Chapter 117


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Chapter 117 – Me Knee Hurts…So I Made a Golem

Even with my knee hurting, I still walked out to my guard post.

The pain of my knee was manageable once I sat down.

Cruz sat down beside me. I was happy that she had made the pain go away by rubbing it when it hurt so badly.

「Hm, I worried about your knee, Al. Shouldn’t you be in bed?」

「I have to go harvest the potatoes from this afternoon. No time to worry about pain.」

「But, Al…」

「What about you Cruz…aren’t you busy? I don’t mind you hanging around though…」

Cruz as a hero was super busy. Even so, she’s been beside me this whole morning.


「You look happy, Shiggy.」

Shiggy was happy to be around Cruz. It jumped on top of Cruz’ head.

Shiggy dug its beak into Cruz’ poofy hair.

Cruz then reached up and patted Shiggy’s head.

「I’m off today. We got rid of that demon, after all! The change for encountering a monster outside the capital has got to be falling. So why not rest? At least Luka was saying that.」

「Is that so?」

The reason for all of the monster encounters around the capital had to be that demon’s work.

If you think about it, Mulg suffered an increase of monster attacks as well. That was the demon’s influence as well.

Maybe now it would become peaceful. That would make me VERY happy.

Vi-Vi had her overalls on as she walked over with Moofy.

「Doesn’t your knee hurt? Don’t push yourself too hard.」

「You can say that, but…」

Harvest time was a big even here in Mulg. There was no way I could miss it.

「Moo Moo」

Moofy was chewing lightly on my left hand. Almost like a calf trying to drink milk.

Moofy must have been worried about me as well.

「Mmphh Moohh」

Yeah, the cow must be worried.

「You’re just going to be a drag on us, Al! Just take a break.」

Vi-Vi said in her attempt to be kind.

I rubbed Vi-Vi’s head.



Vi-Vi tried to swat my hand away.

Then Shiggy started flapping like crazy.

And with Moofy munching lightly on my hand, I thought it over.

There had to be a way to help even with this damn knee.

「Hm…using gravity magic…」

「Going to extremes again?」

Vi-Vi said with a frown as she responded to me talking to myself.

It would be super easy if I could just float the potatoes out of the soil.

However, it was hard to actually get the potatoes away from the soil. Just too sketchy of a method to work.

Then you had the problem of leaving potatoes in the soil that you thought the magic lifted.

「Using gravity magic would be a bit too hard this time.」

「You’re right, Al!」

Then, a thought came to me.

「Hey, I can make a golem!」

「Are you going to use the magic my sister taught you?!」

「Yeah…the golem can harvest. If we do this right, it could help the other fields too.」

「Hm. My sister used golems to manage the amount of trees in the forest. I think you might be able to use it well.」

「Okay, let’s try it.」

Best to do it as quickly as possible. I took the materials I had been holding a while from my magic bag.

Vi-Vi’s sister had given me a lot of those materials a while ago. There was still a lot of crap in the storage shack too.

But I kept the parts I needed for it just in case in my magic bag.

With all the other stuff I had gathered in my life, the contents in my bag was almost full.

「Let’s see…what to use…」

「My sister mostly made stone golems. She said that’s the cheapest.」


Golems have different abilities using different materials. Usually they were made from stones or metals.

Stones could be anything from unbreakable gems to brittle sandstone.

Metal ones could be tin, zin, steel, mithril, even orichalcum.

It was quite a detailed art as they could be imbued with differing hardnesses, sharpnesses, and magical strengths.

「I’m going to make one too, Al.」

「Sure, let’s make one together.」

「Let’s see who can make the better one!」

So we both started constructing a golem in the way Vallimie taught us.

That meant that Vi-Vi and both had the same experience in making them, so it would be a fair fight.

「I guess…mithril…」

「Hm? You’re using mithril, Al? That’s going to give it a high magical strength! I’m going to try that too!」

It was the first golem that I would make, so I didn’t want to be cheap.

However, making one with something precious like orichalcum would be a waste…so mithril it is.

Vi-Vi looked to be having a lot of fun as we began our competition.

Shiggy flapped away as it watched us with interest.

It knew something strange was about to happen. Just then, Collette and Millet showed up.

They had quite a sharp eye to know something was happening.

「Ah, old man, what are you doing?」

「We’re going to try making golems.」

「Go lems?」

「Like…big dolls that move by magical power.」

「WOWee Wow!」

Collette’s eyes shimmered. Millet was very serious though.

「Teacher! May I observe?」


I guess, in a way, I was their magical teacher, after all.

「But, I am still a beginner at making them. I don’t know if I can teach you that well.」

「I guess there’s some magic you don’t know, Mister Al.」

「Of course. That’s why I might mess up. You can watch, but don’t try it on your own.」


Millet nodded, but Collette shook her head.

「Can’t I try?!」

「No. Even if I make this golem well, it might just be by luck. You should learn from someone experienced. You have to learn from a veteran.」

「I guessth you’re right.」

Collette seemed to understand. She nodded.

I looked beside me and Vi-Vi was already silently making her Golem. You really can’t let your guard down.

So I started making mine quickly.

We had made golems several times as Vallimie had instructed.

But we were still beginners and it was a bit worrisome.

First I dumped out a lot of mithril, and formed it to look like a human.

Regardless of the material, the places where the golem’s joints were had to be made well. It had to be able to move the appendages widely and well…so the shape had to be perfect.

Then you made a magic circle. The circle for golem creation was complex.

Vallimie was an expert at making golems and magic circles.

After a few hours.


「I was done first, Al.」

「But the battle was over the better golem, Vi-Vi.」

「I know already!」

Finally, Vi-Vi and my golems were ready to go. I felt that I got a lot done today.

「Wooow, good job, Mister Al!」

「Good job, old man!」

「ryaa ryaa」

Seemed like everyone was happy.

「Now let’s take them to the field and see how they work!」

「Yeah, this’ll be fun, Al!」

「But first, lunch!」

Millet said, almost like a command. But then I suddenly noticed I was hungry.

And it was just after noon.

I had forgotten what time it was after focusing on this golem.

So before we took the golems out, we ate lunch.



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