Chapter 126


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Chapter 126 – Shiggy’s Custody Battle

Timisoara didn’t seem to be hostile when it asked for Shiggy.

I think it just wanted the best for its niece.

However, I didn’t want to just hand Shiggy over.

「Thank you for your offer, but I must refuse.」


Timisoara snorted at my response.

「Viscount Alfred, why do you refuse? Don’t you know that another ancient dragon would be the best upbringing for Sighisoara?」

「Well, Shiggy’s my child.」

「Hmph! I am the younger sister of Jilnidora, the mother of Sighisoara. In other words, her aunt. After her demise, it’s the most appropriate for me to raise her, correct?」

It’s true that Timisoara was probably the best one to raise Shiggy.

Even so, Jilnidora had entrusted her child to me.

I was the one that kept it warm as an egg, and raised it as a child.

「I recognize that you are the rightful aunt of Shiggy. But it was Jilnidora’s direct order that I was to care for the child.」

「But that was in an extreme circumstance. There was no other to entrust the child to. Doesn’t that settle the matter?」

Jilnidora was on the cusp of death. It is true that her only choice was to entrust the egg to me.

「If I were the one present, my sister would certainly have entrusted the child to me.」

「Even if that were the case…」


I could tell from Timisoara’s voice that she was becoming irksome.

She didn’t show it, but somehow, I could tell.

Just then, Vi-Vi shouted out with a shaking voice,

「Timisoara or whatever!」

「What NOW?」

The massive dragon glared at her, and I heard Vi-Vi squeak out a little 「eep!」

She was terrified. But even so, Vi-Vi still shouted at the dragon.

「You weren’t there when Shiggy needed you the MOST! Why are you here now!? And why are you trying to take her from us now!?」


Timisoara growled and the earth shook.


Vi-Vi squealed again, and toppled down on top of Moofy. She might have fainted.

Femm walked over and pulled her down to the ground with its mouth.

Then Moofy licked Vi-Vi’s face.

「Devil Vi-Vi…you are correct…painfully so.」

It seems that Timisoara wasn’t that angry.

And so Timisoara continued, quite calmly,

「That’s why, for Sighisoara, I want to do all that I can to help her.」

Again, it seems there was no hostility in that statement.

I didn’t think she was plotting anything bad, or that there was any treachery.

Just the good will of a relative.

Even so, I wasn’t handing the dragon over.

While I was thinking it over, Cruz said innocently,

「Timisoara, so what’s going on with you? Was something holding you up?」


Of course I was a bit shaken by her brazenness.

It was some question to ask a formidable creature like Timisoara. Waaaaay too frank.

I should lecture her about this when this is over.

Timisoara didn’t seem to mind the question and looked at Cruz.

「Human girl Cruz. A demon was plotting to attack the ancient dragons.」

「But since you’re so strong, you can beat them, right?」

「A mature ancient dragon, yes. But there were eggs. Children. They had to be protected. In addition, after the loss of Jilnidora, our world was turned upside down.」

「It sounds horrible.」


Cruz walked over and petted the dragon, as if to comfort it.

Cruz also gets too attached to others too quickly. She should hold back a bit.

But for a holy hero like Cruz, I guess an ancient dragon really doesn’t mean much.

Even so, she should start being a bit more reserved.

Luka looked a bit restless and said,

「Great viscount Timisoara, may I inquire about one thing?」

「What is it? Human girl Luka.」

「How did you come to find Sighisoara in a place like this?」

「I flew to where the dragon seal was.」

「Dragon seal?」

「Yes. If my sister was defeated, then Sighisoara would receive the seal by succession. Due to this, my sister gave me a magical tool to find this seal wherever it went.」

If Shiggy was living, then the dragon could find whoever was caring for it.

If Shiggy was dead, then whoever had it would feel her revenge.

Timisoara might have been preparing to destroy me as well.

Luka’s eyes shimmered as she continued,

「So there’s a tool like that? It sounds very interesting.」

「Yes. I was expecting to come directly, but I was delayed.」

Timisoara took a deep breath. She then exhaled loudly.

After realizing what she had done, she said 「sorry」and bowed once.

「My sister entrusted me with the tool, after all. Since she did, she must have expected me to care for Sighisoara as well, correct?」

「That certainly may be so. However…」

I noticed that Cruz was pulling on my sleeve.

「What is it, Cruz?」

「What’s a dragon seal?」

「I told you already. Look.」

I showed her the ring on my right hand. I had got it from Jilnidora.

The ring shimmered forth with a white-blue like first fallen snow.

「Oh, yeah! Now I remember!」


After seeing the ring, Timisoara seemed to shout out in surprised.

Vi-Vi fell down again.

「Why do you have the seal, Alfred?! That means…no…」

「What is it?」

Even though I asked, it seemed that Timisoara wasn’t going to answer.

She was mulling something over in silent, unknown words. Possibly ancient dragon speech, so I didn’t understand it.

After a while, Timisoara spoke again.

「I thought that Sighisoara would be the one holding the ring.」

「I see. I was thinking of passing it on to Shiggy when she grew up…should I do that now?」

Timisoara shook her head.

「My sister was famous for her magic. She should have passed the ring onto Sighisoara before she died.」

「But Shiggy was inside of an egg.」

「It’s still possible. The shell of an ancient dragon egg is magically made. Almost like a magical barrier. My sister could easily pass something through it.」

Timisoara breathed in softly again.

This time, she breathed out softly, being more careful.

「I see. I guess my sister HAS chosen you.」

She raised her head in a sweeping nod.

While she was talking with us, her head was almost on the ground…lying down, as it were.

It was difficult to lower her head so she must have raised it too show it was a nod.

「Viscount Alfred Lint. I recognize you as the one chosen to care for Sighisoara.」

「I’m honored.」

「The seal is shining blue. That is the proof that Jilnidora chose you as the one to possess Sighisoara until maturity.」

I did notice that when the ring wasn’t on, it didn’t shine with that blue-white.

However, I didn’t know what that meant.

「With this witnessed, my sister had chosen you to raise Sighisoara. Anyone objecting to this is the same as going against an ancient dragon decree.」

「So you have no objection to me raising her?」

「Of course not.」

Timisoara brought her nose close to the little dragon.

「ryaa ryaa」

Timisoara then nudged the dragon with her beak.

Maybe that’s something dragons like to do?

「Alfred, Sighisoara is still my beloved niece. I will aid you in any way if you need help.」

「That would be wonderful.」

「Would you allow me to visit her sometimes?」

「Anytime is fine. We’d love to have you.」

「Thank you.」

From that, Timisoara slowly rose into the air.

「Beloved niece, Sighisoara. Take care.」

「ryaa ryaa」

And with that said, Timisoara was gone in an instant.



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