Chapter 122


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Chapter 122 – The Forest Hermit Returns

Vi-Vi approached me, a bit worried.

「Is your knee okay?」

「Thanks to Yureena, it is.」

「That’s great to hear.」

Vi-Vi was all smiles. Moofy nuzzled up to Vi-Vi.

「Wait a second.」


「Why is Vallimie here?」

Vallimie looked shocked.

「You told me I could visit anytime…」

「That’s not what I mean…」

「Is this a bad time?!」

「No! It’s just that you just went back to your forest. How did you…」

Cruz laughed.

「Ah, well you probably didn’t notice because you havent been to the capital lately…」


「Next to that magical circle to the capital in the storage shack is one that leads to Lindobal forest as well.」

「Oh, I see…」

If the magicless Cruz had Vi-Vi make a circle and then recreated it in her mansion.

Of course, someone talented like Vallimie could easily connect a new one to one that Vi-Vi had drawn.

「It’s because you haven’t gone to the capital lately, Al. You didn’t use the transport circles so it’s no wonder you didn’t notice.」

「Moo Moo」

Vi-Vi slapped my shoulder in encouragement.

Moofy munched on my hand in encouragement. Wait, is this encouragement?

Inside the storage shack, there was a little room where the transport circles were inside.

Even if I went inside, you wouldn’t notice unless you entered the room.

I guess Cruz knew this already as she had used it constantly.

「Well, if you think about it, since it’s so easy, there’s no way they wouldn’t make one…」


Vi-Vi and Vallimie said as they puffed their chests out in pride.

「Wuff?」「ryaa ryaa?」

Femm and Shiggy suddenly started looking around. They were sniffing the air like crazy.

Probably seeing if Rai had come.

「Where’s Rai?」

「At home.」


The beasts now looked disappointed.

Vallimie was happy the beast were anticipating her pet, and petted them herself.

「Thanks for making friends with Rai. Rai has some responsibilities in the forest though. I’ll bring Rai next time.」

「And Doby?」

「Fine. But Doby’s too big for the circle.」

「You’re right.」

It might have been able to pass through, but not the small storage shack door.

Hearing this made the other beasts even sadder.


Shiggy was really disappointed. Since Shiggy and Doby were both dragons, it had taken a liking to Doby.

This morning, I kept the fact that Shiggy ate great dragon meat from it.

「Maybe we should open the storage shack door so that Shiggy can come through.」


Vi-Vi said with a nod of her head.

Just then, Luka came inside.

「I’m home…oh, Vallimie, you’re here!」

She didn’t seem shocked at all. I guess she knew about the new transport circle too.

Vallimie talked a bit with us, then Luka asked,

「What’s that great stellated dodecahedron?」

She was talking about the stone pulled from my knee.

It was in a dish, placed on the kitchen table.

「It’s some quickly growing stone that was in my knee. Yureena took it out.」

「Gross. Looks painful.」

「It hurt a lot when it was in my knee, but even worse when she pulled it out.」

Hearing this, Vallimie looked confused.

「Hm? She could just have used anesthesia. Then there’s no pain.」

「Painkillers are addictive. Very.」

「Then you could do something with a magic circle.」

Vallimie responded.

That was the first time I’ve heard of that. I wish she would have been there. I was going to say something, when Vi-Vi looked at me.

But Vi-Vi was more surprised than ever,


「Yup, you can make painkiller circles.」

Vallimie was surprised that Vi-Vi didn’t know this.

Then Vallimie started to describe how to make one to the surprised Vi-Vi.

And Vi-Vi listened intently.

After thinking it over, Vi-Vi whispered,

「I could make something like that.」

「Really? Well, you are good, Vi-Vi.」

「You had the magic circle from when you helped the wolves after they ate the hydra meat, right? Just improve that.」

「Yeah, you’re right!」

The wolves after they ate the hydra meat were very sick.

Back then, Vi-Vi had made a magic circle to relax them. It might have been something like anesthesia.

If my knee started hurting again, I could ask her.

While this conversation was going on, Luka was looking at the stone with a serious expression.

「Luka, what do you think?」

「I’ve seen something like this before.」


Now I was interested. I think everyone was.

Luka looked at us all with a serious face as she continued,

「There’s a special parasitic magical beast that implants these.」


「It excretes a magical serum from all the tips of its shape.」

「What? Scary…」

「It might be that this is similar.」

Luka said as Cruz and Yureena nodded, seriously.

「It takes you over…it’s possible.」

「Yes, I mean, there’s no other possibility.」

I wish they would stop talking in scary tones like this.

「Maybe this means that somewhere, the Demon Lord has re-risen?」

Luka said…and that was more frightening that the rest of it.



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