Chapter 128


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Chapter 128 – What Has to Be Done to Shiggy


I didn’t think the name was that cool. But, well…whatever.

It might be super cool in the dragon world. In the human world, I’ve just been Alfred.

Maybe I should just make it like a middle name – Alfred Ora Lint.

「raa raa raa raa」

Shiggy cried out happily.

If it made Shiggy happy, then I guess I could take the name.

「Yeah, that’s Alfredora!」

「raa raa!」

And since Shiggy seemed so happy, I petted her.

「Well, it seems she likes your name.」

Timisoara said, happily.

So I asked Timi,

「So, how long are you going to stay with us, Timi?」

If she was going to stay a long time, she could teach some things to Shiggy.

Ancient dragon magic, things I had no idea about.

「Maybe when I’m done mourning my sister. After that I can resume my office of viscount again.」

「How long does it take until you’re done mourning?」

For a normal human, this takes about 10 days. You can’t just take off from work for too long.

However, royalty does take more time to mourn than normal humans. Usually a year or so.

The death of a royal certainly is important to honor.

「Maybe about 20 years or so?」


「Hm? Something wrong?」

「That’s reaaaaally long.」

「Maybe so…」

Timisoara thought about it.

With the almost limitless lifespan of an ancient dragon, 20 years might seem quite short.

「I see, so you’ll be with us a while.」


「Then you can teach Shiggy a variety of things.」

「Sure, no problem!」

Timi stuck her rather large chest out in pride.

Then, she said「Ah!」

「What is it?」

「I forgot something important. Sighisoara must ascend to the throne.」


「Yes. And as she is ascending the throne of my deceased sister, it is one of mourning. But Sighisoara must ascend into my sister’s former position.」

「But, that’s after the mourning period, right?」

「Well, you know she’ll be enthroned after the mourning, right?」

Timi looked at me as if I had no idea what the difference was.

「Ah, Al-ra. Don’t the royalty of humanity treat ascension and enthronement differently?」

「Yeah, Al-ra, everyone knows that.」

Luka and Yureena were now picking on me about it.

I wish they’d stop with that stupid -ra crap too.

And they were grinning at me when they called me it too. Laugh it up then, girls.

「They’re different? I had no idea! I’m just like you, Al-ra!」

Cruz said happily, for some reason. She also seemed to think my Al-ra name was cool for some reason.

Since I’m not a royal, of course I’m not going to know the difference between the two.

Wait…I guess I am a royal, since I have a title. Damn.

I asked Millet, who had come in to prepare breakfast.

「Millet, do you know the difference between ascension and enthronement?」

「Ascension? Enthrone? What are those? Magic words?」

「No, it’s something that happens when you become royalty.」

「Wow, you sure know a lot, Mister Al!」

Millet was carrying bread. She was probably making soup in the kitchen.

We tried to help her make meals before, but she refused us. I guess she didn’t want us to make her life harder by messing things up.

Cruz was famous for messing stuff up too.

That’s why, lately, we helped her with cleaning things up.

Still, Millet did all the cooking, and then Cruz, Luka, Yureena, Vi-Vi and I cleaned everything up…so there was a big difference in the effort between Millet and us.

That’s why we were always consciously trying to help her.

「Millet, do you need help with anything?」

「I’m fine, just leave it to me!」

She said with a smile…just like usual.

Just then, Collette plopped right down on Timi’s lap.

Timi patted Collette’s head, while she said to Millet,

「Millet, that bread looks good.」

「I hope that you will like it, Timi.」

「Oh, I think that it will. It smells delicious.」

It seems that Timi had warmed right up to Collette and Millet.

I guess it’s since they had been talking since before I got up.

While Timi was patting her head, Collette asked,

「Hey, Miss Timi, what is asthensthion? Does Shiggy have to go far away?」

「Yes, she does.」

「Whaa? But I don’t want her to go!」

「There’s nothing I can do about that.」

Timi said, but it certainly would be hard to take Shiggy to the extreme north.

It was far, and it was cold.

And my knee was hurting, too.

「Can’t you wait until Shiggy gets a little bigger?」

「No, we’ve already waited too long.」

Timi said with a serious expression.

「Until Shiggy ascends the throne there will be a lack of rulers in our kingdom. If that happens, something untoward may occur in our kingdom.」


「Possibly something unthought of by us ancient dragons. 20 years is short. However, there are magical beasts that may plot to attack us.」


「And there are those among the humans that might as well. When she goes back, there might be a grand wizard sitting on her empty throne. And that would be unforgivable, right?」

I know what Timi was talking about. A missing ruler could create conflict.

Timi continued, quietly.

「Ascention means that Shiggy becomes a duchess. It means she’ll be as ruler of the duchess’ throne.」

「If she becomes a duchess, will she have to stay at the pole?」

「No, as soon as the process is over, she can go wherever she wants. There will be a strong magic barrier defending the place.」

「But a demon was able to steal her egg.」

「Yes, and only a demon or demon lord has the power to do that.」

「I see.」

「The duchess’ palace itself is a huge magic device. The barrier is there presently so no one can just take the place over. However, without a ruler over the place, it’s easy for breaks to happen in the barrier.」

So I guess Shiggy had to ascend the throne. But getting there would be tough.

Timi smiled at me and said,

「I’ll let her ride on me. We should be there in a few days.」

「That’s great, but…」

「Maybe we should set up a transport circle for Timi instead?」

Luka’s eyes shimmered.

Luka was probably ready to do some fieldwork at the dragon’s throne.

However, with her schedule, it would be hard to venture all the way there.

If so, then a transport circle had to be made.

Anyway, Luka’s idea was a great one.

「It’s true that with a transport circle, it would make things easier. We could bring Shiggy to the throne easily, too.」

「Yes, but I don’t know how to make one.」

「I can make one for you to take.」

「Can you do that?」

Timi was told how to place the circle.

Timi wanted to let Shiggy ride her back to the pole.

Everything was understood.

After a bit,


「What is it, Timi?」

「My legs fell asleep. I guess I should be going.」


「Yes, when I change to a human, my circulation gets bad. My legs fall asleep.」

Never knew that.

Luka didn’t know either and was fervently taking notes.

「Which way is home?」

「Well, it’s way far away.」

Timi explained it to us.

Timisoara also had a nest that was where Shiggy’s parent Jilnidora had died.

Probably for mourning the death of that dragon.

「When will the circle be complete on this side?」

「Tomorrow, Timi.」

「Wow! That quickly! Well, I might come back tomorrow then.」

As she left the room, Millet stopped her.

「Timi, wait.」

「What is it?」

「Here’s your breakfast!」


As a human it was enough, but as an ancient dragon, it seemed far too little.

Still, Timi was happy.

And, smiling, Timi left the village.

After a while, we saw the dragon’s form rise into the sky.



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