Chapter 129


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Chapter 129 – Setting the Transport Circle

Seeing Timisoara rise into the sky made Shiggy excitedly flap her wings.

Since she was on my shoulder, her wings hit my face with a fwap.

Shiggy was probably so excited she wanted to fly away to.

「You’ll fly too soon, Shiggy.」


Shiggy looked confused, and stuck her beak into my hair.

After watching Timi disappear, Luka said,

「Isn’t she fast?」

「She is.」

Timisoara started flying outside of the range of the warning circle that Vi-Vi created. She probably sensed it.

It was quite large too. The range could sense a wyvern 10 minutes fly away.

「Not even 5 minutes.」

「Yeah. She’s faster than a wyvern in her human form.」

「I know.」

Cruz’ eyes sparkled. She probably wanted to race her.

No one would be harmed, so it kind of sounded fun.

But to be two times faster than a wyvern in human form made you wonder how many times faster it was as a dragon.

「Luka. How fast do you think those ancient dragons are?」

「No idea. Only that they’re faster than wyverns and great dragons…next time I’ll ask.」

「Maybe you should ride one.」

「You think they’ll let me?」

「If you ask, probably.」

Now Luka’s eyes were shimmering. That monster-researching blood of hers was probably on fire.

『I think I’m faster.』


I wondered about that. It was kind of vague. But Femm had said so pridefully.

It might just be its pride though. You could see Femm liked to exaggerate.

One reason is Femm didn’t take a step into the kitchen while Timi was there.

「Femm, are you scared of Timi?」

『Why the hell would I be scared?!』

As Femm said this, its tail went between its legs a bit. Femm was still a bit scared.

Even a strong heavenly wolf like him was probably scared of an ancient dragon.

「I see, well, you’ll get used to her.」

I patted Femm’s head and grabbed its tail and pulled it softly back straight.

It would be humiliating if the other wolves saw Femm like this.

「What about the wolves?」

「They’re in the wolf house, right?」

Luka said, and went to take a look.

They were there, in the back of the house. Clearly scared.

「Even in human form she scared them all.」

「Of course, Al. She probably exudes power from her.」

「Maybe so.」

Cruz was breathing hard. I wonder where she learned the word “exude.”

But still, Timi was pretty imposing.

「Moo moo.」

We could hear Moofy mooing far away.

She had gone to see Timi off, and now was returning.

「You’re so tough, Moofy!」

「Moo Moo!」

Moofy ran up with both Vi-Vi and Vallimie on her back.

She had probably picked them up when she smelled Vi-Vi.

「Oh, Al, you woke up?」

「Good morning Vi-Vi and Vallimie! Early risers today!」

「Yeah, we have to go back to Lindobal forest after breakfast. But we’ve got some work to do before that.」


I asked, as Vallimie looked at me proudly.

And Vi-Vi had the same face beside her. And Moofy too.

「Vi-Vi’s going to help me mess with your warning circle a little.」

「How are you going to mess with it?」

「We thought it’d be better if it didn’t go off with friendlies.」

「Yeah, so it won’t go off when Timi flies in here, right? Or you can have Doby come and have fun with him without trouble too.」

「Yup. You’d get used to the alarm if friendlies keep setting it off.」

Vallimie and Vi-Vi both nodded at each other.

「We put the core in the storage shack and stored the identities of our friends.」

「Wow! How’d you do that?」

「Just listen!」

Vi-Vi and Vallimie did their best in trying to explain.

It was a complex system, but I kind of understood.

「You two really are something.」

「Right!? Right?!」

They both looked happy at the comment.

Vallimie got off of Moofy and brought a golem from the shadows of the shack.

「And I made a golems here too. You can use them as models for other ones.」

「Wow, made from steel?」

「Yeah, steel, wood, and rock. Three different types.」

They were all half the size of a man.

They could harvest without messing up a field.

「Like I said, you sisters are amazing!」

「Flattery will get you nowhere.」

「No, I mean it!」

「Stop, you’re embarrassing us.」

Vallimie’s face blushed red.

Next time I make a golem, I’ll have to look them over.

After that, we ate dinner, and Vallimie went home.

I know I’d see her again soon, though.

After Yuka and Yureena went back to the city, I went out to my guardpost.

Cruz would be with me today. I was thankful.

Next to me Vi-Vi was drawing a magical circle.

It was the transport circle that she would give Timi to take back.

「It’s easy to draw it in orichalcum because it conducts magic so easily.」

「It’s that different?」

「Totally different.」

She was drawing it into a large circular shield of orichalcum.

It was a shield that Cruz had taken from her bag.

「I’m glad I had a spare shield of orichalcum with me!」

「Cruz, is it really okay that I do this? It’s really expensive.」

「It’s fine. I have plenty.」

「You have more? That reminds me that I drew your transportation circle pattern on the back of a dragon scale you had.」

「Yeah, plenty of those too.」

She always had junk extra. And everyone was interested in what Cruz was carrying in her magic bag.

Vi-Vi continued engraving the shield. It was very precise work. She was quite graceful as she did it.


「You really are skilled, Vi-Vi.」

Collette and Millet both complimented her and she blushed.

All of the beasts were running around the fields. What the heck are they doing?

Looking at them, I remembered.

「We need to make the circle for Vallimie big enough for Doby.」

「That is important. Is your knee okay?」

「As long as I’m sitting here.」

「Don’t push yourself too hard!」

「I’m here with Al, so it’s okay!」

Cruz said as she escorted me to the storage shack.

In the storage shack, she enlarged the circle to Vallimie’s place.

Now we had to make a bigger shack entrance.

「That’s pretty hard work. Are you going to be okay, Al?」

「Looks fine. I won’t use too much magic.」

「Well, okay…」

I began enlarging the entrance to the shack. The beasts began to gather around.

「I’m not taking any meat out of this shack…」

「Wuff?」「ryaa ryaa」

Femm looked confused and went into the shack. Shiggy was riding Femm.

They looked like they were ready to eat.

「Moo Mooo」


I grabbed Shiggy. Shiggy flapped away unhappily. I didn’t care.

「Femm, no taking Shiggy in here!」

Femm hungrily panted with its tongue out. Just like a dog.

I finished the entrance to the place regardless of the beasts.

「I guess magic really is great for building.」

「Now Doby can join us!」

「ryyaaa!」「Wuff!」「Moo Moo」

They all wagged their tails and said happily.

They probably wanted to see Doby again.

「But you can’t go back to the Demon Lord’s old kingdom, Cruz.」

「But it’s where Vallimie lives, right? It’s fine by now!」

「Well, we’ll go look first. It might be okay.」

「Wuff!」「ryaa!」「Moo moo!」

The beasts were happy.

So we all went through the magic portal and to Lindobal forest.



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