Chapter 139


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Chapter 139 – A Wizard’s Afternoon

It was the afternoon after we all were knocked into a hot springs with our clothes on.

I got back to my house to find Cruz lying down, reading.

Then she said,

「Oh, yeah! Let’s put a transport circle in my manor and branch offices.」

「That sounds like a good plan.」

「Right?! I wonder if Vi-Vi could do it.」

Vi-Vi, the girl that always drew such circles, stood.

She stretched her body a bit.

As soon as Vi-Vi stood, Moofy went and pressed her with his nose.

「Yeah! Not a big job, I can do it!」


Vi-Vi then pet Moofy.

Moofy enjoyed the attention.

「If I put them in the manor and branch offices, I’ll be able to go any time. It’ll make them nervous.」

「Yup, Al, that’s what I want. It’ll make surprise inspections easy.」

Cruz seemed to be thinking about her role quite a lot.

It must have shocked her to see her assessors going wild like that.

I mean, she’s a goofball, but she’s still serious at heart.

Then Vi-Vi said, while petting Moofy,

「Is there a good item that I can write them on?」


Cruz started rummaging through her magic bag again.

And just like usual, it takes her forever to find something.

Shiggy flew at Cruz from my shoulder.


「Shiggy, what is it?」

Shiggy was on Cruz’ head.

Maybe Shiggy thought Cruz had a toy or something in that magic bag of hers.

I mean, she already knew I had food in my magic bag.

When either of us got hungry, I’d start rummaging in my magic bag the same way.

「How about this?」

「No, impossible.」

「ryaa ryaa!」

Cruz took out a plate. Kind of strange as it was made of mithril.

Why would you need a plate of mithril? It’s a waste of material.

「So, a plate is impossible.」

「Well, it’s not that. It has to be big enough. It’s hard to write a small transport circle.」

「ryaa ryaa」

Shiggy grabbed the plate and was hovering next to Cruz.

Maybe it thought it was a toy. It might be a good toy because it’s almost impossible to break.

But a plate is no fun.

「Shiggy, don’t play with a PLATE.」




Shiggy seemed a little sad, so she put it back in the bag.

「Thank you!」

「ryaa ryaa!」

Shiggy cried happily when she was praised.

Cruz was still rummaging in the bag.

「I used a dragon scale before.」

「You can just use the one you did before.」Vi-Vi said.

「Wha? But, that doesn’t excite you at all, right?」

「Well, making magic circles doesn’t excite me in the first place.」


Cruz looked at Vi-Vi with a look of disbelief.

「W…why are you looking at me like that?」

「I thought getting excited was your first priority!」

「I’m different from Al! I’m more about money that excitement.」

「Oh, really?!」

「Well, I rarely see excitement myself」I said.

I don’t think I’ve had any since I made that golem. I mean, I’m an established magician.

Cruz took out shields and scales from her bag.

「Is that shield mithril?」

「Yup. This one’s mithril, and the other is a mithril and orichalcum alloy.」

「But Cruz, I’ve never seen you USE a shield in battle.」

「Yeah, I guess I don’t have much use for them.」

「So why do you have so many if you don’t use them.」

「Well, sometimes I do.」

I’ve hardly seen her use it though.

Once I did she her throw one to knock an enemy down.

But I never saw her actually use one as a shield.

「Vi-Vi, can you use these to draw them?」

「The material and size is good enough.」

「Ok, then please!」

「Leave it to me.」

So Vi-Vi starts writing the circles.

The transfer circle is a very difficult one to draw. It’s complicated and uses a lot of lines.

Vi-Vi has a serious expression as she writes into the shield.


「Moo moo」

I stopped Shiggy and Moofy from going over and bugging Vi-Vi.

She required concentration. You can’t have someone bug you.

「Shiggy, Moofy, don’t bug her.」


Shiggy and Moofy looked at me confused.

Femm walked up to the two.



Femm spoke to the two and led them off somewhere.

Nice for Femm to know what to do at a time like that. And gentle about it.

「Well, I’ll make a golem then.」

「A golem?」

「Yeah, for defense.」

「Can you use that much magic?」

「Just for making one. As long as I don’t have to use gravity magic.」

「I see.」

I made the golem remembering how Vallimie had taught me.

First, I had made one for farming. So lightness and intricate movement was important.

Next is a defense golem. Just a stronger version of the previous, made with mithril.

I thought of just making the previous one, but stronger.

So I made three of these defense golems.

「Wow! That was fast!」

「I’ve made them before, and I have an example one too.」

「Al, just show me your knee, okay?」

Cruz checked my knee.

She thinks I used to much magical power.

「I think it’s okay!」


I guess I’m relieved if Cruz says that.

She can feel that thing grow in my knee, if it does. I can count on that.

Then Vi-Vi stood up.

「I’m done too.」

「No way!」

「No big deal!」

Vi-Vi looked at us confidently.

Transfer magic IS difficult. It takes some magicians months.

You can’t draw it that fast.

So I looked at the circle she drew.

「…you really did do it.」

「That’s what I said!」

「Thank you Vi-Vi!」

「I only made one!」

Seems like Vi-Vi’s skill was growing rapidly.

I needed to practice transfer magic so I wouldn’t lose to her.

I could hear the other beasts hunting mice outside, shooting magic at them.



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