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Chapter 137 – The Hero Studies

When I woke up, Cruz was already gone. I guess she woke up early.

Other than that, it was a usual morning. My knee hurt, but I could stand it.

Moofy was still chewing my hand, and Femm’s tail was on my face.

「Huh? Shiggy?」


I heard a little voice from above.

As I looked up, I could see Shiggy flying above me.

「Y…you’re flying!」

「ryaa ryaa!」

Shiggy came down towards my face and covered it.

I couldn’t see a thing.

I pulled Shiggy from my face and petted her.

「So you can fly now?」


She looked at me confused and cocked her neck.

She looked like she was saying, did I do something wrong?

I guess it’s a natural thing for dragons to fly.

「You’re a baby but you can fly, Shiggy.」

「ryaa ryaa」

As I petted her, she looked at me happily.

Femm and Moofy also woke up and headed into the kitchen.

Cruz was there.

「Good morning, Al!」

「Oh, ‘morning.」

「What is it, Al? Why are you so surprised?」

Cruz was wearing glasses and reading a book.

What the hell was going on?

「I mean…not so much surprise…but」

『Something’s wrong with this picture.』

It was just as Femm said.

If Cruz reading a book was strange, then wearing glasses was even weirder.

I mean, this girl picked out the magic people were using from far away, without glasses.

「ryaa ryaa」

「Moo moo」

I guess Shiggy and Moofy thought it was normal.

Moofy rubbed her head up on Cruz. She tried to lift Cruz’ hand up to pet her.

「Moofy, I’m READING.」


Shiggy then flew to on top of the book.

「Shiggy, STOP! I can’t read like this!」


Cruz totally missed the fact that Shiggy flew.

She just continued to read while smiling.

「Cruz, what are you reading?」

「I’m reading this book about some great king, the names Ken-Oh-Den.」

「Oh, did you borrow it from Luka?」

「That’s right.」

『Why are you reading a book like that?』

Femm asked a natural question.

On the other hand, Moofy and Shiggy were still trying to cling to Cruz.

「Shiggy, Moofy, come here.」



It was bad to mess with her, so I called them away.

Cruz spoke to me as I petted the beasts.

「I reflected on who I am now that I’m a ruler.」

『Took you long en–』

I grabbed Femm and Femm jumped, looking surprised and a bit frightened.


「So, Cruz, what did you reflect on?」

I think this was the right time for her to do so, not strange at all.

Anyway, it’s always a good thing.

「I guess I thought it’s no good not to know my own land…」

「That’s true.」

『You’re right.』

She was right about that.

It wasn’t good to be a ruler and not know anything about where you ruled.

「Honestly, it could have been a disaster.」

「Yeah, I know.」

One of the tax assessors tried to destroy Mulg.

If we hadn’t stopped him, he would have gotten away with it.

He probably did the same thing outside of Mulg Village as well.

「It’s almost a sin to not know where and who you rule.」

「Yes, Al, I realize that now.」

『I think it’s good you realized that.』

Femm said, proudly.

If you think about it, Femm has responsibility as the leader of magic wolves.

Femm has to reign over quite a large area.

「So I looked over the map again.」


「And even as I looked over it, I had no idea what a ruler should do.」

「I guess you’re right.」

If you look over a map, all you can see is topography and locations. That’s all you need to know as a ruler.

Even so, the map doesn’t tell you what to do about it.

「When I asked Luka what to do, she told me to read this for the time being.」

「Oh, you mean the Ken-Oh-Den?」

「Yeah, study what an old king did.」

Luka probably chose it for her as a beginner.

I guess she’s reading it somewhat like a biography.

「Glad to hear, Femm.」

「Heh heh.」

『And the glasses?』

Femm pointed out.

There was no reason for her to wear them even with her previous explanation.

「I guess so I look smarter.」

『You look like an idiot.』

「No, I DON’T!」

Cruz denied.

But I think it did seem pretty stupid.

「Cruz, if you have good eyes but wear glasses, your eyes are only going to get worse.」

「It’s ok, there’s no lens.」

『That’s even stupider.』


While Cruz and Femm were talking about that, Luka and Yureena came in.

They walked up to the table and took books out of their magic bags.

Not just one or two, about ten in total.

「I brought this from my study on the second floor」Luka said.

「I also brought some you could study.」


She took up the books and shoved them in her magic bag.

Then she looked out the window, far away.

「I guess I should take a look around my domain.」

「Not many rulers take the time to do so.」

「But in Ken-Oh-Den the ruler’s always moving around and looking around his territory.」

「Yes. It’s important to do so.」

When I said so, Cruz smiled.

She looked motivated. I think she’ll do fine.

If you imitate a wise king, then your actions will be at least somewhat wise. Then you’ll want to do so more and more.

After that, Timisoara came to breakfast as well.

「Shiggy! You look so cute today!」


Timi happily embraced Shiggy.

Shiggy happily pecked at Timi’s hair.

「Don’t eat my hair! You’re going to get it wet with spit!」

「ryaam ryaammm」

Timi still seemed happy regardless.

Timi had scolded Shiggy once before, and after a while she took it to heart.

I think that’s fine.

So I told Timi.

「Shiggy was flying this morning.」



Shiggy fluttered in the air like before, as if to show Shiggy.

A bit awkwardly, but still floating.

「Shiggy, that’s amazing for a baby!」

「You think so, Al?」

「Yeah, I guess first flight for a dragon is kind of like first steps for a human.」


「Human’s take about one year to walk. Do dragons take the same amount?」

Shiggy was less than a year old.

Maybe about a month.

「It’s not growing any faster than usual…it might be because of magic power.」

「Magic power?」

「Ancient dragons don’t fly with wings. They fly with magic.」

I looked over and Luka was furiously taking notes with her eyes shimmering.

She was in beast research mode. She just loves to study things like that.

「Surely you know that an ancient dragon’s wings are too small to support its frame.」

「Yeah, I guess it’s different from other dragons.」

「So maybe one reason why Shiggy was early is because she’s royalty?」

「Of course, my sister was a very powerful ancient dragon. But even so, Shiggy’s is even stronger. She’ll be stronger than her.」

「You really are a genius!」

「ryaa ryaaa!」

Shiggy sang out happily.

After that, we all ate breakfast.

Then, we all saw Timi off…she had to prepare the magic circle in the polar regions.

Timi held Shiggy briefly.

「I have to leave you for a few days and it makes me sad.」

「It’s just a few days.」

Once the circle was installed, she could return thought it, so Timi only leaves briefly.

She held Shiggy almost as if she’d never see Shiggy again.

「Several days will feel so long. It’s the first time for me as an ancient dragon.」

「Is that so?」

「Alfredora. Take care of Sighisoara.」


「I will. I mean it though!」

Then Timisoara changed form and lifted up and off into the sky.



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