Chapter 140


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Chapter 140 – Off to the Manor

We spent the rest of the evening making the remaining magic circles together.

There were five in total. Four for the branch offices and one for the manor.

「We finished all five. You really are fast, Vi-Vi!」

「Well, because you helped, Al.」

Even with my help, it was amazing we got it done before dinner.

Proof that Vi-Vi’s skill is extraordinary.

Vallimie, while eating dinner with us, was also impressed,

「You really are a great magician, Vi-Vi.」

「That’s not true.」

「No, it is. You might be better than me by now.」

「No way I can beat you, sister.」

Vi-Vi said, with a blush.

Vallimie gently patted Vi-Vi’s head. They had a good friendship.

「ryaa ryaa」

Shiggy flew over, noticing the two sisters talking.

Shiggy landed on Vi-Vi’s shoulder and patted her head too. It was cute.

Then I asked Vallimie,

「I’m taking the transfer circles out tomorrow. Can I have Doby help me?」

「Doby? Why don’t you ask Doby?」

「I thought Doby was busy patrolling the Lindobal forest?」

It was a reasonable question by Cruz. Doby’s job is to patrol the forest. It would be bad to disturb it.

Vallimie answered with a smile.

「The patrol doesn’t have to be done everyday. Well, Doby DOES take it seriously, so it gets done daily.」


When I was about to ask more, Moofy cried out,

「Moo moo!」

「What’s up with Moofy?」

『Ride me.』

While using spirit speech, Moofy pushed me with her nose.

She rarely talks with spirit speech. And just a word or two.

I guess if she uses spirit speech, she really wants you to know something.

「Can Moofy help carry us?」

「Moo MOO!」

『Moofy wants someone to ride her.』

I guess Femm wanted us all to know how Moofy felt.

Speaking of which, it’s been a while since someone rode Moofy.

「You do, Moofy?」


Moofy pressed her snout against me again.

But, it would be faster with Doby. If Doby is busy, and Moofy really wants to do it, though…

It might be better to ride Moofy.

「Well, then I guess we’ll let someone ride you Moofy.」

「Moo Moo!」

「Well, sorry, Vallimie, I guess we’ll go with Moofy.」

「No problem. Doby doesn’t dislike people riding, but isn’t really into it like Moofy either.」

Moofy seemed to like it almost too much.

So, the next day would be the one where we spread these shields around the region.


Yureena came into my room before I slept.

She examined my knee.

「Oh…it grew a bit.」


「Did you use magic?」

「Just a few golems and helped Vi-Vi with magic circles.」

Yureena tilted her head a bit and rubbed my knee.

「Hm…that’s a lot of magic for a normal magician, but not that much of a deal for you.」

「Well, I wouldn’t call it not a big deal, but yeah, it’s not hard to use that much.」

「It may be growing without the amount of magic you use.」


Cruz was listening and rubbed my knee too.

「I guess me being around didn’t help…」

「No, I think it actually slowed down because of you.」

「Really?! Then I’ll do it more!」

「Thanks Cruz and Yureena.」

I was happy to hear Cruz say that. She’s dependable.

On the other hand, Moofy was there chewing on my good knee.


The next day, Cruz, Vi-Vi and I prepared to leave with Moofy and Femm.

The first destination was the manor.

The nearest branch office was closer, but since the new assessor wasn’t appointed, I decided to postpone that.

「We need to consult with the assistant about who the new assessor should be.」

「Yeah, we have to hurry too so this tax re-assessment gets finished.」

Moofy was already jumping in circles, excited to be going.

She wanted us to get on.

Millet and Collette came out to see us off.

「Here’s lunch!」

「Thanks, Millet!」

「Come back sthoon, old man!」

「Well, we’ll all just come back through the magic circle, it won’t take long.」

I rubbed Collette’s head.

Shiggy came out of my pocket.

「ryaa ryaa」

「Be careful, Shiggy!」


Collette happily petted Shiggy.

Even though she could fly, she still liked to stay in my pouch.

After that, I got on Femm, and Vi-Vi rode Moofy.

Cruz ran alongside of us.

「Are you okay, Cruz?」


Cruz looked confident.

Both Femm and Moofy were fast, but Cruz could keep up.

「You really are something, Cruz.」

「Heh heh」

「Did your legs get faster since you killed off that Demon Lord?」

「You think?」

I usually could keep up with the party back then.

Even without this knee, I don’t think I could follow her now.

And the thing inside it is growing every day…ominous.

「Moo mooo」

「You’re doing great, Moofy!」


Moofy is running hard, but enjoying it.

Femm looks happy too, I guess since it’s essentially a dog and dogs love walks.

「Al! We’re here!」

「That was quite fast.」

We had rested several times in the woods, and arrived at the manor in the afternoon.



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