Chapter 120


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Chapter 120 – My Knee Hurts so…into the Bath!

I cut short my guarding and went back to my house.

I really wasn’t doing anything, so I think it was fine as long as I told Millet.

「Are you okay? I can go with you.」

「No, I’m fine. Thanks.」

I refused Millet’s request, and headed to the bath in my house.

Since the bath was straight from the hot springs, I could get in anytime. I was very thankful for it.

Femm and Moofy accompanied me. Shiggy also, of course.

When I got in the bath, I went right to soaking my knee.

「Phew…much better.」


Moofy and Shiggy looked worried.

As I put my knee in the bath, the pain decreased, but only a little bit.

Maybe it was just my mind playing tricks on me.

『Are you okay?』


『What changed your knee from yesterday?』

Femm asked me. I couldn’t think of anything though.

I didn’t stress my knee anymore that usual, I think.

「Maybe something happened.」

『It might be that something happened during that fight with the demon.』


The demon didn’t curse me or attack my knee in the end, though.

「I don’t think it’s the demon, though. Maybe the seasons changing?」

『It hurts when it’s colder?』

「That may be it.」

I didn’t know, but that was the best explanation.

I rubbed my left knee. It was throbbing with heat.

Almost like my knee was a separate living thing.

『Gross. I don’t like seeing that much pain.』

「I feel the same as you.」

I tried to distract myself from the pain by talking to Femm, but Femm just made it worse.

And I thought the pain was going as I got in the bath, but now it seemed to increase.

Even though it was hot, I broke out in a cold sweat.

「Maybe this bath doesn’t even affect this pain.」


『Then you should get out.』


I tried getting out of the bath, but the pain was so great I fainted.

I woke back up, and I was lying in the changing room.


Moofy was licking my knee, worried.

Shiggy was on my chest looking down at me.


『Don’t worry about that.』

「Did you all bring me in here?」


Well, they were dependable beasts. I petted them for a second.


『How is your knee?』

「A little better now.」

It still hurt. But not enough to pass out from the pain.

When I fainted, it was because I hit a peak amount of pain.

Femm and Moofy helped me up and into the kitchen.

「Ah, Al! Are you okay?!」


Cruz and Vi-Vi were home already. They were sitting at the kitchen table.

「It hurts, but not so bad that I can’t take it.」

「Is that so…hmm.」

Cruz sat me in a seat and looked at my knee.

「There is something weird about this.」



「What do you mean by ‘weird’?」

「I wonder if I should tell you…」

What did she mean by weird? I really wanted to know, but Cruz didn’t have the words to tell me.

It was that special sense a hero had.

I remembered what they had done and asked Vi-Vi,

「Did you get the steel?」

「You can worry about Cruz, but with me along, of course we did.」

「Why should he worry about me?!」

Cruz looked a bit angry, but there was that incident with the potatoes. Of course it had lowered some trust of her buying ability.

With Cruz, you might ask for steel and her turn up with tin.

It was still kind of funny. It would be kind of fun to try a tin golem.

「Well, now we can make a golem! Maybe even make two of them before dinner!」

「What are you talking about, Cruz?」


「His knee hurts because he used a lot of magical energy! He should relax for today!」

「Well, Vi-Vi, I didn’t use a lot yesterday and my knee still hurt. I don’t think it’s related to that.」

「What happens if you pass out again?!」

「Yeah, Al!」

Vi-Vi and Cruz looked worried.

As I was about to calm them by saying it was okay, the monsters said,

『He just passed out in the bath.』

『Fainted.』「ryaa ryaa」

Vi-Vi glared at me and Cruz said「Whoaaaa」.


「Even so…」


Vi-Vi grabbed me and dragged me too my bed.


Shiggy looked very worried, and clung to me.

「Sorry for making you worry.」


Femm, Moofy, and Cruz followed. They all looked worried.

I lied down and Vi-Vi said,

「As much pain as a kidney stone, right? What if you die from the pain?」

「Vi-Vi, you know what a kidney stone is?」

「Never had one before, but a forest orc I saw had one. It dropped to its knees, couldn’t move, and was groaning in pain.」


An orc was a large, two-legged magical beast. They were known for being strong to pain.

It must have really hurt for it to not be able to move.

Even so, not enough to kill someone.

It was shocking that Vallimie and Vi-Vi were friendly with orcs.

Vallimie was friends with a great dragon, so I guess it made sense.

Millet came into the room with a worried look too.

「Mister Al, I have some sleeping potion.」


I drank it and slept quickly.

Until I slept, Cruz stayed there rubbing my knee.



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