital.

Vallimie had been through several times. However, since it was so fast and at night, she may have never noticed.

「We keep all the battle spoils from the monsters we kill in here.」

I showed Vallimie around the shack.

She looked surprised as she looked over everything.

「There’s so much!」

「Yeah, lot of monsters lately.」

「Mulg seems like a horrific place to live.」

She said to herself in a worried tone.

She was lost, looking at all the things stored here.

「You can take whatever you want with you.」


Vallimie’s eyes shimmered.

「Can I…really?」

「Sure. I’m not using it.」

And I had gotten permission from the chief and Cruz.

「Well, then…this and this, and this too.」



Vallimie seemed very excited. I wanted her to make one hell of a golem.

Her happy expression quickly took on a serious look.

「You’ve already done so much for me, Al.」

「That’s not true. You showed me where the demon is.」

「Well, you’ve cared for Vi-Vi, too. I was wondering how I should repay you…」

「Don’t worry about it.」

「I can’t just let it go.」

She looked like she was seriously thinking it over.

However, I didn’t need money, and there were no goods I needed either.

I thought it over, and then remembered.

「Okay, then teach me how to make a golem.」

「A golem? And you’re a wizard, Al! You can make a golem, right?!」

「Honestly…I’ve never had the chance.」

Making golems has no purpose for an adventurer that’s always moving around. It can’t keep up with a swiftly moving party. At the least, the product isn’t worth the cost either.

But a golem is great at defense.

「Well, I’ll teach you then!」

「That would help a lot.」

As she and I left the storage shack, we saw all the creatures playing around happily.


One week after the demon was taken care of, and there were no more attacks, just peace.

I learned how to make a golem from Vallimie, and the rest of the day was spent basking in the sun.

During dinner, Luka reported to me.

「My research of the demon is almost over.」

「What did you find?」

It seems that this demon was a mithril demon king that began working secretly from 200 years ago.

He was commanding several dozen demons to do his bidding.

「Demons usually work alone, so for someone to command them? Quite the operator.」

「Totally. And a scary demon too.」

「So he was a demon king…I thought he was very strong.」

Vi-Vi and Cruz nodded along to Luka’s information.

Then I asked about the monsters found in the underground,

「We sent them all back to their habitats.」

「Good job, I bet it was meticulous though.」

Killing them all would have cost nothing and taken no time.

「It proved as good training. The top generals said it was punishment on the soldiers and adventurers to let a castle like this stay hidden so close to the capital.」

It wasn’t a big deal, but it was still good the monsters got returned.

「We interrogated the demon, inspected everything, and discovered his complete plot.」

Luka told the whole story.

He was going to attack the capital with a zombie army.

Using stone nagas, he’d burrow into the underground passages of the capital’s castle.

It was the same thing he had done at the dungeon.

As we were listening to Luka, I petted Shiggy.


Shiggy bit onto one of my fingers. Seeing that, Luka laughed.

「He was plotting to use Shiggy’s parent as the final weapon.」

Then the kingdom would be no more.

「Yeah, but since he messed up, he was plotting to use Shiggy here instead.」

「That’s why he seemed so unfocused.」

He had attacked Mulg once at first. Then he had sent several zombies to attack.

「I guess he didn’t know the fighting force here in Mlug.」

「He never thought there’d be a hero here.」

There was a transport circle. Also, Cruz, the others, and I were here. Because of this, he attacked now and then, and not well.

It also took a lot of time for him to attack Mulg from his distant location. Because of that time lag, he never made an effective attack.

Also, we were able to find the castle location from Vallimie while he was waiting for his monsters to attack.

Vallimie then asked, worried,

「So what about the other demons?」

「Several of them were caught near to the capital. But others escaped.」

「…that’s not good. If those other demons continue the commands of the demon king, there’s going to be trouble.」

「It’s worrisome, but I don’t think it will be something that will happen.」

「Why do you say that?」

「Demons work on their own. They were just following this mithril demon king because he forced them too. They’ve got no loyalty to him now.」

「I guess you’re right.」

「That’s why everyone’s so happy you caught this guy. I think they other demons will all go their own way now.」

But that in itself is a problem. They have their own evil plans.

However, from now everyone just has to be on their guard with them like usual.

「The kingdom’s in an uproar. It was quite a grand-scale plan. Just a bit more and we’d see a disaster take place.」

「You’re right. I bet all the generals were freaking out.」

「Yeah, but this is the important part…Vallimie has been given a noble rank.」

「Wow! Congratulations!」「Good job, Vallimie!」「Congrats, big sis!」

We all said our congratulations, but Vallimie looked lost.

「Wait a second, why do I…」

「You were very helpful in getting this demon taken out. You’ve been made a viscount…the same rank as us.」

「I don’t care about that stuff. I’m not trying to support the kingdom or anything…」

Even though Vallimie seemed lost, Yureena tried to reason with her.

「Well, your forest of Lindobal is inside the kingdom. Convenient in a way, right?」


「Some people might want to try to cultivate you forest. With your rank in order you can protect it from them.」

「Hmm…I guess it is good in a way.」

「Take what you can get.」

「But…I don’t want any rewards…」

Vallimie still looked troubled, and Cruz said to her,

「I got my rewards too!」

「What did you get?」

「Um, some land somewhere. I told them to give it to Al, though.」


「I thought Al would get angry though, so I told them I didn’t know where he was.」

「YEAH! Good job Cruz!」

「Eheh heh heh」

Cruz blushed.

Even so, it was like Cruz to not know where the land she was given was located.

It was probably given to some retiring higher-up instead in her place. Even if she was dumb but strong, it was better to give it to someone to watch over it for her.

Seems like Cruz and Vallimie’s lives were going to be busy for a while.

However, it seemed that things would be peaceful.

「ryaa ryaa」

And Shiggy flapped its happy wings away.



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