Chapter 119


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Chapter 119 – Daily Life of Beasts

Going to the capital was the best place to buy steel.

「Okay, to the capital!」


As I turned to go to the capital, pain shot through my knee.

Shiggy looked worried as it saw me freeze from the pain.

I was so into using the magic, I forgot that my knee hurt. And now all the pain rushed back in.

「Does your knee hurt? You should rest.」

「Not as bad this time. I can at least go get some supplies.」

I thought I was going to die last night…but now it’s not too bad.

A long time ago, I had the fingernail off my pinky finger pulled off…it was the same pain 10 minutes after that. It hurt much more when it just pulled off, unbearable.

「Al, are you okay?」

「It does hurt.」

「How much does it hurt?」「Mmmph?」

Cruz asked, worried. Moofy chomped down on my left hand lightly.

Moofy was worried again. I guess if she had a chance, she’d munch on people like this.

But all the saliva was disgusting.

I told her the truth.

「It hurt as much as when you lose a fingernail…like 10 minutes after.」


「I see.」

Vi-Vi and Femm both cringed. I guess they imagined the pain.

Cruz, on the other hand, since she’d been through countless battles where she’d been injured, looked a little relieved.

Cruz had lost a fingernail or two on a few occasions.

The pain shot through you when you lost a nail, but after a bit it didn’t hurt so much.

「Anyway, just stay here and relax, Al!」

「Yeah, stay in your BED!」「Moo!」

Cruz and Vi-Vi headed out and left me here in town.

Moofy was about to leave with them, when I said,

「No, Moofy, you stay here.」


I stopped Moofy, who looked at me confused.

If there wasn’t a battle or far travel expected, she should stay here with me.

People notice if you lug animals around the capital.

「You two would attract too much attention. You don’t need to go along if you don’t have to.」

『I know that already.』「Moo.」

Moofy and Femm still looked a bit disappointed.

After Cruz and the others left, I went back to the entrance to the village.

My knee hurt, but I could take it if I was sitting.

I mean, even if I laid down the pain wouldn’t go away. So I decided to sit instead.

The remaining beasts were a pace away from me.


Femm, Moofy, and Shiggy were talking. Femm wanted to clear out the harmful animals.

Moofy was eating grass standing next to Femm. The villagers were perfectly happy with Moofy eating the grass instead of feed.

「ryaa ryaa」

Shiggy was helping Femm with these harmful animals. It was learning to hunt from Femm.

「Wuff wuff」

Femm was showing Shiggy how to hunt by example.

Just recently, Shiggy had been successful with hunting alongside the pups. That probably was due to Femm.

The beasts all circled the field. After that, they entered the village and patrolled it.

There were mice in the village as well, and they would eat up the grass.

「Femm, Moofy, good job! Thanks again.」

「Wuff!」「Moo moo」

「Cute as usual today, Shiggy!」


All the villagers called out to the beasts as they made their way around.

After patrolling, the beasts came back to the entrance.




They all cried out at once.

That was their recent routine. This way they got rid of all the mice.

At first we used to notify the villagers, but now that was basically pointless, so they just patrolled naturally. And the villagers were used to all of this.

We warned Vi-Vi too, of course, but today she was at the capital, so it was fine.


The three all looked at me with proud looks.

「Good job all of you. Excellent.」

I complimented them all. I pet them and their tails wagged happily.

Shiggy flapped its wings as well.

「Seems like only Femm has magic in its howl though.」


Both Moofy and Shiggy looked a bit down.

Even without them putting magic in the howl, the sounds of both Shiggy and Moofy would probably have an effect on the mice.

「Be patient, okay?」

「Moo moo.」「ryaa」

As I was trying to encourage them, Collette and Millet approached.

「Mister Al?」

「Old man!」

They heard the howl and knew the beast’s patrol was over.

「Teacher! Please teach us today!」

「Teach me magic, old man!」

「Yeah, sure.」

So I proceeded to teach them magic.

Even with this painful knee, I could still do that.

Millet and Collette were already at the level of practicing basic magic. They were pretty quick at picking it up.

Maybe even geniuses at it.

Just then, the beasts gathered for some reason. They were talking to each other.

As I was teaching the girls, I looked over at Shiggy.

It seemed it was practicing making a magic ball.

Maybe this was because of the magic of Rai. Rai, Vallimie’s pet, shot them, after all.

It was a pretty cool magical skill too.

「Gaoo Gaoo」「Moo mooo」「ryaarryaa」

They all opened their mouths, and it looked like something might come out, but it was only their voices.

Even so, they attempted it over and over.

After dozens of times,




A ball of magical power finally emerged from Femm.

At the same time, two came from Moofy’s horns.

Moofy opened her mouth, and the magical charges went wooooshh straight up in the air from her horns.

Even though she had tried to shoot it from her mouth, they came from her horns. It was kind of scary to see that lack of control.

Femm was a heavenly beast, Moofy was a sacred beast. It wasn’t strange that they could generate magical power.

After that, Moofy and Femm looked at me with prideful looks.


「Great job. Just like usual.」

Both Femm and Moofy were wagging their tails happily.

After watching both of them, Shiggy was flapping its wings like crazy trying to shoot something.

「Shiggy, you’re still a baby so it takes time.」

Even so, Shiggy wasn’t giving up.


After a while of this a magical charge emerged from Shiggy as well.

It was so weak that even if it hit a mouse, it wouldn’t kill it, but it was still impressive.


I was quite surprised at Shiggy’s ability, and I unconsciously reacted in awe.



Femm and Moofy were quite surprised too. Shiggy looked shocked.

I picked up Shiggy and petted it.

「Great job, Shiggy!」


Shiggy was the royal child of an archduke of the ancient dragons. This showed that it was going to be one hell of a magic user when it grew up.

However, for a baby to be able to use magic like that was unthinkable. What a dragon!

It probably was smarter than the rest of us.

Millet and Collette came over from magic practice and petted Shiggy too.

「Wow, that’s some magic, Shiggy!」

「I’m gonna be asth sthrong asth you, Sthiggy!」

I guess seeing that made Millet and Collette even more interested in magic. It was a good thing.

As I was thinking about this, my knee started to ache again.

It was a strong pain like last night. The pain level of a kidney stone.


「Mister Al, are you okay?!」

「Old man, you’re turning pale!」


Millet and Collette looked worried, as did Shiggy.

「I…I’m okay…but…I’m going to warm up my knee.」

Because of all the pain, I got in the bath back at my house.



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