Chapter 138


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Chapter 138 – The Hot Springs outside the Village

Timisoara quickly disappeared.

Seeing her leave, Luka said.

「So fast, like usual.」

「She really is fast.」

「ryaa ryaa!」

Shiggy flapped her wings with excitement.

I looked behind me and Doby was there, the dragon that Vallimie liked so much.

It probably came through the transport circle from Lindobal forest.

I was happy that I made the shack entrance bigger so that dragon could fit though.

「What are you here for, Doby?」



Doby looked over at me. Behind the dragon was Rai.

Seeing both her animals, Vallimie looked confused.

「What is it, you two? You look scared.」


「Doby, what’s wrong?」

Doby looked the most scared.

I looked over at the dragon, standing next to the storage shack.

Doby’s tail was shaking and it seemed that there was a puddle of yellow below its legs.

No doubt it had peed itself.

Rai looked scared too, but nowhere near as badly as Doby.

「W, what’s wrong?!」

「gyaa gyaa」

Doby dipped its head down before a surprised Vallimie.

Vallimie went over and held Doby, and petted its head.

Seeing this, Femm said,

『I know why.』


『Doby chased after Vallimie, but then ended like that when it saw Timisoara.』


『Perfectly normal reaction』

Femm said as it looked at me proudly.

It wagged its tail back and forth as well.

「Because it saw an ancient dragon?」

『Of course. It leaves a big impression. Anyone that’s not a heavenly beast like me would end up like that.』

Even though Femm was scared out of its mind by Timi for a good while.

The only one not scared was Moofy, basically.

「Ah, I see.」

I just decided to leave Femm alone for once.

I don’t know magic wolves would look at that dragon. Also I didn’t want to hurt Femm’s reputation as a leader.

「Moo moo!」

Moofy went over and licked Doby’s belly.

I think she was trying to encourage Doby. Maybe it would.


『No need to be scared, okay?』


『Al’s stronger than her.』

「…gyaa gyaa」

Femm said this as it looked at Doby proudly.

Shiggy flew over to Doby and rubbed her beak into Doby’s head.

Cruz also said in encouragement,

「Doby, you don’t need to be scared. She’s not an evil dragon!」

「Well, she’s still a dragon.」


It would be bad for Mulg to become a scary place for Doby.

Doby should enjoy coming here.

「Doby. You want to do something?」


『The hot springs here is nice.』

「It’s impossible for Doby to fit in my house’s one though.」

『There’s some outside the town.』

Femm had already started walking.

I followed, as did Doby.


Doby followed with both its arms clasped to Vallimie’s arm.

Doby wasn’t as big as Timi, but it still was big. It looked like Doby was holding Vallimie just by the tips of its claws.

Rai and Vallimie followed along. Kind of cute in a way.

After walking a bit, Femm stopped.

『We’re here.』

「When was this here?」

『When you dug the stones and clay for the house, we used this pit.』

「It’s pretty big!」

『The other wolves dug it bigger.』

I wondered when they had time to make this. I had no idea it existed.

But it was a hot springs that Doby could get into.

『There’s hot water springing up over there, so I just channeled it in.』

「Good job, Femm!」


Cruz complemented Femm, and it looked at me proudly. It wagged its tail while looking at us.

Femm probably wanted a compliment from me too.

「Yeah, great job, Femm.」

「Wuff! Wuff!」

「Moo mooo!」

Moofy was already in the hot springs.

She was happily enjoying it.

『Go and get in, Doby, it’ll feel good.』

「gyaa gyaa」

Doby timidly tiptoed over and got in.

Then it stretched out after a while, happily.

「Gao gaao!」

Rai also started swimming in it.

I thought a cat like Rai wouldn’t like water.


「What is it?」

Doby stretched its neck out of the hot springs and nudged Vallimie.

「I guess Doby wants you to get in too, Vallimie.」

「I can’t do that!」

「gyaa gyaa!」

「But it’s embarrassing!」

「Sorry, I should have noticed, Vallimie, I’ll see you later.」

I turned from them.

「Sorry about that, Al!」

「No, really! I have a hot springs in my house, so I can bathe all I want.」

I started walking back to my house, just then,

「Moo Mooo!」


Moofy suddenly ran around me and then rammed me.

I flew in the sky until I splashed in the hot springs.


Moofy did the same to Vallimie, Cruz, Luka, Vi-Vi, and Yureena.

After we had all been knocked into the hot springs, Moofy looked at us proudly.

Then Moofy got in as well.

「Moo moo!」

「Moofy! Why’d you do that?!」

「I guess she just wanted us all in the bath together.」

Vi-Vi said, floating in the hot springs.

This is probably the first time I had been in one clothed.

「It feels pretty good with your clothes on, too.」

「Well, now we have to change.」

「It’s not too bad, though, I guess.」


Cruz seemed to enjoy it. I just laid back in the water.

「gyaa gyaa」

「Do you like it, Doby?」


Doby seemed very happy to get in the hot springs with Vallimie.



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