Chapter 125


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Chapter 125 – An Ancient Dragon Arrives

As I ran out of my house I could see a flying beast approaching in the moon light.

I cast nightvision so I could see it better.

「It’s a big one!」

Cruz jumped out of the house behind me.

She had a sling in her right hand and a large stone that she was holding in the sling on the left hand.

She had probably grabbed this from her own room just in case.

The ringing had come from the air-attack danger magical rings that were located around the village, so she was ready for an air battle.

「An enemy! Leave it to me!」

She saw how big the thing was and tossed the sling away happily.

「I’m going to need this for that big of a job!」

She took out her holy sword. I guess she knew that a sling wasn’t going to hurt it.

「I’ll put nightvision on you.」

「Thanks, Al!」

She had pretty good vision at night, but she still couldn’t see as well as day.

Now she looked at the huge beast with nightvision.

「Ah…what is THAT!」

She resheathed her sword. I guess the beast didn’t look dangerous.

「Wow, it’s huge! What is that?!」


Millet and Collette said as they came out with an astounded look.
They had quickly cast nightvision on both of themselves as well.

It was a result of their magical training. Nightvision was a basic magic. One of the first harder ones you learn.

Even so, they cast it easily. It was nice seeing them do so well.

「What is that…thing!」

「It’s sthuper big!」

She they looked into the night sky, they were both taken aback.

Then Luka and Yureena joined us.

They both had put their armor on, so they were slow to arrive.

「Is that an ancient dragon?!」

「It’s so dark, but you have excellent eyes. You really are a monster expert, Luka!」

She really had excellent skill. She knew exactly what it was from one glance.

I then cast nightvision on them quickly.


Shiggy suddenly reacted to hearing the word, 「ancient dragon.」

「Shiggy, it might be related to your parent.」


And it could be a relative, or, it could be an enemy.

No reason to let down one’s defense.

I had no idea what ancient dragon society consisted of, but this might be the result of me taking the child of an ancient dragon archduke.

「It might be nothing, but I need to probably get myself separated from this village quickly, just in case.」

If I had to fight, this place would be destroyed. There’s no way Mulg could get involved.

I looked at Femm, and Femm instantly grew to its normal size.

「Thanks Femm.」


I got on Femm and Femm took off. Luka and Cruz ran behind me.

「I’m going too!」

「And me!」


With Cruz and Luka, I felt safer.

I felt like I had used nightvision too much…maybe because I would have to fight.

However, if I did have to fight an ancient dragon, I would have to use massive amounts of magic. I bet another stone would grow in my knee…maybe.

Yureena and Vallimie didn’t follow. They knew they had to defend the village.

「Wait for MEEEEE!」

I could see Vi-Vi riding Moofy, chasing after us.

Femm slowed a bit.

「Why are you following, Vi-Vi?」

「I’m coming too, you idiot!」

「Moo moo!」

Moofy seemed pretty happy about all this. Maybe she liked to chase after something at full speed.

And Vi-Vi was happy to following riding on her.

「…I see. Well, thanks.」

I said, while feeling a bit guilty.

Moofy was tough. She had a lot of strength that she could add to the fight against the ancient dragon if necessary. I felt even safer.

But I wondered if Vi-Vi was the same.

She was good as a magician, but if that ancient dragon cried out…

Vi-Vi would probably be knocked out, I was sure of it.

「I learned how to use battle magic, okay, Al?!」

She said proudly, but I didn’t say anything.

Whatever. As long as she was on Moofy, she probably wouldn’t die.

「Okay, just not too much, okay?」


We all ran up directly to the ancient dragon.

The dragon wasn’t coming to us. It waited at a distance, anticipating us.

It might have wanted to draw us from the village. If so, then it wasn’t hostile.

「I know you’re aware of this Cruz, but it wants to talk.」

「I know! It’s a relative of Shiggy!」

「It may not be though!」

It saw us coming and slowly alighted on the ground.

It landed very elegantly…I could feel a sense of nobleness from it.

It moved just as elegantly as Shiggy’s parent, Jilnidora.

Jilnidora was rotted away from a zombification spell and an immortal-killer arrow. Because of that, it wasn’t able to move well.

It hurt me to think of Shiggy’s parent being treated that foully.


Shiggy cried out from its carrier. I grabbed it while jumping from Femm.

Then I spoke directly to the majestic beast.

「Oh great and magnificent dragon. Why have you come here?!」

You had better be polite with a dragon like this the first time. A dragon like this had lived much longer than any of us have combined.

The dragon obviously lived longer than I did. And there was no point in being rude.

「My name is Timisoara. A ruler of the northern highlands and an ancient dragon viscount.」

Timisoara responded respectfully as well.

「Holy crap…」

Luka whispered. It was the first time she had seen one and she was awestruck.

It was rare to see in a usually unemotional girl like her. She was all about her research too.

「I am a human viscount, Alfred Lint!」

「I’m Cruz!」

「I am a human viscount, Luka Langau!」

「I’m Vi-Vi Lindobal!」

All the girls blurted their names out excitedly. Vi-Vi was nervous.

Cruz needed to follow up with her title, but we could do that later.

「I see that you have my niece, Sighisoara, with you.」

「Yes, that…her…name!」

「I see.」



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