Chapter 127


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Chapter 127 – Morning Visitor

After Timisoara left and I returned to my house, Millet and the others were waiting.

As was the chief.

「Alfred, what the heck was that?」

「Chief, thanks for waiting for me. I’ll tell you everything that happened.」

Since it was night, probably only a few people saw the dragon.

But as the dragon was so massive, someone had to have seen something.

So I just explained everything in simple terms.

「I see. So a relative of Shiggy came.」


Shiggy went over to the chief and cried out happily.

The chief petted Shiggy and she looked happy.

「Well, that’s a relief.」

「Sorry about the bother.」

So the chief went home.

Even at night, if something was wrong he would come running. Must be a hard job.

「What happened? You…don’t look hurt.」

Yureena was worried.

「Just finished a conversation.」

「The chief said that it was a relative of Shiggy’s? What did it want?」

「Simply put…custody rights.」

「Sounds rough.」

I explained what happened a little more precisely to Yureena.

I told the chief that a relative simply came to see Shiggy. No need to get him hot and bothered about anything.

I told her about the viscount Timisoara and the dragon seal as well.

「I’m glad she accepted you as the one to care for Shiggy.」


Yureena patted Shiggy’s head.

Everyone loved to pet the dragon…it was cute, after all.

「Great to hear, Shiggy!」

「Your aunt came to sthee you!」


Collette and Millet both pet her as well. Shiggy looked very happy.

Then Cruz suddenly said,

「Al, I’m hungry.」

「I have dinner ready for you.」

Millet said with a smile.


「I’m hungry too!」Vi-Vi said.

「Al, after you’ve had that surgery, you’ve got to eat to get better.」

The food Millet made for dinner was delicious.

After we ate, I hurried off to bed.

I was tired from making those harvesting golems and having my knee opened up to get that stone removed.

「I’ll be right beside you, so you can sleep well!」

Cruz followed me into the bedroom. She puffed out her chest with pride.

「Thanks, Cruz.」

「No problem, don’t worry!」

And I fell asleep.

That night, my knee started to hurt again and I woke up.

But it didn’t hurt so badly. Maybe because Cruz was there.

I petted Shiggy, who was lying on me, and fell back asleep.


When I woke up that morning, Moofy was chewing on my left hand again.

「Mmmph mmmph」

「I don’t think my hand tastes that good….」

「mmph mppphh」

I pulled my hand out of Moofy’s mouth.


And with that, Moofy woke up. She then put her nose on top of me.

Kind of heavy.

「You’re heavy.」


Still, I rubbed her snout.

While this was going on, Yureena came in.

「Everytime I come in here, the place is filled with creatures.」

「’morning, Yureena.」

「Good morning.」

Yureena then rubbed the head of Cruz, who was lying next to me.

Cruz still slept happily.


「Heh, cute as usual.」

After rubbing Cruz’ head for a bit, Yureena looked at my knee.

「Hm…seems another stone is growing.」

「And you just took the other one out…」

「If it grows at yesterday’s pace, I’ll probably have to remove it again tonight.」

「Sorry about all this.」

「It’s fine. Just hold back on the magic.」

Scary. Everyday I might need surgery. This sucks.

But I will try not to use magic.

And with that, we all went to the breakfast table.

There was an unknown girl there talking to Luka.

「Oh, Al, good morning.」

「Alfred Lint, you’ve finally awoken.」

It seemed that Luka really didn’t know this girl either.

But it seems she knew me.

「Ah…good morning…ummm.」


I was going to ask who she was, but Shiggy jumped and opened her eyes widely.

「W…what is it, Shiggy?」

Shiggy then flapped her wings wildly.

Cruz looked at the girl, and said with a slightly surprised smile,

「Oh, Timi! You’ve come to see Shiggy?」

「Yes, Cruz. I’ve come to see Sighisoara again.」

「Wait, Timi? You mean Timisoara?」

「Yes, that’s right?」

Timisoara said with a confused look on her face.

She looked at me as if it was obvious.

There’s no way this is the dragon from last night. Now she’s just a normal, cute girl.

After seeing my shock, Luka said with a smile,

「See, I knew Al would be surprised.」

「Yes. It’s strange that humans don’t know we can change appearance.」

「Of course. Well, most humans get their information from vision.」

「Cruz knew, and your perception was also exceptional, Luka.」

「Cruz is a special case.」

「Is that so? Well, still exceptional.」

「Heh heh heh」

Cruz was a bit bashful at being complimented. You never knew what she was good at.

And somehow it seems that Luka had befriended this new visitor as well.

It’s strange that they became close so quickly.

「So when did you two become so close?」

「Hm? That’s how it is, I guess. We don’t need to be polite, just call me Timi.」

「Okay, Timi.」

Timi then nodded happily.

She then reached out and petted Shiggy. Shiggy looked very happy.

「Since you told me I could visit anytime, I decided to return this morning. I wanted to see cute Sighisoara again.」

「Well, when she says morning she means as soon as the sun came up.」

「Morning is morning. But Sighisoara was still asleep, so I started talking to Luka.」

「It was fun hearing everything about the ancient dragons.」

「And it was interesting to hear your stories. It was all new to me.」

It seems the exchange of monster stories and ancient dragon stories was quite a happy one.

I’m sure Luka learned a lot from what the ancient dragon had to say.

They probably felt like kindred spirits to one another. A real happy encounter.

And Timi really seemed like a human, too. When I saw the two talking, she looked like nothing but a human.

「So are you used to human shape, Timi?」

「Of course. I’m an ancient dragon. It’s easy to take a human shape for a few hours.」

She said proudly as she puffed her chest out.

I guess ancient dragons can easily take human shape. Never knew that.

「You came to see what shape Shiggy was in? Thanks.」


Timi petted Shiggy again.

After a while, Timi looked at me and said「Ah!」

「I remember, I had something to tell you!」


「I must give you an honored dragon name with Ra.」


「Yes…Jilnidora, Sighisoara, and my name is Timisoara. We all have ra, right?」

「I see…」

「All ancient dragons that have a honored title are given name with the syllable ra.」

「Is that how that works…」

First time I’ve heard of it.

First time for Luka too. Her eyes shimmered as she wrote it all down in her notes.

「You were given the child of a duchess to look over and given a dragon seal. That’s enough for you to deserve one.」


「Yes, I think the name Alfredora is an excellent name.」


It was a bit weird…I didn’t like to be called it.

「Hm? Oh, yes. The full name is important for humans, so Viscount Alfredora Lint shall be your dragon name.」


I wanted to refuse but…I couldn’t.

I guess having a name with ra in it was very honored among the dragons.

That’s why there was no real way I could refuse her.

「Al…no, Alfredora! Cool! Wish I was called that.」

Cruz said innocently.


「Right? Right?」


Shiggy flapped her wings happily.

「Alfredora, you like your name?」

「I think it suits you.」

Luka and Yureena said, not backing me up at all. Geez.

I was trying to think of how to refuse the offer when Timi looked at me, troubled.

「Hm? You don’t like the name? I can’t believe it…」

Timi looked like she would cry.

I can’t face a weeping girl…so I tried to make an excuse.

「It’s not that I don’t like it…」

「Really? You’re not just saying that?」

「No…I’m not…」

「Good! Then you’re happy with me changing your name?」

「…it’s an honor…」

「Yes. I knew it. I’m glad you like it, Alfredora.」


And that’s kind of how I became Alfredora…



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