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Chapter 133 – Cruz’ New Manor

That night. After the evening, my knee began to hurt again.

But it wasn’t that bad of pain.

Yureena said she might have to cut the thing out again tonight, but with this pain, it seemed to have slowed.

Yureena checked me and said,

「There’s almost no stone growth today.」

「Phew…glad to hear.」

「I think the growth rate might be affected by magical power consumption.」

「Or maybe because Cruz was around me and stopped the growth through her healing.」

「Eheh heh.」

Cruz blushed again.

「Thanks for your help as usual, Cruz and Yureena.」

「No problem!」

「Well, I AM the party healer.」

Such kind girls. I was thankful.

That night I slept without waking up once. Maybe because Cruz was sleeping beside me the whole time.

Very thankful.


The next morning Timisoara was at breakfast. Millet and her seemed very happy together.

「Sighisoara! You look cute as usual!」

「Ryaa ryaa!」

「Hey! Sighisoara! Don’t hit! It hurts!」

Timi picked Shiggy up and rubbed cheeks with her. Shiggy patted Timi’s nose.

At first Shiggy seemed to dislike it, but that changed quickly.

「Shiggy, don’t hit.」


I grabbed Shiggy’s hand and stopped her. She got quiet.

It was also important to teach people…or dragons…not to hit.

Nice to see that Shiggy would listen to me too.

「Thanks for listening to me Shiggy.」

「ryaa ryaa」

Shiggy cried out happily.

「So what happened to the magic transfer circle?」


We explained how the richalcum shield that was engraved with the magic circle was taken away.

While we ate breakfast.

「Wow! That’s horrible.」

Timi seemed to like Millet’s breakfast. She gobbled it down quickly.

As I continued explaining, I fed Shiggy while eating myself.

「So we were thinking of going to the ruler’s manor.」

「Good. I’ll let you ride me. Right Shiggy?」


Timi wanted Shiggy to fly on her. It was the perfect opportunity.

When I finished breakfast, I registered Timi as a friendly on the danger detection circle.

It wouldn’t sound the alarm even if Timi came flying.

Then Cruz, Shiggy, Vi-Vi and I all got on top of Timi and took off.

Moofy wanted to come, but we left her. Village defense is important as well.

Femm was still scared of Timi as well, so we left it behind so it wouldn’t get close.

I put my wolf mask on just in case. It would suck if someone saw me.

「Hang on Shiggy! You can ride on me any time!」


Timi was proud of herself and Shiggy was also in a good mood.

I had to hold Shiggy down as she was trying to fly out of my pouch.

Then I stuck my head into the wolf mask.

Flying quickly is probably irresistible fun for most dragons.

Vi-Vi was behind me clinging on for dear life.

「Too fasttttt! If I fall off, I’m DEAD!」

「Wow, look at her go!」

Cruz was standing on top of Timi’s head.

Timi flew pretty stably but Cruz standing like that took some guts.

Timi traveled a day’s ride on a horse in less than an hour.

「Is that the ruler’s manor?」

「It’s the first time I’ve seen it.」

The manor, was of course, Cruz’ manor now.

It was normal for rulers to not live in their manor, but they have to come to see it sometime.

「It’s good to come once in a while, Cruz.」

「Yes sir!」

A Cruz-like reply every time.

「Cruz, where should I land?」

「Somewhere with a wide area.」

She had to land in a place where no fields or buildings were damages.

Timi was so huge it was hard to do that.

「If you have to, use the nearby forest!」

「That’s a defensive forest against invasion. Better not to damage it.」

「Is that so? Thanks for telling me.」

Cruz was impressed with my words, but we could see people in the manor going crazy.

Timi’s a huge dragon. It’s a natural reaction.

「Look! They’re getting siege weapons ready! Is that a barista?」

Timi says and laughs.

「ryaa ryaa」

Shiggy laughed as well.

「What should I do? If they aim a weapon at their ruler, don’t they get punished?」

「If I leave it to you Timi, you’ll blow away the whole manor. If they shoot, leave the defense to me.」

「I see. Their weapons can’t hurt me though.」

I then looked at Cruz, standing empty-headed on top of Timi.

「Why don’t you scream that you’ve arrived!?」


So Cruz screams,

「Cruz is HERE!」

That’s not really what I meant.

She needed to say that she was the new ruler Marquis Cruz Coradine, and to toss their weapons aside and come out to meet her.

No one knows what 「Cruz is HERE」means.

And since Timi’s flying in the sky, hardly anyone can see Cruz anyway.

Fwiss Fwiss and huge arrows flew at us from the baristas.

I knocked them away easily with magic.

「Timi, they don’t get it. Shout at them a bit.」


Vi-Vi covered her ears, and I put my hand over her ears too.

Then I called out to Timi,

「Timi! Not too loud! You’re going to cause a disaster!」

Mainly to Vi-Vi’s lower half. Maybe to Cruz’ officials down there too.

Clean up would take some time.

「Leave it to me.」

「The hero that is the ruler of the region, your lady, Marquis Cruz Conradine has arrived! Show some respect and welcome her!」

They finally seemed to figure it out. The officials move out quickly to meet us.

Cruz skipped up the dragon’s neck to me and whispered,

「Aren’t you making me look a little TOO good?」

「You are good, Cruz.」

「Well…I;m not that big of a deal.」

「Cruz, you’re the ruler. You can tell any of these people to do whatever you need for you.」

「Okay. I just don’t want them to find out who you are, Al. That might cause some trouble.」

This isn’t the first time I’ve acted as an underling of Cruz. Cruz is used to it too.

An old man came out as we landed.

「That’s the assistant.」

Cruz told me.

「Sorry about coming so quickly, but the marquis wanted to come quickly, and because of this, this dragon was commanded to carry her.」

「Thank you for coming.」

I whispered in Cruz’ ear.

「We’ll get off first, you get off last.」


「Land anywhere you want, Timi.」


Timi was royalty so she knew… well, she was a royal dragon.

I can leave it to her to land regally.

I used gravity magic on Vi-Vi and I, and we slowly lowered to the ground.

With that, the assistant seemed to lurch back…but that might have been the effect of the wolf mask.

No, it was probably the gravity magic.

Then Cruz sprung off of the dragon. It was quite a way up, but she did it with little expression.

「Marquis, I’m sorry for the rude greeting.」

「Yeah, no worries.」

「What is it that you need?」

「Explain, Alra. By the way, Alra is my right hand man.」

She knew if she called me Al the guy would know. Cruz was being considerate.

Timi looked at me proudly as my dragon name was used.

So I said to the fellow,

「Please call the tax assessor for Mulg Village immediately.」

「Why would you need…」

「We’ll tell you later.」

「I will call for him right away, but it will take him two hours.」

「Then, hurry.」

The assistant used his magic tool in a hurry. It had to be to calls the assessor.

Then the assistant guided us through to the manor.

I bowed to Timi. Timi began hovering over the manor’s house.

「Timi, what are you doing?」

「The building’s too small for me.」

The assistants all looked scared at a dragon that knew human speak.

Even if it used spirit speech, it would still be hard. Still it would be proof that the dragon was of high class if she spoke with it.

But she didn’t use spirit speech, just normal human speech. It’s much harder for a creature to do that.

I couldn’t imagine how high up the chain of royalty this dragon is. It was astounding.

「Timi, why don’t you come and talk inside?」

「If Alra says so, I shall.」

Timi suddenly sunk and shrunk to human form. She was dressed already.

Or maybe her clothes were of magic.

「C…come inside.」

The frightened assistant guided us in, and we entered Cruz’ manor.



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