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Chapter 136 – Returning to Mulg

Timisoara was flying us around in a great mood.

We didn’t go straight back to Mulg, because she flew around in the air showing off her high speed.

「Shiggy! Look over there!」

「ryaa ryaa」

「It’s the ocean!」

「ryaa ryaa」

Shiggy was delighted to see it. So Timi seemed even happier.

Vi-Vi, on the other hand, was scrambling and clinging to me.

「C…come on! Let’s go home!」

「Wha? I still want to show Shiggy around!」


It seemed the two dragons still wanted to fly, though.

But Vi-Vi was at her limit. I might need to start bringing changes of clothes for her just in case.

「Um, it’s starting to get cold. Let’s take the tour later.」

「Okay…let’s go home.」

When Timi started flying back home, the western sky was covered in the red sunset.

Cruz was on Timi’s head but now ran over to us.

「Wow! Al! It’s such a beautiful sight.」

「ryaa ryaa」

「Yeah, it is.」

「Uh, yeah…I guess you’re right?!」

Vi-Vi looked around, slightly amazed, but still scared.

Shiggy jumped from my pouch and onto my shoulder. And she cried out at the sunset.

「ryaa! ryaa」

「Yeah, you’re right, Sighisoara, I’ll look!」


Shiggy seemed astounded by the sight as well.

When Shiggy cried out into the sunset, I could feel a little magic entwined in her voice.

I thought I would ask Timi about that…later.

After a while we could see Mulg in the distance.

「I can see Mulg!」

「Will there be an alarm?」

「No! I made it so it won’t!」

Vi-Vi said proudly, while still clinging on to me.

Shiggy was now on Vi-Vi’s head, even though she didn’t notice.

Or maybe Shiggy was trying to protect her.

「Good job, Shiggy.」


Shiggy looked confused as I patted his head.

Humble, maybe.

Timi quickly flew down to the ground next to my house.

It WAS bigger than the ruler’s manor, and there was more land to drop down onto.

Millet and Collette ran out to greet us.

「Welcome back!」

「Hey, everyone! Sthiggy, welcome back!」

Collette seemed like she missed Shiggy quite a bit.

She ran up and pulled Shiggy off of Vi-Vi’s head.


「You’re stho cute, Sthiggy!」

Femm then slowly emerged from his wolf house.

Femm looked timidly at Timi, but then silently walked over.

Or maybe it was my imagination. I didn’t know what they were all looking at.

I guess the wolves didn’t want to look scared because there was no dignity in it. You can’t show that you’re scared.

『You brought the shield back safely.』

「Yeah, somehow…」

「Mooo moo!」

While Femm was trying to talk to us, Moofy rushed in.

She rubbed her head into me. She was probably lonely.

「Thanks for watching over Mulg!」

「Moo moo!」

On the other hand, Femm was hanging back cautiously.

Femm never stopped looking at Timi.

So I waved Femm over.

「Thanks, Femm.」


Femm finally came over, so I rubbed both of them.

Funny to see these beasts get so lonely after only half a day.

Then I went up to the village chief to explain what happened. He was happy to hear about the audited taxation and the punishment of the assessor.

After that, everyone ate dinner together. Luka, Yureena, Vallimie as well.

We explained what happened to Luka and the others again.

「Hm, you did a good job Cruz.」

「Great job, Cruz!」

Yureena and Luka were happy to hear how well Cruz did.

Especially Yureena.

「Yeah, I think she did a great job!」


Timi praised Cruz and Cruz looked embarrassed.

Then Luka said,

「The adventurer’s guild will hire some villagers to go around the villages to redo the taxation.」

「Thanks, Luka.」

「No need for thanks. You’re paying for it.」

「Sure! I’ll pay for it!」

Cruz was flipping rich. Hiring a few parties would cost nothing for her.

「Even though it’s the adventurer’s guild, it’ll be nice to have some safe work now once in a while.」

「You should disguise yourself if you go with them. Pretend like you’re collecting herbs or something.」

When I suggested that, Luka nodded deeply.

「Yes, I’ll think about that.」

「Thanks for everything you do, Luka.」

Cruz smiled at her.

On the other hand, Timi hugged and squeezed Shiggy.

「I won’t be able to see you for a while after tomorrow.」


「I have to take the shield back to the ancient dragon throne.」

「ryaa ryaa」

「Be a good girl even without your aunt.」


Shiggy flapped her wings happily, fluttering Timi’s hair.

I had something to ask her.

「Timi, when Shiggy saw the sunset back then, she cried out with magic in her voice.」

「Hm? Oh, yes. It was mixed with magic.」

「So I guess she’s finally found her magical cry?」

I rubbed Shiggy’s head and was happy with her growth.

「It used to be that we were born with magic power in our cry. To the point you have to hold it back.」


「Yeah, over time I’ll have to teach Shiggy how to suppress her cries.」

Unless you’re quite a strong magical beast, you’re not able to mix magic with your cry.

「Last time, Shigi shot out magic force from his mouth too, right? Is that normal?」

「Wow, that’s amazing! It usually takes up to one year.」

The magic bullet seems ever more impressive.

「You really are a genius, Sighisoara.」

「I knew she would be.」

「You really think so, Alra?」


Shigi shouted along while Timi rubbed her belly and I patted her head.

I was tired from the day of work, so I got to bed early.

Timi flew back to her roost after dinner. Her legs were probably numb.

Today, my knee pain wasn’t severe so the stone must be growing slowly.

Still, Cruz stuck by me.

「Sorry again, Cruz.」

「No, Al, no need to apologize.」

We sounded like an old couple.

Cruz was asleep in 10 seconds.

She must have been tired.

「Moo moo」

Moofy was chewing my hand already.

She must have been lonely for that half of the day and now was making up for it.

「Moofy, you really like to chew on people’s fingers.」

「Mpph mphh」

Moofy mooed while chewing on my finger as I rubbed Femm’s head.

「Femm, aren’t you scared of Timi?」


Femm was surprised. Femm’s always surprised when it barks in spirit speech.

I must have been completely right.

『Not at all…where did you get that stupid thought?』

「Because that’s obviously how you act.」

『I’m not scared.』

「Well, those ancient dragons are very strong. There’s nothing wrong with being scared.」

『I told you, I’m not scared.』

Femm was trying to act tough.

「So you think Timi’s stronger?」


Femm looked confused and then dismissed it with spirit speech.

Then Femm said softly,

『I guess.』


『I guess I’m not afraid to think so.』

Femm buried its nose in the covers.

I guess it was a bit scared of the dragon.

I fell asleep, surrounded by beasts and a hero.



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